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Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Polypeptide: dynamic cytoskeletal protein MreB

Gene: mreB Accession Numbers: EG10608 (EcoCyc), b3251, ECK3239

Synonyms: rodY, envB, mon, mreB_1

Regulation Summary Diagram: ?

Regulation summary diagram for mreB

MreB is a homologue of the eukaryotic actin protein (see [Bork92, vandenEnt01].

MreB is implicated in the formation of rod shape and mecillinam sensitivity [Doi88]. MreB forms left-handed helical filaments beneath the surface of the cell [Kruse03, Shih03, Wang12c]. MreB helical filaments are artifacts of the yellow fluorescent tag used for imaging; MreB helical filaments do not form when the tag is removed and cells expressing a MreB-mCherry fusion protein do not contain helical filaments [Swulius12]. MreB forms dynamic filaments up to 1.5 µm in length [Reimold13].

Cells depleted of MreB become spherical and eventually lyse; MreB interacts with itself and with MreC; MreB localisation is disrupted in cells depleted in MrdB, MreC or MreD (all of which have a spherical shape) [Kruse05]. Under slow growth conditions, cells lacking MreB grow and divide as small spheres; under fast growth conditions they form giant non-dividing and non-propagating spheres; spherical cell defects can be rescued by overexpression of ftsZ [Bendezu08].

MreB is a dynamic cytoskeletal protein - it persistantly rotates around the long axis of the cell; MreB motion is blocked in strains that cannot synthesise the essential peptidoglycan component - diaminopimelic acid, and by antibiotics that inhibit cell wall synthesis [vanTeeffelen11]. MreB localisation occurs in a curve dependent manner - MreB is enriched at negatively curved regions of the cell wall and depleted at positively curved regions. Cell wall growth is colocalised with MreB which results in bursts of localised growth [Ursell14].

MreB interacts directly with the inner membrane via a predicted N-terminal amphipathic helix; this interaction is required for cell shape maintenance and viability [Salje11]. MreB interacts with RodZ and this interaction is required for maintenance of cell shape [Bendezu09].

MreB is implicated in chromosome segregation [Kruse03]. MreB is required for segregation of the origin of replication (oriC); MreB interacts with RNA polymerase in vivo and in vitro [Kruse06]. MreB interacts with topoisomerase IV likely via its ParC subunit and regulates its activity in vitro; ΔmreB mutants are deficient in Topo IV activity [Madabhushi09]. MreB is not involved in chromosome segregation [Karczmarek07].

The MreB cytoskeleton duplicates and segregates before the completion of cytokinesis; transverse MreB ring structures, located near the midcell are intermediates in this process [Vats07]. The ring structures contain MreB, MreC, MreD, MrdB and MrdA; assembly of these proteins is dependent on the presence of the FtsZ ring [Vats09]. MreB appears in a punctate pattern along the cell periphery and forms ring-like structures at mid-cell in cells undergoing division; MreB is recruited to the Z-ring; MreB interacts with FtsZ in vivo and this interaction functions to deliver MrcA and MrdA to the Z ring [Fenton13].

MreB interacts with SetB [Espeli03].

MreB is the target of the antibacterial compound A22 [S-(3,4-dichlorobenzyl)isothiourea] [Kruse06]

MreB interacts with the T7 bacteriophage encoded growth inhibitor Gp0.6 [MolshanskiMor14]

mreB, mreC and mreD from an operon in E. coli K-12, largely transcribed as monocistronic mreB mRNA [Wachi06]

Reviews: [Kruse05a, White12]
Comment: [Margolin12]

Citations: [Wachi87, Wachi89, Freire09, Iwai02, Varma09, Shih05, Nilsen05, Swulius11]

Locations: inner membrane, cytoskeleton

Map Position: [3,398,066 <- 3,399,109] (73.24 centisomes, 264°)
Length: 1044 bp / 347 aa

Molecular Weight of Polypeptide: 36.952 kD (from nucleotide sequence), 37.0 kD (experimental) [Doi88 ]

Unification Links: ASAP:ABE-0010661 , CGSC:31343 , DIP:DIP-31874N , EchoBASE:EB0603 , EcoGene:EG10608 , EcoliWiki:b3251 , Mint:MINT-1222190 , ModBase:P0A9X4 , OU-Microarray:b3251 , PortEco:mreB , PR:PRO_000023289 , Pride:P0A9X4 , Protein Model Portal:P0A9X4 , RefSeq:NP_417717 , RegulonDB:EG10608 , SMR:P0A9X4 , String:511145.b3251 , Swiss-Model:P0A9X4 , UniProt:P0A9X4

