Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 All-Genes Class: DNA recombination

Parent Classes:
DNA related

fimB (regulator for fimA) ,
fimE (regulator for fimA) ,
fis ,
helD (DNA helicase IV) ,
ihfA (integration host factor (IHF), α subunit) ,
ihfB (integration host factor (IHF), β subunit) ,
pepA (aminopeptidase A/I) ,
radA (DNA recombination protein) ,
rarA (recombination factor) ,
recA (DNA strand exchange and recombination protein with protease and nuclease activity) ,
recB ,
recC ,
recD ,
recF (ssDNA and dsDNA binding, ATP binding) ,
recN (protein used in recombination and DNA repair) ,
recO (protein interacts with RecR and possibly RecF proteins) ,
recQ (ATP-dependent DNA helicase) ,
recR (recombination and repair) ,
recX (regulatory protein RecX; inhibitor of RecA) ,
ruvA (branch migration of Holliday structures; repair) ,
ruvB (branch migration of Holliday structures; repair helicase) ,
ruvC (Holliday junction nuclease; resolution of structures; repair) ,
ssb (SSB monomer) ,
xerC (site-specific tyrosine recombinase) ,
xerD (site-specific recombinase)

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