Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Taxon: Enterobacteriaceae

Synonyms: gamma-3 proteobacteria <#1>, gamma-3 proteobacteria, Enterobacteriaceae Rahn 1937, Enterobacteriaceae (ex Rahn 1937) Ewing et al. 1980, fam. nov., nom. rev., Enterobacteraceae (ex Lapage 1979) Lapage 1982, fam. nov., nom. rev., Enterobacteraceae

Rank: family

Taxonomic lineage: cellular organisms , Bacteria , Proteobacteria , Gammaproteobacteria , Enterobacteriales

Direct sub-taxa of Enterobacteriaceae: Aranicola, Arsenophonus, Averyella, Biostraticola, Brenneria, Buchnera , Budvicia, Buttiauxella, Candidatus Aschnera, Candidatus Curculioniphilus, Candidatus Cuticobacterium, Candidatus Gillettellia, Candidatus Ishikawaella, Candidatus Macropleicola, Candidatus Moranella, Candidatus Phlomobacter, Candidatus Profftia, Candidatus Riesia, Candidatus Rohrkolberia, Escherichia

Unification Links: NCBI-Taxonomy:543

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