Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 RNA: RnpB RNA; catalytic subunit of RNAse P

Gene: rnpB Accession Numbers: EG30069 (EcoCyc), b3123, ECK3111

Superclasses: Misc-RNAs

Regulation Summary Diagram: ?

Regulation summary diagram for rnpB

RnpB RNA and RnpA protein together compose ribonuclease P (RNAse P) [Kole79, Kole81]. RNAse P acts in processing of 4.5S RNA [Bothwell76] and tRNA precursor molecules [Schedl75]. The RnpB RNA subunit alone exhibits catalytic activity toward tRNA precursors, but requires the protein subunit for efficient activity toward an 4.5S RNA precursor substrate [GuerrierTakada83, GuerrierTakada84, PeckMiller91]. The protein subunit stabilizes the global structure of the RNA component, allowing it to exhibit the properties of the holoenzyme complex [Buck05]. RNAse P also exhibits activity toward C4 repressor RNA of bacteriophages P1 and P7, which may indicate a role for RNAse P in lysogeny/lysis regulation [Hartmann95], and toward CI RNA, which is involved in immunity to bacteriophage P4 [Briani02].

Activity of the RNAse P RNA and holoenzyme [Schedl75, Chang75, Bikoff75, Bikoff75a, Sakano75, Kirsebom89, Ilgen76, Burgin90, GuerrierTakada83, GuerrierTakada84, Orellana86, GuerrierTakada86, GuerrierTakada88, Vioque89, Surratt90, PeckMiller91, Kazakov91, Nomura88, Tallsjo93, Hardt95, Kufel94, Hartmann95, Steitz93, Warnecke96, Lazard98, Brannvall98, Hori01, Li02e, Kirsebom92, Mikkelsen99, Warnecke00, Pomeranz00, Busch00, Tanaka01, Eubank02, Kaye02, Persson03] and substrate interaction and specificity [Schmidt76, Bothwell76a, Bothwell76a, Thurlow91, Subbarao84, Shlyapnikov86, Kirsebom89, GuerrierTakada84a, Holm92, Green88a, McClain87, Burkard88, Reilly86, Baer88, Vold88, Burkard88a, GuerrierTakada88, Samuelsson88, GuerrierTakada89, Knap90, Surratt90a, Surratt90, Krupp91, Perreault92, Svard92, Schlegl92, Furdon83, Gurevitz83, Nolan93, Gaur93, Svard93, Kleineidam93, Kirsebom93, GuerrierTakada93, Hardt93, Hardt93a, Westhof94, LaGrandeur94, Oh94, Kirsebom94, Hardt95a, Meinnel95b, Yan94, Tallsjo96, Svard96, Kufel96, Gaur96, Liu96e, Kufel96a, Lazard98, Brannvall98, Park00a, Brannvall02, Brannvall03, Hardt96, Harris97c, Christian98, Heide99, Siew99, Pascual99, Heide01, Heide01a, Hansen01b, Zahler03, Ando03, Ando03a, Tanaka03, Nagai03, Ando03b] have been examined in detail.

RnpB RNA interacts with divalent cation (preferentially Mg2+) cofactor [Kazakov91, Perreault93, Smith93c, Chen97b, Frank97, Kufel98, Brannvall99, Christian00, Brannvall01, Christian02]. The association of RnpB RNA and RnpA protein has been examined [Vioque88, Baer89, Talbot94, Talbot94a, Gopalan97, Gopalan99, Kim00d, Biswas00, Sharkady01, Tsai03]. The enzyme complex exhibits 1:1 stoichiometry of RnpB RNA to RnpA protein [Talbot94].

RNAse P fractionates with the inner membrane [Srivastava91a]. Overproduced RNAse P enzyme is also localized to the inner membrane, whereas overproduced RnpB RNA is localized to the cytoplasm [Miczak91].

