Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Growth Medium: M56 medium

This medium is used for cultivation and maintenance of Escherchia coli.

Recipe Substances:
Substances Concentration Role
disodium phosphate 8.7 g/l Source of P
monopotassium phosphate 5.3 g/l Source of P
β-D-glucopyranose 4 g/l Source of C
ammonium sulfate 2 g/l Source of N S
magnesium sulfate heptahydrate 100 mg/l Source of S
L-leucine 50 mg/l  
L-histidine 50 mg/l  
calcium nitrate tetrahydrate 5 mg/l Source of N
zinc sulfate heptahydrate 5 mg/l Source of S
ferrous sulfate heptahydrate 5 mg/l Source of S
uracil 0.03 mg/l  
Constituents Concentration
Na+ 121.71 mM
phosphate 99.513 mM
K+ 38.66 mM
ammonium 30.272 mM
β-D-glucopyranose 22.203 mM
sulfate 15.577 mM
Mg2+ 405.73 µM
L-leucine 381.17 µM
L-histidine 322.26 µM
nitrate 42.346 µM
Ca2+ 21.173 µM
Fe2+ 17.985 µM
Zn2+ 17.389 µM
uracil 267.65 nM

pH: 7.0

Osmolarity (approximate, computed from constituents): 0.33 Osm/L

Wildtype growth observations:

T (°C) O2 Growth?
37 Aerobic Yes

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