Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 All-Genes Class: Conserved-ORFs

Conserved ORFs have homologs, usually in other organisms, where one or more of those homologs have known functions, but the sequence similarity of a conserved ORF to its homologs is not strong enough to permit inference of function of the conserved ORF. In contrast, conserved hypothetical ORFs have homologs, but none of those homologs have known functions.

Parent Classes:

ais (protein induced by aluminum),
aroM (conserved protein),
bax (conserved protein),
bcsE (c-di-GMP-binding protein),
creA (conserved protein),
crfC (Clamp-binding sister replication fork colocalization protein),
cydX (cytochrome bd-I terminal oxidase - CydX subunit),
dgcF (predicted diguanylate cyclase),
dgcI (predicted diguanylate cyclase),
elaB (conserved protein),
eutN (predicted carboxysome structural protein),
flhE (flagellar protein),
gfcB (predicted outer membrane lipoprotein),
gfcC (conserved protein),
gfcD (putative lipoprotein),
gfcE (predicted exopolysaccharide export protein),
hemX (conserved protein),
hrpB (predicted ATP-dependent helicase),
loiP (outer membrane metallopeptidase),
mntS (small protein MntS),
mraZ (MraZ DNA-binding transcriptional repressor),
pdeB (predicted c-di-GMP-specific phosphodiesterase),
pdeC (predicted c-di-GMP-specific phosphodiesterase),
pdeD (predicted c-di-GMP phosphodiesterase),
pdeG (predicted c-di-GMP phosphodiesterase),
pdeI (predicted c-di-GMP-specific phosphodiesterase),
pdeK (predicted c-di-GMP phosphodiesterase),
pdeN (predicted c-di-GMP phosphodiesterase),
pmrR (conserved protein),
prkB (predicted phosphoribulokinase),
queE (conserved protein),
smf (conserved protein),
smrA (conserved protein with endonuclease activity),
smrB (conserved protein, predicted endonuclease),
yaaW (conserved protein),
yaeH (conserved protein),
yaeQ (conserved protein),
yafE (predicted S-adenosylmethionine-dependent methyltransferase),
yafK (conserved protein),
yahG (conserved protein),
yaiE (conserved protein),
yaiI (conserved protein),
yajD (conserved protein),
yajI (predicted lipoprotein),
yajQ (nucleotide binding protein),
ybaA (conserved protein),
ybaN (conserved inner membrane protein),
ybaP (conserved protein),
ybbJ (conserved inner membrane protein),
ybcI (conserved inner membrane protein),
ybdD (conserved protein),
ybdF (conserved protein),
ybdM (conserved protein),
ybeD (conserved protein),
ybeL (conserved protein),
ybeU (predicted tRNA ligase),
ybeZ (predicted protein with nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase domain),
ybfB (predicted inner membrane protein),
ybfD (putative DNA ligase),
ybgA (conserved protein),
ybgI (conserved metal-binding protein),
ybgS (conserved protein),
ybhH (conserved protein),
ybhN (conserved inner membrane protein),
ybiA (conserved protein),
ybiW (predicted pyruvate formate lyase),
ybiX (conserved protein),
ybjQ (conserved protein),
ybjT (conserved protein with NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold domain),
ybjX (conserved protein),
ycaI (conserved inner membrane protein),
ycaQ (conserved protein),
ycaR (conserved protein),
ycbK (conserved protein),
yccF (conserved inner membrane protein),
ycdX (zinc-binding phosphatase),
yceM (predicted oxidoreductase, NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold domain),
ycfL (predicted protein),
ycfP (conserved protein),
ycgB (conserved protein),
ycgN (conserved protein),
yciB (inner membrane protein),
yciE (conserved protein),
yciF (putative structural protein),
yciO (conserved protein),
yciY (conserved protein),
ydcC (conserved protein),
ydcF (conserved protein),
yddB (outer membrane protein, putative porin),
yddE (conserved protein),
yddH (conserved protein),
ydeJ (conserved protein),
ydeK (predicted lipoprotein),
ydeU (conserved protein),
ydgA (conserved protein),
ydgK (conserved inner membrane protein),
ydgU (small predicted membrane protein),
ydhJ (inner membrane protein YdhJ),
ydhL (conserved protein),
ydhQ (conserved protein),
ydhR (predicted mono-oxygenase),
ydhT (conserved protein),
ydiE (conserved protein),
ydiK (predicted inner membrane protein),
ydiL (conserved protein),
ydiU (conserved protein),
ydjA (predicted oxidoreductase),
yeaC (conserved protein),
yeaD (conserved protein),
yeaH (conserved protein),
yeaQ (conserved inner membrane protein),
yeaR (conserved protein),
yebC (conserved protein),
yebE (conserved inner membrane protein),
yebT (conserved protein),
yebZ (predicted inner membrane protein),
yecA (conserved metal-binding protein),
yecE (conserved protein),
yedJ (predicted phosphohydrolase),
yedP (predicted phosphatase),
yedX (conserved protein),
yeeD (conserved protein),
yeeN (conserved protein),
yeeX (conserved protein),
yegI (conserved protein),
yegL (conserved protein),
yehI (conserved protein),
yehL (chaperone-like ATPase),
yehS (conserved protein),
yeiW (conserved protein),
yejL (conserved protein),
yfaD (conserved protein),
yfaH (conserved protein),
yfaY (conserved protein),
yfbK (putative lipoprotein),
yfbU (conserved protein),
yfcA (conserved inner membrane protein),
yfcI (conserved protein),
yfcT (fimbrial usher protein, C-terminal fragment),
yfcU (fimbrial usher protein, N-terminal fragment),
yfcZ (conserved protein),
yfdX (predicted protein),
yfeK (predicted protein),
yfgI (conserved protein, involved in DNA damage response),
