Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Gene-Ontology-Terms Class: GO:0008700 - 4-hydroxy-2-oxoglutarate aldolase activity

Synonyms: 2-keto-4-hydroxybutyrate aldolase activity, 2-keto-4-hydroxyglutarate aldolase activity, 2-keto-4-hydroxyglutaric aldolase activity, 2-oxo-4-hydroxyglutarate aldolase activity, 2-oxo-4-hydroxyglutaric aldolase activity, 4-hydroxy-2-ketoglutarate aldolase activity, 4-hydroxy-2-ketoglutaric aldolase activity, 4-hydroxy-2-oxoglutarate glyoxylate-lyase (pyruvate-forming), 4-hydroxy-2-oxoglutarate glyoxylate-lyase activity, DL-4-hydroxy-2-ketoglutarate aldolase activity, hydroxyketoglutarate aldolase activity, hydroxyketoglutaric aldolase activity, KHG-aldolase activity

Definition: Catalysis of the reaction: 4-hydroxy-2-oxoglutarate = pyruvate + glyoxylate.

Parent Classes:
GO:0016833 - oxo-acid-lyase activity ,
GO:0016832 - aldehyde-lyase activity

Term Members:

Unification Links: GO:0008700

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