Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Gene-Ontology-Terms Class: GO:0003676 - nucleic acid binding

Definition: Interacting selectively and non-covalently with any nucleic acid.

Parent Classes:
GO:0097159 - organic cyclic compound binding,
GO:1901363 - heterocyclic compound binding

Child Classes:
GO:0000496 - base pairing (103),
GO:0001067 - regulatory region nucleic acid binding (77),
GO:0003677 - DNA binding (548),
GO:0003723 - RNA binding (282),
GO:0071667 - DNA/RNA hybrid binding (4),
GO:0090079 - translation regulator activity, nucleic acid binding (6),
GO:0097617 - annealing activity (4)

Term Members:
RNase E (rne),
30S ribosomal subunit protein S1 (rpsA),
transcription termination/antitermination L factor (nusA),
ribonuclease G (RNAse G) monomer (rng),
30S ribosomal subunit protein S3 (rpsC),
polynucleotide phosphorylase monomer (pnp),
predicted transcriptional accessory protein (yhgF),
predicted protein (ychG_2),
predicted protein, N-terminal fragment (ychG_1),
endonuclease VIII (nei),
Cas3 nuclease/helicase,
Qin prophage; cold shock protein; predicted DNA-binding transcriptional regulator (cspB),
transcription-repair coupling factor (mfd),
restriction of DNA at 5-methylcytosine residues (mcrA),
ATP-dependent RNA helicase, specific for 23S rRNA (dbpA),
SrmB, DEAD-box RNA helicase,
ATP-dependent DNA helicase (recQ),
transposase of IS30 (insI-1),
transcription termination factor Rho monomer; polarity suppressor,
stress protein, member of the CspA family (cspC),
CspA DNA-binding transcriptional activator,
transcription antiterminator and regulator of RNA stability (cspE),
DNA replication inhibitor (cspD),
formamidopyrimidine DNA glycosylase (mutM),
DNA polymerase I, 5' --> 3' polymerase, 5' --> 3' and 3' --> 5' exonuclease (polA),
protein involved in cytokinesis (yceG),
KpLE2 phage-like element; partial transposase (insO-2),
conserved protein (yoaA),
e14 prophage; predicted integrase,
fused 23S rRNA m2G2445 methyltransferase and 23S rRNA m7G2069 methyltransferase (rlmL),
conserved protein (yraN),
ATP-dependent helicase (hrpA),
23S rRNA m2G1835 methyltransferase (rlmG),
16S rRNA m2G1207 methyltransferase (rsmC),
protein-glutamine N-methyltransferase (prmB),
23S rRNA m6A2030 methyltransferase (rlmJ),
predicted ATP-dependent helicase (hrpB),
CP4-6 prophage; predicted DNA-binding transcriptional regulator (yagA),
tRNA m6A37 methyltransferase (yfiC),
ribonuclease II (rnb),
member of ATP-dependent helicase superfamily II (lhr),
DNA adenine methyltransferase (yhdJ),
ATP-dependent helicase (dinG),
ATP-dependent RNA helicase (rhlE),
RecG DNA helicase,
methylated adenine and cytosine restriction protein (mrr),
aspartyl-tRNA synthetase (aspS),
RNase R (rnr),
DNA polymerase II (polB),
IS150 conserved protein InsB (insK),
primosome factor N' (priA),
DNA polymerase III, α subunit (dnaE),
RNAse HII, degrades RNA of DNA-RNA hybrids (rnhB),
predicted IS186/IS421 transposase (insL-3),
IS186/IS421 transposase (insL-2),
IS186/IS421 transposase (insL-1),
KpLE2 phage-like element; IS30 transposase (insI-3),
transposase of IS30 (insI-2),
IS3 element protein InsF (insF-1),
Qin prophage; predicted transposase (insD),
IS2 element protein (insD-1),
exonuclease X (exoX),
DNA adenine methyltransferase (dam),
16S rRNA m2G966 methyltransferase (rsmD),
protein-(glutamine-N5) methyltransferase (prmC),
conserved protein (yajD),
DeaD, DEAD-box RNA helicase,
Qin prophage; cold shock protein (cspI),
stress protein, member of the CspA family (cspH),
cold shock protein CspG,
Qin prophage; cold shock protein (cspF),
lysyl-tRNA synthetase (lysU),
lysyl tRNA synthetase (LysRSs), constitutive (lysS),
asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase (asnS),
predicted transcription antitermination factor (yqgF),
Holliday junction nuclease; resolution of structures; repair (ruvC),
30S ribosomal subunit protein S13 (rpsM),
oligoribonuclease monomer (orn),
RNase D (rnd),
host modification; DNA methylase M (hsdM),
exonuclease I, 3' --> 5' specific; deoxyribophosphodiesterase (sbcB),
exonuclease VII, large subunit (xseA),
IS1 predicted transposase (insG),
DNA polymerase III, ε subunit (dnaQ),
alanyl-tRNA synthetase (alaS),
RNase HI, degrades RNA of DNA-RNA hybrids, participates in DNA replication (rnhA),
predicted structural protein, ethanolamine utilization microcompartment (eutK),
RNA Polymerase (RNAP)-binding ATPase and RNAP recycling factor (hepA)

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