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Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Compound: pyruvate

Synonyms: alpha-ketopropionic acid, BTS, α-ketopropionic acid, acetylformic acid, pyroracemic acid, 2-oxopropanoic acid, pyruvic acid, 2-oxopropanoate, 2-oxo-propionic acid

Superclasses: an acidall carboxy acidsa carboxylatea 2-oxo acida 2-oxo carboxylate
an acidall carboxy acidsa carboxylatea 2-oxo carboxylate
an acidall carboxy acidsa carboxylatea short-chain carboxylate

Component of:
sodium pyruvate
IclR-pyruvate DNA-binding transcriptional repressor (extended summary available)

Chemical Formula: C3H3O3

Molecular Weight: 87.055 Daltons

Monoisotopic Molecular Weight: 88.0160439947 Daltons

pyruvate compound structure


InChI: InChI=1S/C3H4O3/c1-2(4)3(5)6/h1H3,(H,5,6)/p-1


Unification Links: CAS:127-17-3, ChEBI:15361, ChemSpider:96901, HMDB:HMDB00243, IAF1260:33546, KEGG:C00022, KNApSAcK:C00001200, MetaboLights:MTBLC15361, PubChem:107735, UMBBD-Compounds:c0159

Standard Gibbs Free Energy of Formation (ΔfG in kcal/mol): -112.9

Reactions known to consume the compound:

gluconeogenesis I , glycolysis I (from glucose 6-phosphate) , glycolysis II (from fructose 6-phosphate) :
pyruvate + ATP + H2O → phosphoenolpyruvate + AMP + phosphate + 2 H+

L-isoleucine biosynthesis I (from threonine) :
pyruvate + 2-oxobutanoate + H+ → (S)-2-aceto-2-hydroxybutanoate + CO2

L-lysine biosynthesis I :
pyruvate + L-aspartate-semialdehyde → (2S,4S)-4-hydroxy-2,3,4,5-tetrahydrodipicolinate + H2O + H+

methylerythritol phosphate pathway I , pyridoxal 5'-phosphate biosynthesis I , thiazole biosynthesis I (facultative anaerobic bacteria) :
pyruvate + D-glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate + H+ → CO2 + 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate

mixed acid fermentation :
formate + acetyl-CoA ← pyruvate + coenzyme A
(R)-lactate + NAD+pyruvate + NADH + H+

pyruvate decarboxylation to acetyl CoA :
pyruvate + a [pyruvate dehydrogenase E2 protein] N6-lipoyl-L-lysine + H+ → a [pyruvate dehydrogenase E2 protein] N6-S-acetyldihydrolipoyl-L-lysine + CO2

pyruvate to cytochrome bd terminal oxidase electron transfer , pyruvate to cytochrome bo oxidase electron transfer :
pyruvate + a ubiquinone[inner membrane] + H2O → CO2 + acetate + an ubiquinol[inner membrane]

superpathway of glycolysis, pyruvate dehydrogenase, TCA, and glyoxylate bypass :
pyruvate + coenzyme A + NAD+ → acetyl-CoA + CO2 + NADH

Not in pathways:
pyruvate + an oxidized flavodoxin + coenzyme A + H+ → acetyl-CoA + CO2 + a reduced flavodoxin
pyruvate + acetaldehyde + H+ → acetoin + CO2

Reactions known to produce the compound:

1,4-dihydroxy-2-naphthoate biosynthesis :
2-succinyl-5-enolpyruvyl-6-hydroxy-3-cyclohexene-1-carboxylate → (1R,6R)-6-hydroxy-2-succinylcyclohexa-2,4-diene-1-carboxylate + pyruvate

2,3-dihydroxybenzoate biosynthesis :
isochorismate + H2O → pyruvate + (2S,3S)-2,3-dihydroxy-2,3-dihydrobenzoate

4-hydroxybenzoate biosynthesis II (microbes) :
chorismate → 4-hydroxybenzoate + pyruvate

D-fructuronate degradation , D-galacturonate degradation I , Entner-Doudoroff pathway I :
2-dehydro-3-deoxy-D-gluconate 6-phosphate → D-glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate + pyruvate

