Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Compound: methanol

Synonyms: MetOH, carbinol, MeOH, methyl alcohol, wood alcohol

Superclasses: an alcohola short-chain alcohol

Chemical Formula: CH4O

Molecular Weight: 32.042 Daltons

Monoisotopic Molecular Weight: 32.026214750499996 Daltons

methanol compound structure


InChI: InChI=1S/CH4O/c1-2/h2H,1H3


Unification Links: CAS:67-56-1, ChEBI:17790, ChemSpider:864, HMDB:HMDB01875, KEGG:C00132, MetaboLights:MTBLC17790, PubChem:887

Standard Gibbs Free Energy of Change Formation (ΔfG in kcal/mol): -41.92

Reactions known to produce the compound:

8-amino-7-oxononanoate biosynthesis I :
a pimeloyl-[acp] methyl ester + H2O → a pimeloyl-[acp] + methanol + H+

Not in pathways:
Tsrglu-Me + H2O → methanol + Tsrglu
Trgglu-Me + H2O → methanol + Trgglu
Targlu-Me + H2O → methanol + Targlu
Tapglu-Me + H2O → methanol + Tapglu
methyl β-D-glucoside 6-phosphate + H2O → β-D-glucose 6-phosphate + methanol
a [protein]-L-glutamate-O5-methyl-ester + H2O → a [protein]-α-L-glutamate + methanol + H+

β-D-glucuronide and D-glucuronate degradation :
a β-D-glucuronoside + H2O → D-glucopyranuronate + an alcohol

glycerophosphodiester degradation :
a glycerophosphodiester + H2O → an alcohol + sn-glycerol 3-phosphate + H+

Not in pathways:
an organic hydroperoxide + NADH + H+an alcohol + NAD+ + H2O
an N-acetyl-β-D-hexosaminide + H2O → an N-acetyl-β-D-hexosamine + an alcohol
a carboxylic ester + H2O → an alcohol + a carboxylate + H+
an acetic ester + H2O → an alcohol + acetate + H+
an organic hydroperoxide + a reduced thioredoxin → an alcohol + an oxidized thioredoxin + H2O
a phosphate monoester[periplasm] + H2O[periplasm]an alcohol[periplasm] + phosphate[periplasm]
a phosphate monoester[periplasm] + H2O[periplasm]an alcohol[periplasm] + phosphate[periplasm]

In Reactions of unknown directionality:

Not in pathways:
an alcohol + NADP+ = an aldehyde + NADPH + H+

In Transport reactions:
a short-chain alcohol[periplasm]a short-chain alcohol[extracellular space]

Enzymes activated by methanol, sorted by the type of activation, are:

Activator (Mechanism unknown) of: 3-octaprenyl-4-hydroxybenzoate carboxy-lyase [Leppik76]


Leppik76: Leppik RA, Young IG, Gibson F (1976). "Membrane-associated reactions in ubiquinone biosynthesis in Escherichia coli. 3-Octaprenyl-4-hydroxybenzoate carboxy-lyase." Biochim Biophys Acta 1976;436(4);800-10. PMID: 782527

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