Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Gene-Ontology-Terms Class: GO:0004553 - hydrolase activity, hydrolyzing O-glycosyl compounds

Synonyms: GO:0016800, O-glucosyl hydrolase activity

Definition: Catalysis of the hydrolysis of any O-glycosyl bond.

Parent Classes:
GO:0016798 - hydrolase activity, acting on glycosyl bonds

Child Classes:
GO:0003796 - lysozyme activity (4),
GO:0004566 - beta-glucuronidase activity (1),
GO:0004568 - chitinase activity (1),
GO:0008810 - cellulase activity (1),
GO:0015923 - mannosidase activity (2),
GO:0015925 - galactosidase activity (3),
GO:0015926 - glucosidase activity (10),
GO:0015927 - trehalase activity (4),
GO:0015929 - hexosaminidase activity (1),
GO:0016160 - amylase activity (2),
GO:0061634 - alpha-D-xyloside xylohydrolase (1),
GO:0080176 - xyloglucan 1,6-alpha-xylosidase activity (1),
GO:0097599 - xylanase activity (1)

Term Members:
outer membrane lipoprotein - activator of MrcA activity (lpoA),
α-mannosidase (mngB),
endo-1,4-D-glucanase (bcsZ),
β-D-glucoside glucohydrolase, periplasmic (bglX),
α-amylase (amyA),
maltodextrin glucosidase (malZ),
monoacetylchitobiose-6-phosphate hydrolase (chbF),
limit dextrin α-1,6-glucohydrolase (glgX),
endochitinase (chiA),
α-galactosidase monomer (melA),
β-D-glucuronidase (uidA),
β-galactosidase monomer (lacZ),
CP4-6 prophage; predicted xylosidase/arabinosidase (yagH),
β-N-acetylhexosaminidase (nagZ),
sulfoquinovosidase (yihQ),
predicted xylanase (yieL),
predicted phospho-glucosidase, truncated (glvG),
6-phospho-β-glucosidase AscB,
soluble lytic murein transglycosylase (slt),
1,4-α-glucan branching enzyme (glgB),
evolved β-D-galactosidase, α subunit; cryptic gene (ebgA),
6-phospho-β-glucosidase B; cryptic (bglB),
6-phospho-β-glucosidase A (bglA),
α-xylosidase (yicI),
membrane-bound lytic murein exotransglycosylase A (mltA)

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