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Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Enzyme: selenocysteine synthase

Gene: selA Accession Numbers: EG10941 (EcoCyc), b3591, ECK3580

Synonyms: fdhA

Regulation Summary Diagram: ?

Regulation summary diagram for selA

Subunit composition of selenocysteine synthase = [SelA]10
         selenocysteine synthase = SelA

Selenocysteine synthase catalyzes the conversion of serine to selenocysteine on serine-charged tRNASec [Forchhammer91]. SelA is a complex of 10 subunits arranged in two rings [Engelhardt92]; the homodecameric structure is assembled via stepwise addition of dimers to intermediate oligomeric states [Manzine12].

The pyridoxal 5'-phosphate cofactor is present at a stoichiometry of one per monomer [Forchhammer91] and is attached at Lys295 [Tormay98]. The seryl-tRNASecUCA substrate is present at a stoichiometry of one per two monomers [Forchhammer91a]. The serine residue of seryl-tRNASec first forms a Schiff base with the PLP cofactor, followed by dehydration of serine to generate the enzyme-bound aminoacrylyl-tRNASec intermediate [Forchhammer91a].

A selA or selD mutant exhibits a defect in selenocysteinyl-tRNA formation, whereas a selB mutant does not [Leinfelder89].

Extracts of cells overproducing SelA and SelD exhibit in vitro production of selenocysteinyl-tRNAUCA from seryl-tRNAUCA [Leinfelder90].

Transcription of selAB appears to be constitutive [Sawers91]. A SECIS-like element in the 5' UTR of the selAB transcript binds a complex of SelB-GTP-selenocysteyl-tRNASec and negatively regulates efficiency of translation initiation, thus coupling the biosynthesis of selenocysteine to the availability of selenium [Thanbichler02]. SelA protein levels are decreased when E. coli is grown in media with high levels of zinc [Easton06].

SelA: "selenocysteine A" [Leinfelder88a]

Review: [Jiang02]

Gene Citations: [Forchhammer91b]

Locations: cytosol

Map Position: [3,757,881 <- 3,759,272] (80.99 centisomes, 292°)
Length: 1392 bp / 463 aa

Molecular Weight of Polypeptide: 50.607 kD (from nucleotide sequence), 51.0 kD (experimental) [Forchhammer91 ]

Molecular Weight of Multimer: 500.0 kD (experimental) [Manzine12]

Unification Links: ASAP:ABE-0011731 , CGSC:785 , DIP:DIP-10847N , EchoBASE:EB0934 , EcoGene:EG10941 , EcoliWiki:b3591 , ModBase:P0A821 , OU-Microarray:b3591 , PortEco:selA , PR:PRO_000023931 , Pride:P0A821 , Protein Model Portal:P0A821 , RefSeq:NP_418048 , RegulonDB:EG10941 , SMR:P0A821 , String:511145.b3591 , UniProt:P0A821

Relationship Links: InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR004534 , InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR015421 , InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR015424 , InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR018319 , InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR025862 , Pfam:IN-FAMILY:PF03841 , Pfam:IN-FAMILY:PF12390

Gene-Reaction Schematic: ?

Gene-Reaction Schematic

Genetic Regulation Schematic: ?

Genetic regulation schematic for selA

GO Terms:

Biological Process: GO:0016260 - selenocysteine biosynthetic process Inferred from experiment [Leinfelder88a]
GO:0097056 - selenocysteinyl-tRNA(Sec) biosynthetic process Inferred from experiment Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA12, Forchhammer91]
GO:0001514 - selenocysteine incorporation Inferred by computational analysis [GOA06, GOA01a]
GO:0006412 - translation Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA11a]
Molecular Function: GO:0004125 - L-seryl-tRNASec selenium transferase activity Inferred from experiment Inferred by computational analysis [GOA06, GOA01, GOA01a, Forchhammer91]
GO:0030170 - pyridoxal phosphate binding Inferred from experiment Inferred by computational analysis [GOA01a, Forchhammer91]
GO:0042802 - identical protein binding Inferred from experiment [Forchhammer91]
GO:0003824 - catalytic activity Inferred by computational analysis [GOA01a]
GO:0016740 - transferase activity Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA11a]
Cellular Component: GO:0005829 - cytosol Inferred from experiment Inferred by computational analysis [DiazMejia09, LopezCampistrou05]
GO:0005737 - cytoplasm Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA11, UniProtGOA11a, GOA06, GOA01a]


Essentiality data for selA knockouts: ?

Growth Medium Growth? T (°C) O2 pH Osm/L Growth Observations
LB enriched Yes 37 Aerobic 6.95   Yes [Gerdes03, Comment 1]
LB Lennox Yes 37 Aerobic 7   Yes [Baba06, Comment 2]
M9 medium with 1% glycerol Yes 37 Aerobic 7.2 0.35 Yes [Joyce06, Comment 3]
MOPS medium with 0.4% glucose Yes 37 Aerobic 7.2 0.22 Yes [Baba06, Comment 2]
Yes [Feist07, Comment 4]

Last-Curated ? 31-Dec-2012 by Keseler I , SRI International

Enzymatic reaction of: selenocysteine synthase

EC Number:

selenophosphate + an L-seryl-[tRNAsec] <=> an L-selenocysteinyl-[tRNAsec] + phosphate

The reaction direction shown, that is, A + B ↔ C + D versus C + D ↔ A + B, is in accordance with the Enzyme Commission system.

The reaction is favored in the direction shown.

In Pathways: L-selenocysteine biosynthesis I (bacteria)

Cofactors or Prosthetic Groups: pyridoxal 5'-phosphate [Forchhammer91]

Inhibitors (Unknown Mechanism): borohydride [Forchhammer91b] , cyanide [Forchhammer91b]

Kinetic Parameters:

Km (μM)
kcat (sec-1)
kcat/Km (sec-1 μM-1)
0.022, 0.022
0.072, 0.072
[Tormay98, BRENDA14]

Sequence Features

Protein sequence of selenocysteine synthase with features indicated

Feature Class Location Citations Comment
Sequence-Conflict 7
[Forchhammer91, UniProt10a]
UniProt: (in Ref. 1; AAA24624);
Mutagenesis-Variant 224
[Tormay98, UniProt11]
UniProt: Still binds PLP.
N6-pyridoxal-phosphate-Lys-Modification 295
[Tormay98, UniProt15]
UniProt: N6-(pyridoxal phosphate)lysine.
Mutagenesis-Variant 295
[Tormay98, UniProt11]
UniProt: Loss of activity and PLP binding.
Mutagenesis-Variant 328
[Tormay98, UniProt11]
UniProt: Loss of PLP binding.

Gene Local Context (not to scale): ?

Gene local context diagram

Transcription Unit:

Transcription-unit diagram


10/20/97 Gene b3591 from Blattner lab Genbank (v. M52) entry merged into EcoCyc gene EG10941; confirmed by SwissProt match.


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