D-lactate to cytochrome bo oxidase electron transport , methylglyoxal degradation I , methylglyoxal degradation II :
(R)-lactate + a ubiquinone[inner membrane]pyruvate + an ubiquinol[inner membrane]

D-malate degradation :
(R)-malate + NAD+ → CO2 + pyruvate + NADH

D-serine degradation , L-cysteine degradation II , L-serine degradation , L-tryptophan degradation II (via pyruvate) :
2-iminopropanoate + H+ + H2O → pyruvate + ammonium

gluconeogenesis I :
(S)-malate + NADP+ → CO2 + pyruvate + NADPH
(S)-malate + NAD+ → CO2 + pyruvate + NADH

glycerol degradation V :
dihydroxyacetone + phosphoenolpyruvate → glycerone phosphate + pyruvate

glycolysis I (from glucose 6-phosphate) , glycolysis II (from fructose 6-phosphate) , mixed acid fermentation :
pyruvate + ATP ← ADP + phosphoenolpyruvate + H+

hydrogen sulfide biosynthesis I :
3-mercaptopyruvate → pyruvate + hydrogen sulfide

L-alanine degradation I :
D-alanine + an electron-transfer quinone[inner membrane] + H2O → ammonium + pyruvate + an electron-transfer quinol[inner membrane]

L-lactaldehyde degradation (aerobic) :
(S)-lactate + an oxidized unknown electron acceptor → pyruvate + an reduced unknown electron acceptor

L-tryptophan biosynthesis :
chorismate + L-glutamine → anthranilate + pyruvate + L-glutamate + H+

Not in pathways:
oxaloacetate + H+pyruvate + CO2
hydrogen cyanide + 3-mercaptopyruvate → pyruvate + thiocyanate + H+
L-cysteine + H2O → pyruvate + ammonium + hydrogen sulfide
L-cystathionine + H2O → ammonium + pyruvate + L-homocysteine
L-serine → pyruvate + ammonium
2-aminoprop-2-enoate + H+ + H2O → pyruvate + ammonium
D-cysteine + H2O → ammonium + pyruvate + hydrogen sulfide
phosphoenolpyruvate[periplasm] + H2O[periplasm]pyruvate[periplasm] + phosphate[periplasm]
phosphoenolpyruvate + a [PTS enzyme I]-L-histidine → pyruvate + a [PTS enzyme I]-Nπ-phospho-L-histidine
2,3-diaminopropanoate + H2O → 2 ammonium + pyruvate

Reactions known to both consume and produce the compound:

2-methylcitrate cycle I :
(2R,3S)-2-methylisocitrate ↔ succinate + pyruvate

2-oxopentenoate degradation :
4-hydroxy-2-oxopentanoate ↔ acetaldehyde + pyruvate

4-aminobenzoate biosynthesis :
4-amino-4-deoxychorismate ↔ 4-aminobenzoate + pyruvate + H+

D-galactarate degradation I , D-glucarate degradation I :
5-dehydro-4-deoxy-D-glucarate ↔ pyruvate + tartronate semialdehyde

D-galactonate degradation :
2-dehydro-3-deoxy-D-galactonate 6-phosphate ↔ D-glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate + pyruvate

L-alanine biosynthesis I :
pyruvate + L-valine ↔ L-alanine + 3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate

L-alanine biosynthesis II :
2-oxoglutarate + L-alanine ↔ L-glutamate + pyruvate

L-valine biosynthesis :
2 pyruvate + H+ ↔ (S)-2-acetolactate + CO2

N-acetylneuraminate and N-acetylmannosamine degradation I :
N-acetylneuraminate ↔ N-acetyl-D-mannosamine + pyruvate

Not in pathways:
D-alanine + pyridoxal 5'-phosphate ↔ pyruvate + pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate
pyruvate + 2 an oxidized ferredoxin [iron-sulfur] cluster + coenzyme A ↔ acetyl-CoA + CO2 + 2 a reduced ferredoxin [iron-sulfur] cluster + H+

In Reactions of unknown directionality:

