Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 All-Genes Class: temperature extremes

Parent Classes:

clpP ,
cspA (CspA DNA-binding transcriptional activator) ,
cspG (cold shock protein CspG) ,
cspI (Qin prophage; cold shock protein) ,
degP ,
hslJ (heat shock protein HslJ) ,
hslR (heat shock protein Hsp15 involved in ribosome recycling) ,
hslU (ATPase component of the HslVU protease) ,
htpX (heat shock protein, integral membrane protein) ,
ibpA (small heat shock protein IbpA) ,
ibpB (small heat shock protein IbpB) ,
lepA (elongation factor 4) ,
lpxP (palmitoleoyl acyltransferase) ,
miaA (tRNA(i6A37) synthase) ,
mngA (2-O-α-mannosyl-D-glycerate PTS permease) ,
otsA (trehalose-6-phosphate synthase) ,
pphA (protein phosphatase 1 modulates phosphoproteins, signals protein misfolding) ,
ppiD (periplasmic folding chaperone) ,
rbfA (30S ribosome binding factor) ,
rpoE (RNA polymerase, sigma 24 (sigma E) factor) ,
rpoH (RNA polymerase, sigma 32 (sigma H) factor) ,
rseA (anti-sigma factor) ,
rseP (RseP zinc protease, signal peptide peptidase) ,
typA (protein possibly involved in ribosome structure or function) ,
ycaL (predicted peptidase with chaperone function) ,
yhbO (protein involved in stress response)

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