RnpB RNA is essential for viability [Waugh90]. Mutations in RnbP RNA and in the RnpA protein subunit of RNAse P exhibit different effects on tRNA precursor processing [Kirsebom88]. Mutations in RnpB RNA have been evaluated with respect to effects on RNAase P activity [Waugh89, GuerrierTakada86a, Shiraishi86, Lawrence86, Lumelsky88, GuerrierTakada89, Baer88, Kirsebom93, Tallsjo93a, Green96c, Hardt96a, Kufel96a, Frank96, Pomeranz99, Rasmussen02a]. Truncation of both termini of RnpB RNA completely disrupts RNAase P activity, whereas limited truncation of either terminus does not [GuerrierTakada86a]. The ts709 mutation encodes substitutions at nucleotide positions 89 and 365, and it results in destabilization of the RNA [Sakamoto83]. Deletion mutant RNAs can complement activity in trans [GuerrierTakada92].

The structure of RnpB RNA has been examined [Haas91, Darr92, Lee89c, Waugh89, Ramamoorthy91, Reed82, Morse93, Kim96h, GuerrierTakada84b, Altman86, Lawrence86, Boehm87, Lipson88, Lumelsky88, Vioque88, Zuckermann89, Zito93, 1, Haas94, Harris94, Kirsebom93, Tallsjo93a, Talbot94, Glemarec96, Zarrinkar96, Westhof94, Ciesiolka94, Westhof96, Easterwood97, Chen98b, Massire98, Leontis98, Heide99, Gopalan99, Pomeranz99a, Pomeranz99, Schmitz00, Kent00, Brannvall01].

The RnpB RNA is subject to post-transcriptional processing [Reed82, Sakamoto83a, Gurevitz83a, Reed83, Lundberg95, Kim96h, Kim97d, Kim99h, Sim02, Sim01, Lee02, Ow02, Ow03].

RnpB RNA has been isolated from many other organisms. A database of RNase P RNAs has been developed [Brown94a].

RNAse P can be directed or engineered to cleave exogenous targets of appropriate structure, and therapeutic applications have been investigated [Carter90, Mans90, Forster90, Kikuchi90, Cole99, Kilani00, Hori00, McKinney01, Ando01, Li92d, Kikuchi92, GuerrierTakada95, Liu95a, Kikuchi95, Potuschak93, Kikuchi93, Li96g, Drainas97, GuerrierTakada97, Schwienhorst98, Trang00, Hori00a, Hsu00, Trang00a, Cole01, Ando02, Trang03, Zou03a, Hori00b, Trang02, RodriguezGarcia01, Trang04].

Regulation has been described [Sakamoto83a, Reed82, Lee89c, Ramamoorthy91, Panagiotidis92, Jung97a, Kim97e, Kim97d, Park02b, Motamedi84, Dong96].

Reviews: [Brown91b, Pace85, Apirion93, Stark95, Kirsebom95, Shiraishi95, Hardt95b, Altman95, Wassarman99, Morl01, Cobaleda01, Raj03].

Citations: [Tanaka03a, Bourdeau01, Kim98a, Kim97f, Komine91, Szymkowiak88, Shiraishi88, Vioque86, Dallmann83, Apirion80a, Baer90]

Map Position: [3,268,238 <- 3,268,614] (70.44 centisomes, 254°)
Length: 377 bp

Gene-Reaction Schematic: ?

Gene-Reaction Schematic

Genetic Regulation Schematic: ?

Genetic regulation schematic for rnpB

Unification Links: ASAP:ABE-0010269 , CGSC:266 , EchoBASE:EB4232 , EcoGene:EG30069 , EcoliWiki:b3123 , OU-Microarray:b3123 , PortEco:rnpB , RegulonDB:EG30069

MultiFun Terms: information transfer RNA related RNA degradation
information transfer RNA related RNA modification
metabolism degradation of macromolecules RNA

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Gene local context diagram

Transcription Units:

Transcription-unit diagram

Transcription-unit diagram


10/20/97 Gene b3123 from Blattner lab Genbank (v. M52) entry merged into EcoCyc gene EG30069.


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