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Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 All-Genes Class: ORFs

This class describes open reading frames, more specifically, genes of completely unknown function, or genes for which only extremely limited information about their function has been obtained, such as from sequence analysis. In many cases ORFs have been predicted from complete genomes using gene-finding programs. In some cases those predictions are incorrect.

Parent Classes:

Child Classes:
Conserved-Hypothetical-ORFs (120),
Conserved-ORFs (298),
Unconserved-ORFs (18)

aaeX (hypothetical protein),
apaG (hypothetical protein),
appX (small outer membrane protein),
azuC (small membrane protein),
bcsF (predicted protein),
bcsG (predicted inner membrane protein),
bdcA (c-di-GMP binding protein involved in biofilm dispersal),
cbrB (predicted inner membrane protein),
creD (predicted inner membrane protein),
csiD (predicted protein),
csiE (stationary phase inducible protein),
cspH (stress protein, member of the CspA family),
curA (NADPH-dependent curcumin/dihydrocurcumin reductase subunit),
dedA (conserved inner membrane protein),
dinQ (toxic inner membrane peptide DinQ),
dsrB (predicted protein),
elaA (predicted acyltransferase with acyl-CoA N-acyltransferase domain),
elbB (isoprenoid biosynthesis protein with amidotransferase-like domain),
glcG (conserved protein),
hemY (predicted protoheme IX synthesis protein),
htgA (predicted DNA-binding transcriptional regulator),
ilvX (small protein),
mokB (regulatory peptide whose translation enables hokB expression),
pdeA (predicted c-di-GMP phosphodiesterase),
ppdC (predicted protein),
psiE (predicted phosphate starvation-inducible protein),
rhsC (RhsC protein in rhs element),
rssA (conserved protein),
sgcX (KpLE2 phage-like element; predicted endoglucanase with Zn-dependent exopeptidase domain),
slyX (host factor for lysis of φX174 infection),
smg (conserved protein),
tas (predicted oxidoreductase, NADP(H)-dependent aldo-keto reductase),
tdcF (predicted enamine/imine deaminase),
usg (predicted semialdehyde dehydrogenase),
wbbJ (predicted acyl transferase),
wbbK (predicted lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis protein),
yaaY (predicted protein),
yabP (predicted protein),
yabQ (predicted protein),
yacC (predicted protein),
yadL (hypothetical protein),
yadS (conserved inner membrane protein),
yaeF (predicted lipoprotein),
yaeP (conserved protein),
yaeR (predicted lyase),
yafJ (predicted amidotransferase),
yafL (predicted lipoprotein and C40 family peptidase),
yafP (predicted acyltransferase with acyl-CoA N-acyltransferase domain),
yafS (predicted S-adenosyl-L-methionine-dependent methyltransferase),
yafT (predicted aminopeptidase),
yafU (predicted inner membrane protein),
yafV (predicted C-N hydrolase family amidase, NAD(P)-binding),
yahC (predicted inner membrane protein),
yahE (predicted protein),
yahF (predicted acyl-CoA synthetase with NAD(P)-binding domain and succinyl-CoA synthetase domain),
yahH (predicted protein),
yahJ (predicted deaminase with metallo-dependent hydrolase domain),
yahM (predicted protein),
yaiA (predicted protein),
yaiF (predicted protein),
yaiT (predicted protein),
yaiU (predicted protein),
yaiX (predicted acyl transferase (pseudogene)),
yaiY (inner membrane protein),
yaiZ (predicted inner membrane protein),
yajG (predicted lipoprotein),
ybbC (predicted protein),
ybbD (predicted protein),
ybbO (NADP+-dependent aldehyde reductase),
ybdH (predicted oxidoreductase),
ybdR (predicted oxidoreductase, Zn-dependent and NAD(P)-binding),
ybfA (predicted protein),
ybfC (predicted protein),
ybfK (hypothetical protein),
ybfP (predicted protein),
ybgJ (predicted enzyme subunit),
ybgK (predicted enzyme subunit),
