Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Compound Class: an inorganic salt

Superclasses: a salt
an inorganic compound

ammonium chloride,
ammonium heptamolybdate,
ammonium molybdate,
ammonium sulfate,
barium chloride,
calcium chloride,
calcium chloride dihydrate,
calcium hydrogenphosphate,
calcium nitrate tetrahydrate,
cobalt chloride,
copper sulfate,
copper sulfate pentahydrate,
diammonium phosphate,
dipotassium phosphate,
disodium phosphate,
disodium phosphate heptahydrate,
ferric chloride,
ferrous sulfate heptahydrate,
iron sulfate,
magnesium hydrogenphosphate,
magnesium sulfate,
magnesium sulfate heptahydrate,
manganese chloride,
manganese sulfate pentahydrate,
monoammonium dihydrogen phosphate,
monopotassium phosphate,
monosodium phosphate,
nickel sulphate,
potassium chloride,
potassium sulfate,
sodium acetate,
sodium chloride,
sodium citrate trihydrate,
sodium sulfate,
sodium tetraborate decahydrate,
sodium tetrahydridoborate,
zinc hydrogenphosphate,
zinc sulfate,
zinc sulfate heptahydrate

Enzymes inhibited by an inorganic salt, sorted by the type of inhibition, are:

Inhibitor (Mechanism unknown) of: acyl-ACP synthetase
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