Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Growth Medium: PMA carbon source test + L-tartrate

Superclasses: Phenotype-Microarray-Media

Plate and Well ID: Biolog PM2 - Carbon Sources: F12

Citations: [Bochner01]

Recipe Substances:
Substances Concentration Role
ammonium chloride 5 mM Source of N
disodium phosphate 2 mM Source of P
ferric chloride 1 µM  
L-tartrate Source of C
MgCl2 50 µM  
potassium chloride 1 mM  
sodium chloride 100 mM  
sodium sulfate 250 µM Source of S
triethanolamine HCI 30 mM  
Constituents Concentration
chloride 136.1 mM
Na+ 104.5 mM
triethanolamine 30 mM
ammonium 5 mM
phosphate 2 mM
K+ 1 mM
sulfate 250 µM
Mg2+ 50 µM
Fe3+ 1 µM
L-tartrate [unknown]

Wildtype growth observations:

T (°C) O2 Growth Observations Consensus Comment/Citations
37 Aerobic No [AbuOun09]
Low [Bochner12]
No [Mackie12]
No [Yoon12]
No* Aerobic growth on L-tartrate has been reported for the E. coli K-12 derived strain W3110 and for 'coliform' bacteria. In E.coli K-12 MG1655 L-tartrate supported slow growth in M9 media enriched with amino acids but no growth in M9 medium without supplementation. [Reaney93, Vaughn46, Lukas10]

*A curator has resolved the inconsistency.


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Reaney93: Reaney SK, Begg C, Bungard SJ, Guest JR (1993). "Identification of the L-tartrate dehydratase genes (ttdA and ttdB) of Escherichia coli and evolutionary relationship with the class I fumarase genes." J Gen Microbiol 1993;139 ( Pt 7);1523-30. PMID: 8371115

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