ybgL (predicted lactam utilization protein),
ybgS (conserved protein),
ybhJ (predicted hydratase),
ybhK (predicted transferase with NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold domain),
ybhQ (predicted inner membrane protein),
ybiB (nonspecific DNA binding protein),
ybiC (predicted dehydrogenase),
ybjD (conserved protein with a nucleotide triphosphate hydrolase domain),
ybjH (predicted protein),
ybjM (predicted inner membrane protein),
ybjO (predicted inner membrane protein),
ybjP (predicted lipoprotein),
ybjS (predicted NAD(P)H-binding oxidoreductase with NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold domain),
yccE (predicted protein),
yccJ (predicted protein),
yccM (predicted 4Fe-4S membrane protein),
yccS (predicted inner membrane protein),
yccU (predicted CoA-binding protein with NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold domain),
ycdU (predicted inner membrane protein),
yceA (conserved protein),
yceD (conserved protein),
yceI (predicted protein),
yceK (predicted lipoprotein),
yceQ (predicted protein),
ycfH (predicted metallodependent hydrolase),
ycfZ (predicted inner membrane protein),
ycgI (predicted protein),
ycgJ (predicted protein),
ycgM (predicted isomerase/hydrolase),
ycgX (predicted protein),
ycgY (predicted protein),
ycgZ (predicted protein),
ychE (predicted inner membrane protein),
ychN (conserved protein),
ychO (predicted invasin),
ychS (predicted protein),
yciK (predicted oxidoreductase),
yciQ (predicted inner membrane protein),
yciW (predicted oxidoreductase),
yciX (predicted protein),
yciZ (hypothetical protein),
ycjF (conserved inner membrane protein),
ycjQ (predicted oxidoreductase, Zn-dependent and NAD(P)-binding),
ycjR (predicted D-tagatose 3-epimerase),
ycjT (predicted hydrolase),
ycjX (conserved protein),
ycjY (predicted hydrolase),
ydaE (Rac prophage; zinc-binding protein),
ydbC (predicted oxidoreductase, NAD(P)-binding),
ydbH (predicted protein),
ydcA (predicted protein),
ydcD (hypothetical protein),
ydcK (predicted enzyme),
ydcM (predicted transposase),
ydcP (predicted peptidase),
ydcY (predicted protein),
yddJ (hypothetical protein),
yddK (predicted protein),
yddL (predicted lipoprotein),
yddW (predicted lipoprotein),
ydeQ (predicted fimbrial-like adhesin protein),
ydeT (predicted protein),
ydfI (predicted mannonate dehydrogenase),
ydfZ (conserved protein),
ydgD (predicted peptidase),
ydhF (predicted oxidoreductase),
ydhI (predicted inner membrane protein),
ydhS (conserved protein with FAD/NAD(P)-binding domain),
ydhU (predicted cytochrome),
ydhV (predicted oxidoreductase),
ydhX (predicted 4Fe-4S ferredoxin-type protein),
ydhY (predicted 4Fe-4S ferredoxin-type protein),
ydiH (predicted protein),
ydiJ (predicted FAD-linked oxidoreductase),
ydjH (predicted kinase),
ydjI (predicted aldolase),
ydjJ (predicted oxidoreductase, Zn-dependent and NAD(P)-binding),
ydjL (predicted oxidoreductase, Zn-dependent and NAD(P)-binding),
ydjO (predicted protein),
ydjY (predicted protein),
ydjZ (conserved inner membrane protein),
yeaW (2Fe-2S cluster-containing protein),
yeaX (predicted oxidoreductase),
yeaY (predicted lipoprotein),
yebS (conserved inner membrane protein),
yebV (predicted protein),
yebW (predicted protein),
yecD (predicted hydrolase),
yecF (predicted protein),
yecH (predicted protein),
yecN (predicted inner membrane protein),
yecT (predicted protein),
yedE (predicted inner membrane protein),
yedM (conserved protein),
yedR (predicted inner membrane protein),
yeeZ (predicted epimerase, with NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold domain),
yegJ (predicted protein),
yegQ (predicted peptidase),
yegR (predicted protein),
yegU (predicted hydrolase),
yegV (predicted kinase),
yegX (predicted hydrolase),