Not in pathways:
2-dehydro-3-deoxy-L-rhamnonate = pyruvate + (S)-lactaldehyde
2-dehydro-3-deoxy-D-gluconate = D-glyceraldehyde + pyruvate
(4S)-4-hydroxy-2-oxoglutarate = glyoxylate + pyruvate
D-serine = pyruvate + ammonium
L-tryptophan + H2O = ammonium + indole + pyruvate
2-dehydro-3-deoxy-D-arabinonate = glycolaldehyde + pyruvate
N-acetyl-β-neuraminate = N-acetyl-β-D-mannosamine + pyruvate
phosphoenolpyruvate + PtsP = pyruvate + PtsP-phosphorylated
phosphoenolpyruvate + PtsI = pyruvate + PtsI-Phis189
pyruvate + lipoamide + H+ = S-acetyldihydrolipoamide + CO2
pyruvate + thiamine diphosphate + H+ = 2-(α-hydroxyethyl)thiamine diphosphate + CO2
IclR + pyruvate = IclR transcriptional repressor
PdhR + pyruvate = PdhR-pyruvate

Not in pathways:
L-methionine + a 2-oxo carboxylate = 2-oxo-4-methylthiobutanoate + a standard α amino acid

Not in pathways:
a 2-acyl 1-lyso-phosphatidylcholine + H2O = a carboxylate + sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine + H+
an aldehyde[periplasm] + FAD[periplasm] + H2O[periplasm] = a carboxylate[periplasm] + FADH2[periplasm]

In Transport reactions:
a short-chain carboxylate[periplasm]a short-chain carboxylate[extracellular space]

In Redox half-reactions:
acetate[in] + CO2[in] + 2 H+[in] + 2 e-[membrane]pyruvate[in] + H2O[in],
pyruvate[in] + ammonium[in] + 2 H+[in] + 2 e-[membrane] → D-alanine[in] + H2O[in],
pyruvate[in] + 2 H+[in] + 2 e-[membrane] → (S)-lactate[in],
pyruvate[in] + 2 H+[in] + 2 e-[membrane] → (R)-lactate[in],
a 2-oxo carboxylate[in] + ammonium[in] + 2 H+[in] + 2 e-[membrane] → a D-amino acid[in] + H2O[in]

Enzymes activated by pyruvate, sorted by the type of activation, are:

Activator (Allosteric) of: D-lactate dehydrogenase [Tarmy68] Activator (Mechanism unknown) of: pyruvate formate-lyase activating enzyme [Crain14], phosphate acetyltransferase [Bologna10], cysteine sulfinate desulfinase [Mihara00, Comment 1], phosphate acetyltransferase [Suzuki69, CamposBermudez10], isocitrate dehydrogenase phosphatase [Nimmo84, Miller00, Comment 2]

Enzymes inhibited by pyruvate, sorted by the type of inhibition, are:

Inhibitor (Competitive) of: N-acetyl-β-neuraminate lyase [Aisaka91, Uchida84], 2-keto-4-hydroxyglutarate aldolase, proline dehydrogenase [Scarpulla78], N-acetylneuraminate lyase [Aisaka91, Uchida84] Inhibitor (Mechanism unknown) of: 3-phosphoshikimate-1-carboxyvinyltransferase [Huynh92], phosphate acetyltransferase [CamposBermudez10], threonine dehydratase [Park79], malate synthase G [Anstrom03], 3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate hydroxymethyltransferase [Powers76, Comment 3], isocitrate dehydrogenase kinase [Nimmo84, Miller00], pyruvate formate-lyase deactivase [Kessler92], pyruvate dehydrogenase [Helmward89, Williams90]

This compound has been characterized as a cofactor or prosthetic group of the following enzymes: adenosylmethionine decarboxylase, phosphatidylserine decarboxylase

This compound has been characterized as an alternative substrate of the following enzymes: putrescine aminotransferase, diamine transaminase

