Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Class: Pseudo-Genes

Pseudo genes are regions of DNA that show sequence similarity to other functional genes, but that are not in fact functional genes. A pseudogene might be nonfunctional because of sequence changes that prevent its transcription or translation, such as by disrupting its promoter or by introducing a premature stop codon.

Parent Classes:

Child Classes:
Cryptic-Genes (23) ,
Interrupted-Genes (60)

afuB (AfuB pseudogene; CP4-6 prophage; non-functioning membrane subunit of ferric ion ABC transporter) ,
agaA (predicted truncated N-acetylgalactosamine-6-phosphate deacetylase) ,
agaV (N-acetyl-D-galactosamine PTS permease (cryptic) - AgaV subunit) ,
agaW (N-acetyl-D-galactosamine PTS permease (cryptic) - AgaW subunit (pseudogene)) ,
eaeH (attaching and effacing protein homolog, pathogenesis factor) ,
icdC (conserved protein) ,
insD (Qin prophage; predicted transposase) ,
insM ,
intB (KpLE2 phage-like element; predicted integrase) ,
intG (predicted defective phage integrase) ,
intQ (Qin prophage; predicted defective integrase) ,
lafU (flagellar system protein, promoterless fragment) ,
lfhA (flagellar system protein, promoterless fragment) ,
nmpC (outer membrane porin protein; locus of qsr prophage) ,
pbl (predicted peptidoglycan-binding enzyme) ,
phnE_2 (phosphonate/organophosphate ester transporter (pseudogene)) ,
pinH (predicted invertase fragment) ,
prfH (predicted peptide chain release factor) ,
rhsE (RhsE protein in rhs element) ,
rph (RNase PH monomer) ,
sokA ,
stfE (e14 prophage; predicted side tail fiber protein fragment) ,
tfaD (DLP12 prophage; predicted tail fiber assembly protein) ,
tfaS ,
yafF (conserved protein) ,
ybcD (DLP12 prophage; predicted replication protein fragment) ,
ybeM_1 (predicted protein of C-N hydrolase superfamily, N-terminal fragment) ,
ybeM_2 (predicted protein of C-N hydrolase superfamily, C-terminal fragment) ,
ybfG (predicted protein) ,
ybfH (predicted protein) ,
ybfL (predicted transposase; receptor protein) ,
ybfO (conserved protein, rhs-like) ,
ychG_1 (predicted protein, N-terminal fragment) ,
ychG_2 (predicted protein) ,
ydfC (Qin prophage; predicted protein) ,
ydfE (Qin prophage; predicted protein) ,
yeeP (CP4-44 prophage; predicted GTP-binding protein) ,
yegZ (predicted protein fragment) ,
ygaY (putative transporter, major facilitator superfamily; pseudogene) ,
ygeN (predicted protein) ,
yghE (predicted secretion pathway protein, L-type protein (pseudogene)) ,
yhiK (predicted protein) ,
yifN (conserved protein) ,
yjhD (KpLE2 phage-like element; predicted protein) ,
yjhE (KpLE2 phage-like element; predicted membrane protein (pseudogene)) ,
yjhR (KpLE2 phage-like element; predicted frameshift suppressor) ,
yjhW ,
yjiV (conserved protein) ,
ykfJ (conserved protein) ,
ykfK ,
ykfL ,
ykgA (predicted DNA-binding transcriptional regulator) ,
ykgQ ,
ymdE (predicted protein) ,
ynfP (predicted protein) ,
ypaA ,
ypjM_1 (CP4-57 prophage; predicted protein) ,
ypjM_3 (CP4-57 prophage; predicted inner membrane protein) ,
yrhA (conserved protein) ,
yrhC ,

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