yehQ (predicted protein),
yehR (conserved protein),
yeiB (conserved inner membrane protein),
yeiH (conserved inner membrane protein),
yeiI (predicted kinase),
yeiP (predicted dehydrogenase, NAD-dependent),
yeiQ (predicted dehydrogenase, NAD-dependent),
yeiS (predicted inner membrane protein),
yejM (predicted hydrolase, inner membrane),
yejO (predicted autotransporter outer membrane protein),
yfaQ (predicted protein),
yfbL (predicted peptidase),
yfbM (predicted protein),
yfbO (predicted protein),
yfbP (predicted protein),
yfcD (predicted Nudix hydrolase),
yfcH (conserved protein with NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold domain),
yfdC (inner membrane protein YfdC),
yfdF (predicted protein),
yfdY (predicted inner membrane protein),
yfeN (conserved outer membrane protein),
yfeZ (predicted inner membrane protein),
yffB (conserved protein),
yfgG (predicted protein),
yfgJ (predicted protein),
yfhL (predicted 4Fe-4S cluster-containing protein),
yfhR (predicted peptidase),
yfiB (predicted outer membrane lipoprotein),
yfiF (predicted methyltransferase),
yfiL (putative lipoprotein),
ygaP (inner membrane protein with thiosulfate sulfurtransferase activity),
ygbE (conserved inner membrane protein),
ygbM (conserved protein),
ygcE (predicted kinase),
ygcG (predicted protein),
ygcO (predicted 4Fe-4S cluster-containing protein),
ygcU (predicted FAD-containing dehydrogenase),
ygcW (predicted deoxygluconate dehydrogenase),
ygdG (flap endonuclease),
ygdI (putative lipoprotein),
ygdQ (inner membrane protein YgdQ),
ygdT (hypothetical protein),
ygeF (predicted protein),
ygeI (predicted protein),
ygeL (predicted protein),
ygeM (predicted protein),
ygeO (predicted protein),
ygeP (predicted protein),
ygeQ (predicted protein),
ygeW (predicted carbamoyltransferase),
ygeY (predicted peptidase),
ygfF (predicted NAD(P)-binding oxidoreductase with NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold domain),
ygfS (predicted oxidoreductase, 4Fe-4S ferredoxin-type subunit),
ygfT (fused predicted oxidoreductase, Fe-S subunit and nucleotide-binding subunit),
yggI (conserved protein),
yggS (predicted enzyme),
yghA (NADP+-dependent aldehyde reductase),
yghF (predicted secretion pathway protein, C-type protein),
yghG (putative lipoprotein),
yghJ (predicted lipoprotein),
yghT (predicted protein with nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase domain),
ygiA (predicted protein),
ygiC (predicted enzyme with ATPase activity),
ygiD (predicted dioxygenase),
ygiM (predicted signal transduction protein (SH3 domain)),
ygjJ (conserved protein),
ygjR (predicted NAD(P)-binding dehydrogenase),
yhaL (predicted protein),
yhbV (predicted protease),
yhbW (conserved protein),
yhcC (predicted Fe-S oxidoreductase),
yhcD (predicted outer membrane protein),
yhdU (predicted membrane protein),
yhdV (predicted outer membrane lipoprotein),
yheT (predicted hydrolase),
yhfL (conserved secreted peptide),
yhfU (predicted protein),
yhfZ (conserved protein),
yhgN (predicted inner membrane protein),
yhhH (predicted protein),
yhhI (predicted transposase),
yhhM (putative receptor),
yhhN (conserved inner membrane enzyme),
yhiL (predicted protein),
yhiN (predicted oxidoreductase with FAD/NAD(P)-binding domain),
yhjJ (predicted zinc-dependent peptidase),
yiaC (predicted acyltransferase with acyl-CoA N-acyltransferase domain),
yiaD (predicted outer membrane lipoprotein),
yiaT (outer membrane protein YiaT),
yibI (predicted inner membrane protein),
yibN (predicted rhodanese-related sulfurtransferase),
yicG (conserved inner membrane protein),
yicR (hypothetical protein),
yidI (predicted inner membrane protein),
yigE (predicted protein),
yigZ (predicted elongation factor),
yihG (predicted endonuclease),
yiiD (predicted acetyltransferase),
