Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Pathway: UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-pentapeptide biosynthesis I (meso-DAP-containing)

Pathway diagram: UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-pentapeptide biosynthesis I (meso-DAP-containing)

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Genetic regulation schematic for UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-pentapeptide biosynthesis I (meso-DAP-containing)

Superclasses: Biosynthesis Cell Structures Biosynthesis Cell Wall Biosynthesis UDP-N-Acetylmuramoyl-Pentapeptide Biosynthesis

Peptidoglycan is best described as a fisherman's net, with each cell of the mesh defined by two segments of parallel glycan threads, held together by two small elastic peptide crosslinks, which allow the net to expand or shrink [Delcour99]. These peptide crosslinks are usually composed of two pentapeptides, each attached on one end to one of the glycan segment and extending towards (but no reaching) the other one. The two pentapeptides can form a crosslink with each other in more than one way.

The composition and structure of peptidoglycan varies among different bacterial species, but in generals consists of alternating β-1,4-linked N-acetylglucosamine and N-acetylmuramate residues. The pentapeptide is bound through its N terminus to the carboxyl group of muramate.

The pentapeptide, which contains alternating L and D amino acids, reveals considerable variation among species, with the greatest variation found in the third position. This pathway describes the biosynthesis of the UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-pentapeptide found in most of the Gram-negative organisms and some Gram-positive organisms, which contains meso-diaminopimelate is the third position.

The enzymes of this pathway are essential for growth and thus are attractive targets for antibacterial drug development.

Review: [Barreteau08]

Superpathways: peptidoglycan biosynthesis I (meso-diaminopimelate containing)

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Other References Related to Enzymes, Genes, Subpathways, and Substrates of this Pathway

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