Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Compound Class: a terpenoid

Synonyms: terpenes, a terpene

Superclasses: a lipid an isoprenoid
a secondary metabolite

Terpenoids make up a very large family of natural products containing more than 50,000 structurally diverse compounds. They are categorized by the number of C5 isoprene units as follows:

Hemiterpenoids (one C5 unit), monoterpenoids (C10; two C5 units), sesquiterpenoids (C15; three C5 units), diterpenoids (C20; four C5 units), sesterterpenoids (C25; five C5 units), triterpenoids (C30; six C5 units), sesquarterpenoids (C35; seven C5 units), and tetraterpenoids (C40; eight C5 units).

Child Classes: a diterpenoid (1) , a hemiterpene (0) , a homoterpenoid (0) , a meroterpenoid (0) , a monoterpenoid (0) , a sesquarterpenoid (0) , a sesquiterpenoid (2) , a sesterterpene (0) , a terpenoid derivative (3) , a tetraterpenoid (0) , a triterpenoid (4)

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