In Growth Media: PMA sulfur source test + 3-sulfinoalanine, PMA nitrogen source test + L-2-aminopentanoate, PMA nitrogen source test + N-acetyl-D,L-glutamate, PMA nitrogen source test + D-mannosamine, PMA nitrogen source test + ala-gln, PMA nitrogen source test + ala-asp, PMA nitrogen source test + D,L-lactamide, PMA nitrogen source test + ala-his, PMA nitrogen source test + L-Ala-L-Glu, PMA nitrogen source test + ala-thr, PMA nitrogen source test + ala-leu, PMA nitrogen source test + gln, PMA nitrogen source test + gly-asn, PMA nitrogen source test + methionine-alanine dipeptide, PMA nitrogen source test + gly-met, PMA sulfur source test + gly-met, PMA sulfur source test + cysteinylglycine, PMA phosphorus source test + 1D-myo-inositol 1,2,3,4,5,6-hexakisphosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + 3-phospho-D-glycerate, PMA phosphorus source test + 2-phospho-D-glycerate, PMA phosphorus source test + cyclic-AMP, PMA phosphorus source test + 3'-adenosine monophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + phosphinate, PMA sulfur source test + 4-aminobenzenesulfonate, PMA sulfur source test + ethionine, PMA sulfur source test + sulfolane, PMA sulfur source test + methanesulfonate, PMA sulfur source test + isethionate, PMA sulfur source test + 1-butanesulfonate, PMA sulfur source test + hypotaurine, PMA sulfur source test + taurine, PMA sulfur source test + taurocholate, PMA sulfur source test + lipoamide, PMA sulfur source test + 1-thio-β-D-glucose, PMA sulfur source test + thiourea, PMA sulfur source test + djenkolate, PMA sulfur source test + L-Methionine sulfone, PMA sulfur source test + L-methionine S-oxide, PMA sulfur source test + N-acetyl-DL-methionine, PMA sulfur source test + D-methionine, PMA sulfur source test + met, PMA sulfur source test + glutathione, PMA sulfur source test + lanthionine, PMA sulfur source test + L-cystathionine, PMA sulfur source test + S-methyl-L-cysteine, PMA sulfur source test + N-acetyl-L-cysteine, PMA sulfur source test + cysteamine, PMA sulfur source test + (R)-cysteate, PMA sulfur source test + D-cysteine, PMA sulfur source test + cys, PMA sulfur source test + dithiophosphate, PMA sulfur source test + thiophosphate, PMA sulfur source test + tetrathionate, PMA sulfur source test + thiosulfate, PMA sulfur source test + sulfate, PMA phosphorus source test + thymidine 3'5'-cyclic monophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + dTMP, PMA phosphorus source test + thymidine 3'-monophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + methylenediphosphonate, PMA phosphorus source test + 2-aminoethylphosphonate, PMA phosphorus source test + phosphonoacetate, PMA phosphorus source test + phosphoryl-ethanolamine, PMA phosphorus source test + phosphoryl-choline, PMA phosphorus source test + creatine-phosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + O-phospho-L-tyrosine, PMA phosphorus source test + O-phospho-D-tyrosine, PMA phosphorus source test + uridine 3'5'-cyclic monophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + uridine 2'3'-cyclic monophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + UMP, PMA phosphorus source test + uridine 3'-monophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + uridine 2'-monophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + L-threonine O-3-phosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + 3-phospho-L-serine, PMA phosphorus source test + O-phospho-D-serine, PMA phosphorus source test + N-phospho-L-arginine, PMA phosphorus source test + cysteamine S-phosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + D-mannose 6-phosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + α-D-mannose 1-phosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + 3',5'-cyclic CMP, PMA phosphorus source test + cytidine 2',3'-cyclic monophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + CMP, PMA phosphorus source test + cytidine-3'-monophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + cytidine 2'-monophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + 6-phospho-D-gluconate, PMA phosphorus source test + D-glucosamine-6-phosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + 2-deoxy-D-glucose 6-phosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + D-glucose-6-phosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + α-D-glucose 1-phosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + 2-phosphoglycolate, PMA phosphorus source test + phosphoenolpyruvate, PMA phosphorus source test + cyclic-GMP, PMA phosphorus