Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Gene-Ontology-Terms Class: GO:0034660 - ncRNA metabolic process

Synonyms: ncRNA metabolism

Definition: The chemical reactions and pathways involving non-coding RNA transcripts (ncRNAs).

Parent Classes:
GO:0016070 - RNA metabolic process

Child Classes:
GO:0006399 - tRNA metabolic process (90),
GO:0016072 - rRNA metabolic process (44),
GO:0034470 - ncRNA processing (100),
GO:0034661 - ncRNA catabolic process (6)

Unification Links: GO:0034660

Relationship Links: Reactome:RELATED-TO:REACT_11052, Reactome:RELATED-TO:REACT_31743, Reactome:RELATED-TO:REACT_34395, Reactome:RELATED-TO:REACT_77416, Reactome:RELATED-TO:REACT_82057, Reactome:RELATED-TO:REACT_87487, Reactome:RELATED-TO:REACT_91823, Reactome:RELATED-TO:REACT_92649, Reactome:RELATED-TO:REACT_94145, Reactome:RELATED-TO:REACT_104424, Reactome:RELATED-TO:REACT_107260

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