Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Polypeptide: BolA DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulator

Gene: bolA Accession Numbers: EG10125 (EcoCyc), b0435, ECK0429

Regulation Summary Diagram: ?

Regulation summary diagram for bolA

Component of: Grx4-BolA complex (summary available)

BolA regulates the transcription of genes involved in the morphology of the cell to confer protection to the cell, specifically under stress conditions and during stationary phase [Santos02, Freire09]. Its overexpression produces round-shaped cells, alters elongation and cell septation [Aldea88, Santos02], induces biofilm formation [Vieira04, Adnan11, Dressaire15], involving the production of fimbria-like adhesins and curli [Dressaire15], impairs cell growth rate [Guinote11], and alters the properties of the outer membrane [Freire06a]. Under poor growth conditions, BolA is essential for normal cell morphology during both the exponential and stationary growth phases and in response to sudden carbon starvation [Santos02].

The transcription expression analysis of some genes with BolA mutants and the presence of a putative helix-turn-helix motif for DNA binding suggest that BolA is a transcriptional regulator, although its regulatory mechanism and specific DNA-binding site remain to be determined [Aldea89]. On the other hand, structural, sequence, and physical interaction analyses show that BolA could be a reductase that interacts with glutaredoxin [Huynen05].

BolA is a member of the BolA family, which is widely distributed among proteobacteria and eukaryotes [Huynen05].

The expression of bolA is regulated at the transcriptional level and at posttranscriptional levels. Its transcription is induced under stationary phase [Lange91a] and under different stress conditions, such as carbon starvation, osmotic stress, heat shock, acidic stress, and oxidative stress [Santos99]. On the other hand, bolA mRNA stability during glucose starvation is enhanced in the presence of RNase III function [Freire06].

Based on ChIP-seq and transcriptomic analysis, it was shown that BolA is a protein with high affinity to DNA and is able to regulate many genes on a genome-wide scale [Dressaire15]. BolA regulates flagellum and curli biosynthesis pathways. It is a transcriptional switch that turns off/on mobility and biofilm development, respectively [Dressaire15]. BolA modulates the switch from a planktonic to a sessile lifestyle [Dressaire15]. Overexpression of BolA favors biofilm formation, which involves the production of fimbria-like adhesins and curli [Dressaire15].

Review: [Guinote14].

Gene Citations: [Bohannon91]

Locations: cytosol

Map Position: [453,696 -> 454,013] (9.78 centisomes, 35°)
Length: 318 bp / 105 aa

Molecular Weight of Polypeptide: 11.994 kD (from nucleotide sequence)

Unification Links: ASAP:ABE-0001508 , CGSC:31032 , DIP:DIP-47926N , EchoBASE:EB0123 , EcoGene:EG10125 , EcoliWiki:b0435 , Mint:MINT-1238063 , ModBase:P0ABE2 , OU-Microarray:b0435 , PortEco:bolA , PR:PRO_000022230 , Pride:P0ABE2 , Protein Model Portal:P0ABE2 , RefSeq:NP_414969 , RegulonDB:EG10125 , SMR:P0ABE2 , String:511145.b0435 , Swiss-Model:P0ABE2 , UniProt:P0ABE2

Relationship Links: InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR002634 , PDB:Structure:2DHM , Pfam:IN-FAMILY:PF01722

Gene-Reaction Schematic: ?

Gene-Reaction Schematic

Genetic Regulation Schematic: ?

Genetic regulation schematic for bolA

GO Terms:

Biological Process: GO:0006351 - transcription, DNA-templated Inferred from experiment Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA11a, Aldea89, Santos02]
GO:0006355 - regulation of transcription, DNA-templated Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA11a]
Molecular Function: GO:0005515 - protein binding Inferred from experiment [Butland05]
GO:0003677 - DNA binding Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA11a]
Cellular Component: GO:0005829 - cytosol Inferred from experiment Inferred by computational analysis [DiazMejia09, Ishihama08]

MultiFun Terms: cell processes adaptations osmotic pressure
cell processes cell division
cell structure murein
information transfer RNA related Transcription related
regulation type of regulation transcriptional level activator
regulation type of regulation transcriptional level repressor

Symmetry: Inverted Repeat

Regulated Transcription Units (2 total): ?


Transcription-unit diagram

Transcription-unit diagram

Essentiality data for bolA knockouts: ?

Growth Medium Growth? T (°C) O2 pH Osm/L Growth Observations
LB enriched Yes 37 Aerobic 6.95   Yes [Gerdes03, Comment 1]
LB Lennox Yes 37 Aerobic 7   Yes [Baba06, Comment 2]
M9 medium with 1% glycerol Yes 37 Aerobic 7.2 0.35 Yes [Joyce06, Comment 3]
MOPS medium with 0.4% glucose Yes 37 Aerobic 7.2 0.22 Yes [Baba06, Comment 2]

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Subunit of: Grx4-BolA complex

Subunit composition of Grx4-BolA complex = [BolA][GrxD]
         BolA DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulator = BolA (extended summary available)
         glutaredoxin 4 = GrxD (extended summary available)

The heterodimeric Grx4-BolA complex can bind an intact [2Fe-2S] cluster and transfer it to the model acceptor protein ferredoxin, although much less efficiently than the Grx4 homodimer [Yeung11].

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Gene Local Context (not to scale): ?

Gene local context diagram

Transcription Units:

Transcription-unit diagram

Transcription-unit diagram


Peter D. Karp on Wed Jan 18, 2006:
Gene left-end position adjusted based on analysis performed in the 2005 E. coli annotation update [Riley06 ].
10/20/97 Gene b0435 from Blattner lab Genbank (v. M52) entry merged into EcoCyc gene EG10125; confirmed by SwissProt match.


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Other References Related to Gene Regulation

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