yiiR (conserved inner membrane protein),
yijD (conserved inner membrane protein),
yjaB (predicted acetyltransferase),
yjaZ (conserved protein),
yjbJ (predicted stress response protein),
yjbL (predicted protein),
yjbS (hypothetical protein),
yjdJ (predicted acyltransferase with acyl-CoA N-acyltransferase domain),
yjdN (conserved protein),
yjeV (small protein),
yjfC (predicted synthetase/amidase with ATPase activity),
yjfJ (predicted transcriptional regulator effector protein),
yjfZ (predicted protein),
yjgH (predicted mRNA endoribonuclease),
yjgL (predicted protein),
yjgM (predicted acetyltransferase),
yjgR (predicted ATPase),
yjhC (KpLE2 phage-like element; predicted oxidoreductase),
yjiC (predicted protein),
yjiG (conserved inner membrane protein),
yjiL (predicted ATPase, activator of (R)-hydroxyglutaryl-CoA dehdratase),
yjiS (conserved protein),
yjiY (inner membrane protein - predicted transporter),
yjjV (predicted DNase),
yjjY (predicted protein),
ykgE (predicted oxidoreductase),
ykgF (predicted amino acid dehydrogenase with NAD(P)-binding domain and ferridoxin-like domain),
ykgJ (predicted ferredoxin),
ykgL (predicted protein),
ykgR (small membrane protein),
ykiA (predicted protein),
ylaC (predicted inner membrane protein),
ylcI (hypothetical protein),
ymcE (small protein YmcE),
ymgA (protein involved in biofilm formation),
ymgC (protein involved in biofilm formation),
ymgD (predicted protein),
ymgH (predicted protein),
ymgI (hypothetical protein),
ymgJ (hypothetical protein),
ymiA (small predicted membrane protein),
ymjA (predicted protein),
ymjB (predicted protein),
ymjC (predicted oxidoreductase),
ynbC (predicted hydrolase),
ynbD (predicted phosphatase, inner membrane protein),
ynbE (predicted lipoprotein),
ynbG (small protein),
yncG (predicted enzyme),
yncH (hypothetical protein),
yncI (predicted protein),
yncJ (predicted protein),
yncL (small membrane protein),
yncM (predicted protein),
yneL (predicted transcriptional regulator),
yneM (small membrane protein),
yniA (predicted phosphotransferase/kinase),
yniB (predicted inner membrane protein),
ynjF (predicted phosphatidyl transferase, inner membrane protein),
yoaG (predicted protein),
yoaI (predicted protein),
yobI (small protein),
yodB (predicted cytochrome),
yodC (predicted protein),
yoeA (CP4-44 prophage; predicted disrupted hemin or colicin receptor),
yoeE (CP4-44 prophage; predicted disrupted hemin or colicin receptor),
yohJ (conserved inner membrane protein),
yojO (hypothetical protein),
ypaB (hypothetical protein),
ypdJ (predicted protein),
ypeA (predicted acyltransferase with acyl-CoA N-acyltransferase domain),
ypeC (conserved protein),
ypfM (small protein),
yphC (predicted oxidoreductase, Zn-dependent and NAD(P)-binding),
yphG (conserved protein),
ypjC (predicted protein),
ypjD (predicted inner membrane protein),
yqaA (conserved inner membrane protein),
yqcA (predicted flavoprotein),
yqeB (conserved protein with NAD(P)-binding Rossman fold),
yqeF (predicted acyltransferase),
yqeK (predicted protein),
yqeL (small protein),
yqfA (predicted oxidoreductase, inner membrane subunit),
yqfG (small predicted membrane protein),
yqgC (predicted protein),
yqgD (hypothetical protein),
yqhG (conserved protein),
yqiB (predicted dehydrogenase),
yqiJ (predicted inner membrane protein),
yraQ (inner membrane protein YraQ),
yraR (predicted nucleoside-diphosphate-sugar epimerase),
yrhB (predicted protein with chaperone-like activity),
yrhD (hypothetical protein),
ysaA (predicted hydrogenase, 4Fe-4S ferredoxin-type component),
ysgA (predicted hydrolase),
ytcA (hypothetical protein),
ythA (small predicted membrane protein),
yzcX (predicted protein),
yzfA (predicted protein),
yzgL (predicted protein)

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