Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Gene-Ontology-Terms Class: GO:0006790 - sulfur compound metabolic process

Synonyms: sulfur metabolism, sulphur metabolic process, sulphur metabolism

Definition: The chemical reactions and pathways involving the nonmetallic element sulfur or compounds that contain sulfur, such as the amino acids methionine and cysteine or the tripeptide glutathione.

Parent Classes:
GO:0044237 - cellular metabolic process

Child Classes:
GO:0000096 - sulfur amino acid metabolic process (30),
GO:0000103 - sulfate assimilation (13),
GO:0006749 - glutathione metabolic process (15),
GO:0006768 - biotin metabolic process (11),
GO:0009106 - lipoate metabolic process (2),
GO:0019419 - sulfate reduction (2),
GO:0019694 - alkanesulfonate metabolic process (2),
GO:0031162 - sulfur incorporation into metallo-sulfur cluster (2),
GO:0033477 - S-methylmethionine metabolic process (1),
GO:0035383 - thioester metabolic process (16),
GO:0042357 - thiamine diphosphate metabolic process (11),
GO:0042723 - thiamine-containing compound metabolic process (15),
GO:0044272 - sulfur compound biosynthetic process (67),
GO:0044273 - sulfur compound catabolic process (8),
GO:0046498 - S-adenosylhomocysteine metabolic process (2),
GO:0046499 - S-adenosylmethioninamine metabolic process (1),
GO:0046500 - S-adenosylmethionine metabolic process (3),
GO:0052838 - thiazole metabolic process (1),
GO:0070813 - hydrogen sulfide metabolic process (6),
GO:1902776 - 6-sulfoquinovose(1-) metabolic process (4)

Term Members:
Fe-S cluster assembly, scaffold protein (sufA),
iron-sulfur cluster scaffold protein (nfuA),
essential respiratory protein A (erpA),
iron-sulfur cluster assembly protein (iscA),
aliphatic sulfonate ABC transporter - membrane subunit (ssuC),
aliphatic sulfonate ABC transporter - periplasmic binding protein (ssuA),
taurine dioxygenase monomer (tauD),
L-cysteine desulfurase (sufS),
sulfur acceptor for SufS cysteine desulfurase (sufE),
D-cysteine desulfhydrase (dcyD),
sulfate adenylyltransferase, CysN subunit,
sulfate adenylyltransferase, CysD subunit,
sulfate / thiosulfate ABC transporter - periplasmic binding protein CysP,
sulfate / thiosulfate ABC transporter - periplasmic binding protein Sbp

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Relationship Links: Reactome:RELATED-TO:REACT_27247, Wikipedia:RELATED-TO:Sulfur_metabolism

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