yfgM (inner membrane protein YfgM; interacts with the SecYEG translocon),
yfhG (conserved protein),
yfiH (polyphenol oxidase),
ygaM (predicted protein),
ygbJ (predicted dehydrogenase, with NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold domain),
ygbK (conserved protein),
ygcN (predicted oxidoreductase with FAD/NAD(P)-binding domain),
ygcP (predicted anti-terminator regulatory protein),
ygcQ (predicted flavoprotein),
ygcR (predicted flavoprotein),
ygdH (conserved protein),
ygeA (predicted racemase),
ygeR (putative lipoprotein; predicted DNA-binding transcriptional regulator),
yggC (conserved protein with nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase domain),
yggM (conserved protein),
yggP (predicted dehydrogenase),
yggU (conserved protein),
yghD (predicted secretion pathway protein, M-type protein, membrane anchored),
yghR (predicted protein with nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase domain),
yghS (predicted protein with nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase domain),
ygiF (inorganic triphosphatase),
ygiQ (conserved protein),
ygjH (putative tRNA synthetase),
ygjQ (conserved protein),
yhaB (predicted protein),
yhaC (predicted protein),
yhaK (bicupin-related protein),
yhbP (conserved protein),
yhbQ (predicted endonuclease),
yhbS (predicted acyltransferase with acyl-CoA N-acyltransferase domain),
yhbY (predicted RNA-binding protein),
yhcA (predicted periplasmic chaperone protein),
yhcB (conserved protein),
yhcG (conserved protein),
yhcH (conserved protein),
yhcO (predicted barnase inhibitor),
yhdH (acrylyl-CoA reductase),
yhdN (conserved protein),
yhdT (conserved inner membrane protein),
yhfA (conserved protein),
yhfS (conserved protein),
yhfX (predicted amino acid racemase),
yhfY (conserved protein),
yhhA (conserved protein),
yhhL (conserved inner membrane protein),
yhhZ (conserved protein),
yhjG (predicted outer membrane biogenesis protein),
yhjR (conserved protein),
yhjY (conserved protein),
yiaF (conserved protein),
yiaL (conserved protein),
yiaW (conserved inner membrane protein),
yibA (predicted lyase containing HEAT-repeat),
yibJ (predicted Rhs-family protein),
yibL (conserved protein),
yicC (conserved protein),
yicH (conserved protein),
yicN (conserved protein),
yidB (conserved protein),
yidQ (conserved outer membrane protein),
yidR (conserved protein),
yidX (predicted lipoprotein),
yieE (predicted phosphopantetheinyl transferase),
yifO (conserved protein),
yigA (conserved protein),
yigI (conserved protein),
yihF (putative GTP-binding protein),
yihM (conserved protein),
yiiF (conserved protein),
yiiG (conserved protein),
yiiQ (conserved protein),
yjaG (conserved protein),
yjaH (conserved protein),
yjbD (conserved protein),
yjbI (conserved protein),
yjbQ (conserved protein),
yjbR (conserved protein),
yjcB (uncharacterized protein),
yjcF (conserved protein),
yjcH (conserved inner membrane protein),
yjcO (conserved protein),
yjcZ (conserved protein),
yjdF (conserved inner membrane protein),
yjdI (conserved protein),
yjdP (conserved protein),
yjeI (conserved protein),
yjeJ (predicted protein),
yjeO (conserved inner membrane protein),
yjeT (conserved inner membrane protein),
yjfI (conserved protein),
yjfK (conserved protein),
yjfM (conserved protein),
yjgA (putative alpha-helix protein),
yjgN (conserved inner membrane protein),
yjhX (conserved protein),
yjiA (P-loop guanosine triphosphatase),
yjiK (conserved protein),
yjiT (conserved protein),
yjiX (conserved protein),
yjjA (conserved protein),
yjjB (conserved inner membrane protein),
yjjJ (predicted DNA-binding transcriptional regulator),
yjjU (predicted esterase),
yjtD (predicted rRNA methyltransferase),
ykgH (predicted inner membrane protein),
ykgO (predicted ribosomal protein),
ylbF (conserved protein),
ylbH (conserved protein, rhs-like),
ymbA (conserved protein),
ymdF (conserved protein),
ymjD (small protein),
ynbB (predicted CDP-diglyceride synthase),
yncE (conserved protein),
yneE (conserved inner membrane protein),
yneK (predicted protein),
ynjA (conserved protein),
ynjB (conserved protein),
ynjI (predicted inner membrane protein),
yoaH (conserved protein),
yoaJ (small membrane protein),
yoaK (small membrane protein),
yobA (conserved protein),
yobD (conserved inner membrane protein),
yoeF (conserved protein),
yoeI (small protein),
yohH (conserved protein),
yohP (small membrane protein),
ypdK (small membrane protein),
ypfJ (conserved protein),
yphB (conserved protein),
ypjA (adhesin-like autotransporter),
ypjB (predicted protein),
yqaE (predicted membrane protein),
yqeC (conserved protein),
yqeH (conserved protein with bipartite regulator domain),
yqfB (conserved protein),
yqfE (conserved protein),
yqgE (predicted protein),
yqiC (conserved protein),
yqiG (predicted outer membrane usher protein),
yqiK (conserved protein),
yqjC (conserved protein),
yqjD (inner membrane protein associated with the ribosome),
yqjE (conserved inner membrane protein),
yqjG (S-glutathionyl-(chloro)hydroquinone reductase),
yrbN (small protein),
yrdA (conserved protein),
yrdB (conserved protein),
yrdD (predicted DNA topoisomerase),
yshB (small predicted membrane protein),
ytfB (predicted cell envelope opacity-associated protein),
ytfJ (conserved protein),
ytfK (conserved protein),
ytfP (conserved protein)

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