Relationship Links: InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR004753 , Pfam:IN-FAMILY:PF06723 , Prints:IN-FAMILY:PR01652

In Paralogous Gene Group: 5 (5 members) , 510 (2 members)

GO Terms:

Biological Process: GO:0008360 - regulation of cell shape Inferred from experiment Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA11a, Kruse05, Bendezu08]
GO:0043093 - FtsZ-dependent cytokinesis Inferred from experiment [Fenton13]
GO:0051782 - negative regulation of cell division Inferred from experiment [Wachi89a]
GO:0051983 - regulation of chromosome segregation Inferred from experiment [Kruse06, Madabhushi09, Kruse03]
GO:0000902 - cell morphogenesis Inferred by computational analysis [GOA01a]
Molecular Function: GO:0005515 - protein binding Inferred from experiment [Bendezu09, Madabhushi09, Espeli03, Fenton13, Butland05, Masuda12, Kruse05]
GO:0042802 - identical protein binding Inferred from experiment [Kruse05, Fenton13, Masuda12]
Cellular Component: GO:0005856 - cytoskeleton Inferred from experiment [Shih03, Kruse03, Vats09]
GO:0005886 - plasma membrane Inferred from experiment [Kruse05]
GO:0031226 - intrinsic component of plasma membrane Inferred from experiment [Salje11]

MultiFun Terms: cell processes cell division
cell processes protection drug resistance/sensitivity

Essentiality data for mreB knockouts: ?

Growth Medium Growth? T (°C) O2 pH Osm/L Growth Observations
LB Lennox No 37 Aerobic 7   No [Baba06, Comment 1]

Revised 26-May-2015 by Mackie A , Macquarie University
Last-Curated ? 26-May-2015 by Mackie A , Macquarie University

Sequence Features

Protein sequence of dynamic cytoskeletal protein MreB with features indicated

Feature Class Location Common Name Citations Comment
Protein-Structure-Region 3 -> 8 amphipathic helix
[Salje11, Salje11]
predicted amphipathic helix that is required for membrane interaction
Conserved-Region 12 -> 34 Phosphate 1
conserved motif in the actin family
Sequence-Conflict 60 -> 61  
[Doi88, UniProt10a]
UniProt: (in Ref. 1; AAA83891);
Conserved-Region 135 -> 154 Connect 1
conserved motif in the actin family
Conserved-Region 161 -> 181 Phosphate 2
conserved motif in the actin family
Mutagenesis-Variant 165  
mutation of this residue to V, E or A interferes with MreB filament formation and cell division, cells retain their rod shape
Sequence-Conflict 265  
[Doi88, UniProt10a]
UniProt: (in Ref. 1; AAA83891);
Sequence-Conflict 277 -> 278  
[Doi88, UniProt10a]
UniProt: (in Ref. 1; AAA83891);
Mutagenesis-Variant 285  
alternate sequence D → A: reduced recruitment of mutant to the Z-ring and inhibited cell division
Mutagenesis-Variant 288  
alternate sequence E →G renders cell resistant to the T7 bacteriophage growth inhibitor Gp0.6
Conserved-Region 288 -> 307 Adenosine
conserved motif in the actin family
Conserved-Region 318 -> 338 Connect 2
conserved motif of the actin family

Gene Local Context (not to scale): ?

Gene local context diagram

Transcription Units:

Transcription-unit diagram

Transcription-unit diagram

Transcription-unit diagram

Transcription-unit diagram

Transcription-unit diagram

Transcription-unit diagram

Transcription-unit diagram


Peter D. Karp on Wed Jan 18, 2006:
Gene right-end position adjusted based on analysis performed in the 2005 E. coli annotation update [Riley06 ].
3/2/1998 (pkarp) Merged genes G454/b3251 and EG10608/mreB
10/20/97 Gene b3251 from Blattner lab Genbank (v. M52) entry merged into EcoCyc gene EG10608; confirmed by SwissProt match.


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Other References Related to Gene Regulation

Pruss01: Pruss BM, Liu X, Hendrickson W, Matsumura P (2001). "FlhD/FlhC-regulated promoters analyzed by gene array and lacZ gene fusions." FEMS Microbiol Lett 2001;197(1);91-7. PMID: 11287152

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