Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Gene-Ontology-Terms Class: GO:0006260 - DNA replication

Synonyms: GO:0055133

Definition: The cellular metabolic process in which a cell duplicates one or more molecules of DNA. DNA replication begins when specific sequences, known as origins of replication, are recognized and bound by initiation proteins, and ends when the original DNA molecule has been completely duplicated and the copies topologically separated. The unit of replication usually corresponds to the genome of the cell, an organelle, or a virus. The template for replication can either be an existing DNA molecule or RNA.

See also the biological process terms 'DNA-dependent DNA replication ; GO:0006261' and 'RNA-dependent DNA replication ; GO:0006278'.

Parent Classes:
GO:0006259 - DNA metabolic process ,
GO:0034645 - cellular macromolecule biosynthetic process

Child Classes:
GO:0006261 - DNA-dependent DNA replication (15) ,
GO:0044786 - cell cycle DNA replication

Term Members:
RNA/ssDNA exonuclease 5' → 3' specific (yciV) ,
Rac prophage; predicted DNA replication protein (ydaV) ,
zinc-binding phosphatase (ycdX) ,
Clamp-binding sister replication fork colocalization protein (crfC) ,
recombination factor (rarA) ,
regulator of DnaA that prevents premature reinitiation of DNA replication (hda) ,
DnaA initiator-associating factor for replication initiation (diaA) ,
DNA polymerase III, δ prime subunit (holB) ,
DNA polymerase III, δ subunit (holA) ,
DNA-binding protein; inhibition of replication at Ter sites (tus) ,
chromosome replication; initiation and chain elongation (dnaC) ,
DNA adenine methyltransferase (dam) ,
DNA primase (dnaG) ,
DnaN ,
primosomal protein DnaT ,
rep ,
PriB ,
DNA polymerase III, ε subunit (dnaQ) ,
chromosomal replication initiator protein DnaA; DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulator ,
protein involved in chromosome partitioning (mukE) ,
cell division protein involved in chromosome partitioning (mukB) ,
Ca2+-binding protein involved in chromosome partitioning (mukF) ,
ribonucleoside-triphosphate reductase (nrdD) ,
ATP-dependent DNA helicase (recQ) ,
oligopeptidase A (prlC) ,
DNA polymerase IV (Y-family DNA polymerase; translesion DNA synthesis) (dinB) ,
ribonucleoside diphosphate reductase 1, β subunit, ferritin-like (nrdB) ,
NrdE ,
NrdF ,
DNA polymerase III, χ subunit (holC) ,
DNA polymerase III, ψ subunit (holD) ,
DNA ligase (ligB) ,
primosome factor N' (priA) ,
DNA ligase ,
ATP-dependent dsDNA exonuclease (sbcC) ,
DNA polymerase III, α subunit (dnaE) ,
SSB monomer ,
ATP-dependent dsDNA exonuclease (sbcD) ,
DnaB ,
DNA polymerase III, θ subunit (holE) ,
ssDNA and dsDNA binding, ATP binding (recF) ,
LexA ,
chaperone protein DnaK ,
chaperone protein DnaJ ,
8-oxo-dGTP diphosphatase (mutT) ,
DNA polymerase III, τ subunit (dnaX) ,
calcium-binding protein required for initiation of chromosome replication (gspB) ,
UvrD ,
DNA polymerase I, 5' --> 3' polymerase, 5' --> 3' and 3' --> 5' exonuclease (polA) ,
ribonucleoside diphosphate reductase 1, α subunit (nrdA)

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