Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 All-Genes Class: Conserved-Hypothetical-ORFs

Conserved hypothetical ORFs have homologs, usually in other organisms, but none of those homologs have known functions. That homologs exist gives us greater confidence that the ORF is truely a gene, as opposed to being a false-positive prediction of a gene-finding program.

Parent Classes:

arnD (conserved protein) ,
ratB (predicted protein) ,
ves (conserved protein) ,
yaaI (predicted protein) ,
yaaX (predicted protein) ,
yacL (conserved protein) ,
yadE (predicted polysaccharide deacetylase lipoprotein) ,
yafD (conserved protein) ,
yahL (predicted protein) ,
yahO (predicted protein) ,
yaiS (conserved protein) ,
ybcH (predicted protein) ,
ybdJ (predicted inner membrane protein) ,
ybdN (conserved protein) ,
ybeQ (conserved protein) ,
ybeR (predicted protein) ,
ybeT (conserved outer membrane protein) ,
ybfN (predicted lipoprotein) ,
ybgE (conserved inner membrane protein) ,
ybgO (predicted fimbrial-like adhesin protein) ,
ybiI (conserved protein) ,
ybiJ (predicted protein) ,
ybiU (predicted protein) ,
ybjC (predicted inner membrane protein) ,
ycaP (conserved inner membrane protein) ,
ycbJ (conserved protein) ,
yccT (conserved protein) ,
yceB (predicted lipoprotein) ,
yceH (conserved protein) ,
ychJ (conserved protein) ,
yciG (predicted protein) ,
yciI (predicted enzyme) ,
yciN (predicted protein) ,
yciU (predicted protein) ,
ycjD (conserved protein) ,
ydbL (conserved protein) ,
ydcH (predicted protein) ,
ydcJ (conserved protein) ,
ydcL (predicted lipoprotein) ,
ydgH (predicted protein) ,
ydhW (predicted protein) ,
ydhZ (predicted protein) ,
ydiY (conserved protein) ,
ydiZ (predicted protein) ,
yeaO (conserved protein) ,
yebB (predicted protein) ,
yebF (predicted protein) ,
yebO (predicted protein) ,
yebY (predicted protein) ,
yecM (predicted metal-binding enzyme) ,
yecR (predicted protein) ,
yedD (predicted protein) ,
yedF (conserved protein) ,
yedK (predicted protein) ,
yegK (predicted protein) ,
yegP (predicted protein) ,
yehE (predicted protein) ,
yehM (predicted protein) ,
yejG (predicted protein) ,
yfaA (predicted protein) ,
yfaP (conserved protein) ,
yfaT (predicted protein) ,
yfbN (predicted protein) ,
yfcL (predicted protein) ,
yfcO (predicted protein) ,
yfeS (conserved protein) ,
yfeY (predicted outer membrane lipoprotein) ,
yfiM (predicted protein) ,
yfiP (conserved protein) ,
ygaC (predicted protein) ,
ygaU (predicted protein) ,
ygbA (predicted protein) ,
ygdB (predicted protein) ,
ygdD (conserved inner membrane protein) ,
ygdR (predicted protein) ,
ygeG (predicted chaperone) ,
ygfB (predicted protein) ,
yggL (predicted protein) ,
yghW (predicted protein) ,
ygiZ (conserved inner membrane protein) ,
ygjP (predicted metal-dependent hydrolase) ,
yhaM (conserved protein) ,
yhbT (predicted lipid carrier protein) ,
yheU (conserved protein) ,
yhfG (predicted protein) ,
yhgF (predicted transcriptional accessory protein) ,
yhiJ (predicted protein) ,
yibG (conserved protein) ,
yidG (predicted inner membrane protein) ,
yidH (conserved inner membrane protein) ,
yigF (conserved inner membrane protein) ,
yihD (conserved protein) ,
yiiS (conserved protein) ,
yiiX (conserved hypothetical protein of the NlpC/P60 peptidase superfamily) ,
yijF (conserved protein) ,
yjbM (predicted protein) ,
yjeN (predicted protein) ,
yjfN (predicted protein) ,
yjfY (predicted protein) ,
yjjI (conserved protein, may be involved in nitrogen metabolism) ,
ykfM (hypothetical protein) ,
ymdA (predicted protein) ,
ymfA (predicted inner membrane protein) ,
ymgE (predicted inner membrane protein) ,
ymgG (predicted protein) ,
ynaJ (predicted inner membrane protein) ,
yneG (conserved protein) ,
ynfB (predicted protein) ,
ynfC (YnfC lipoprotein) ,
ynfD (predicted protein) ,
ynjH (predicted protein) ,
yoaC (predicted protein) ,
yoaF (conserved outer membrane protein) ,
yobB (conserved protein) ,
ypfG (predicted protein) ,
yqeJ (predicted protein) ,
yqjK (conserved protein) ,
yraN (conserved protein) ,
yrbL (predicted protein) ,
ytfI (predicted protein)

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