Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Compound: pimeloyl-CoA

Synonyms: 6-carboxyhexanoyl-CoA, pimelyl-CoA

Citations: [Sanyal94]

Chemical Formula: C28H41N7O19P3S

Molecular Weight: 904.65 Daltons

Monoisotopic Molecular Weight: 909.1782025529 Daltons

pimeloyl-CoA compound structure

SMILES: CC(C)(C(O)C(=O)NCCC(=O)NCCSC(CCCCCC([O-])=O)=O)COP(=O)(OP(=O)(OCC1(C(OP([O-])(=O)[O-])C(O)C(O1)N3(C2(=C(C(N)=NC=N2)N=C3))))[O-])[O-]

InChI: InChI=1S/C28H46N7O19P3S/c1-28(2,23(41)26(42)31-9-8-17(36)30-10-11-58-19(39)7-5-3-4-6-18(37)38)13-51-57(48,49)54-56(46,47)50-12-16-22(53-55(43,44)45)21(40)27(52-16)35-15-34-20-24(29)32-14-33-25(20)35/h14-16,21-23,27,40-41H,3-13H2,1-2H3,(H,30,36)(H,31,42)(H,37,38)(H,46,47)(H,48,49)(H2,29,32,33)(H2,43,44,45)/p-5/t16-,21-,22-,23+,27-/m1/s1


Unification Links: ChEBI:57360 , IAF1260:36728 , KEGG:C01063 , PubChem:45266589

Standard Gibbs Free Energy of Change Formation (ΔfG in kcal/mol): -922.439

Reactions known to consume the compound:

Not in pathways:
L-alanine + pimeloyl-CoA + H+ → CO2 + 8-amino-7-oxononanoate + coenzyme A


Sanyal94: Sanyal I, Lee S, Flint D (1994). "Biosynthesis of pimeloyl-CoA, a biotin precursor in Escherichia coli, follows a modified fatty acid synthesis pathway: 13C labeling studies." Journal of the American Chemical Society.

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