source test + guanosine 2',3'-cyclic monophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + GMP, PMA phosphorus source test + guanosine 3'-monophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + guanosine 2'-monophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + carbamoyl-phosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + glycerol 2-phosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + sn-glycerol-3-phosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + dithiophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + thiophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + adenosine 2'3'-cyclic monophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + AMP, PMA phosphorus source test + adenosine 2'-monophosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + triethyl phosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + PPPi, PMA phosphorus source test + trimetaphosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + diphosphate, PMA phosphorus source test + phosphate, PMA nitrogen source test + glycyl-L-glutamate, PMA nitrogen source test + ala-gly, PMA nitrogen source test + 5-aminopentanoate, PMA nitrogen source test + 2-aminocaprylate, PMA nitrogen source test + 6-aminohexanoate, PMA nitrogen source test + 4-aminobutyrate, PMA nitrogen source test + 2-aminobutyrate, PMA nitrogen source test + parabanate, PMA nitrogen source test + allantoin, PMA nitrogen source test + alloxan, PMA nitrogen source test + urate, PMA nitrogen source test + xanthosine, PMA nitrogen source test + xanthine, PMA nitrogen source test + inosine, PMA nitrogen source test + uridine, PMA nitrogen source test + uracil, PMA nitrogen source test + thymidine, PMA nitrogen source test + thymine, PMA nitrogen source test + guanosine, PMA nitrogen source test + guanine, PMA nitrogen source test + cytosine, PMA nitrogen source test + cytidine, PMA nitrogen source test + adenosine, PMA nitrogen source test + adenine, PMA nitrogen source test + N-acetyl-D-mannosamine, PMA nitrogen source test + an N-acetyl-D-galactosamine, PMA nitrogen source test + N-acetyl-D-glucosamine, PMA nitrogen source test + galactosamine, PMA nitrogen source test + D-glucosamine, PMA nitrogen source test + glucuronamide, PMA nitrogen source test + formamide, PMA nitrogen source test + acetamide, PMA nitrogen source test + tyramine, PMA nitrogen source test + 2-phenylethylamine, PMA nitrogen source test + histamine, PMA nitrogen source test + agmatine, PMA nitrogen source test + putrescine, PMA nitrogen source test + ethylenediamine, PMA nitrogen source test + ethanolamine, PMA nitrogen source test + ethylamine, PMA nitrogen source test + butylamine, PMA nitrogen source test + n-amylamine, PMA nitrogen source test + methylamine, PMA nitrogen source test + hydroxylamine, PMA nitrogen source test + 5-oxoproline, PMA nitrogen source test + 2-phthalimidoglutarate, PMA nitrogen source test + L-ornithine, PMA nitrogen source test + L-homoserine, PMA nitrogen source test + L-citrulline, PMA nitrogen source test + D-valine, PMA nitrogen source test + D-serine, PMA nitrogen source test + D-lysine, PMA nitrogen source test + D-glutamate, PMA nitrogen source test + D-aspartate, PMA nitrogen source test + D-asparagine, PMA nitrogen source test + D-alanine, PMA nitrogen source test + val, PMA nitrogen source test + tyr, PMA nitrogen source test + trp, PMA nitrogen source test + thr, PMA nitrogen source test + ser, PMA nitrogen source test + pro, PMA nitrogen source test + phe, PMA nitrogen source test + met, PMA nitrogen source test + lys, PMA nitrogen source test + leu, PMA nitrogen source test + ile, PMA nitrogen source test + his, PMA nitrogen source test + gly, PMA nitrogen source test + gln, PMA nitrogen source test + glt, PMA nitrogen source test + cys, PMA nitrogen source test + asp, PMA nitrogen source test + asn, PMA nitrogen source test + arg, PMA nitrogen source test + ala, PMA nitrogen source test + biuret, PMA nitrogen source test + urea, PMA nitrogen source test + nitrate, PMA nitrogen source test + nitrite, PMA nitrogen source test + ammonia, PMA carbon source test + pyruvate, Bochner defined minimal medium without phosphorous, Bochner defined minimal medium without sulfur, Bochner defined minimal medium without nitrogen, Bochner defined minimal medium

Transcription Units regulated by related protein IclR-pyruvate DNA-binding transcriptional repressor (2 total):

Transcription-unit diagram

Transcription-unit diagram


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