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Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Pathway: GDP-mannose biosynthesis
Inferred from experiment

Pathway diagram: GDP-mannose biosynthesis

If an enzyme name is shown in bold, there is experimental evidence for this enzymatic activity.

Locations of Mapped Genes:

Schematic showing all replicons, marked with selected genes

Genetic Regulation Schematic

Genetic regulation schematic for GDP-mannose biosynthesis

Superclasses: BiosynthesisCarbohydrates BiosynthesisSugars BiosynthesisSugar Nucleotides BiosynthesisGDP-sugar Biosynthesis

General Background

In E. coli K-12 GDP-alpha-D-mannose is a precursor for the biosynthesis of GDP-L-fucose, as indicated in the pathway link. GDP-L-fucose is the nucleotide-activated form of L-fucose, a monosaccharide constituent of colanic acid. In the Enterobacteriaceae colanic acid (M antigen) is a polyanionic extracellular heteropolysaccharide containing a repeat unit with D-glucose, L-fucose, D-galactose, and D-glucuronate sugars that are nonstoichiometrically decorated with O-acetyl and pyruvate side chains [Grant69, Garegg71] (see pathway colanic acid building blocks biosynthesis).

In other bacteria, GDP-alpha-D-mannose is a precursor or participant in the synthesis of deoxyhexoses, oligosaccharides, polysaccharides and organic solutes. In eukaryotes GDP-alpha-D-mannose is a key substrate in glycoconjugate formation and is a precursor for the biosynthesis of important compounds. Examples of such pathways are listed in MetaCyc under compound GDP-α-D-mannose.

About This Pathway

The first two enzymes in the pathway catalyze isomerizations that interconvert phosphorylated aldohexoses (β-D-glucose-6-phosphate, D-mannose-6-phosphate) and phosphorylated ketohexoses (D-fructose-6-phosphate). The reaction catalyzed by mannose-6-phosphate isomerase that produces D-mannose-6-phosphate is the first committed step in the biosynthesis of the activated mannose donor GDP-α-D-mannose. D-mannose-6-phosphate is then converted to GDP-D-mannose by the action of phosphomannomutase and mannose-1-phosphate guanylyltransferase [Gao05a, Stevenson96].

Genetically engineered variants of this pathway in E. coli have been reported and are potentially useful in the production of mannosylglycerate [Sampaio03] and fucosyloligosaccharides [Honghong11].

Superpathways: colanic acid building blocks biosynthesis

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Other References Related to Enzymes, Genes, Subpathways, and Substrates of this Pathway

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