Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 Enzyme: 4-hydroxybenzoate octaprenyltransferase

Gene: ubiA Accession Numbers: EG11370 (EcoCyc), b4040, ECK4032

Synonyms: sdgG?, cyr

Regulation Summary Diagram: ?

Regulation summary diagram for ubiA

4-Hydroxybenzoate octaprenyltransferase is the second enzyme in the pathway of ubiquinone biosynthesis. It is responsible for the prenylation of 4-hydroxybenzoate using a polyprenyldiphosphate as a side chain precursor.

UbiA is an inner membrane protein with seven predicted transmembrane domains. The C terminus is located in the periplasm [Daley05]. Earlier work experimentally localized UbiA to the membrane fraction [Young72, Melzer94].

The structure of the enzyme and its active site have been modelled [Brauer04]. In subsequent work a 3D structural model was developed that places UbiA in SCOP family 48 583. The model was experimentally supported by site-directed mutagenesis studies [Brauer08].

ubiA mutants can grow on glucose as the sole source of carbon, but can not grow on succinate [Cox68, Young72, Wu93]. A ubiA- mutant grows more slowly on glucose and accumulates acetate and lactate [Wallace77].

The sdgG10 mutation, which suppresses a conditional mutation in dnaG (DNA primase), has been localized to either the ubiC, ubiA or yjbI gene [Britton97].

ubiA is one of a network of genes believed to play a role in promoting the stress-induced mutagenesis (SIM) response of E. coli K-12 [Al12].

Reviews: [Meganathan01, Meganathan01a]

Gene Citations: [Nichols92, Heide93]

Locations: inner membrane

Map Position: [4,251,039 -> 4,251,911] (91.62 centisomes, 330°)
Length: 873 bp / 290 aa

Molecular Weight of Polypeptide: 32.512 kD (from nucleotide sequence), 32 kD (experimental) [Siebert92 ]

pI: 9.16

Unification Links: ASAP:ABE-0013229 , CGSC:50 , EchoBASE:EB1344 , EcoGene:EG11370 , EcoliWiki:b4040 , OU-Microarray:b4040 , PortEco:ubiA , PR:PRO_000024155 , Protein Model Portal:P0AGK1 , RefSeq:NP_418464 , RegulonDB:EG11370 , SMR:P0AGK1 , String:511145.b4040 , UniProt:P0AGK1

Relationship Links: InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR000537 , InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR006370 , Pfam:IN-FAMILY:PF01040 , Prosite:IN-FAMILY:PS00943

In Paralogous Gene Group: 567 (2 members)

Gene-Reaction Schematic: ?

Gene-Reaction Schematic

Genetic Regulation Schematic: ?

Genetic regulation schematic for ubiA

GO Terms:

Biological Process: GO:0006744 - ubiquinone biosynthetic process Inferred from experiment Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA12, UniProtGOA11, GOA01, Young72]
Molecular Function: GO:0008412 - 4-hydroxybenzoate octaprenyltransferase activity Inferred from experiment [Melzer94]
GO:0016765 - transferase activity, transferring alkyl or aryl (other than methyl) groups Inferred from experiment [Melzer94]
GO:0004659 - prenyltransferase activity Inferred by computational analysis [GOA01]
GO:0016740 - transferase activity Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA11]
Cellular Component: GO:0005886 - plasma membrane Inferred from experiment Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA11a, UniProtGOA11, DiazMejia09, Daley05]
GO:0016020 - membrane Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA11]
GO:0016021 - integral component of membrane Inferred by computational analysis [UniProtGOA11, GOA01]

MultiFun Terms: cell structure membrane
metabolism biosynthesis of building blocks cofactors, small molecule carriers menaquinone, ubiquinone
metabolism energy metabolism, carbon aerobic respiration

Essentiality data for ubiA knockouts: ?

Growth Medium Growth? T (°C) O2 pH Osm/L Growth Observations
LB Lennox No 37 Aerobic 7   No [Baba06, Comment 1]

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Enzymatic reaction of: 4-hydroxybenzoate octaprenyltransferase

Synonyms: 4-HB polyprenyltransferase, polyprenyldiphosphate:4-hydroxybenzoate polyprenyltransferase, 4-hydroxybenzoate polyprenyl transferase

EC Number:

all-trans-octaprenyl diphosphate + 4-hydroxybenzoate <=> 3-octaprenyl-4-hydroxybenzoate + diphosphate

The reaction direction shown, that is, A + B ↔ C + D versus C + D ↔ A + B, is in accordance with the direction of enzyme catalysis.

The reaction is physiologically favored in the direction shown.

Alternative Substrates for all-trans-octaprenyl diphosphate: all-trans-nonaprenyl diphosphate [elHachimi74 , Melzer94 ] , (2E,6E)-farnesyl diphosphate [elHachimi74 , Melzer94 ] , geranyl diphosphate [Melzer94 ]

In Pathways: superpathway of chorismate metabolism , superpathway of ubiquinol-8 biosynthesis (prokaryotic) , ubiquinol-8 biosynthesis (prokaryotic)

The pH optimum was determined using geranyl-PP as the substrate. Apparent Km values for geranyl-PP, farnesyl-PP, and solanesyl-PP are 255, 22, and 31 µM, respectively. The enzyme appears to be specific for the all-trans-polyprenyldiphosphates [Melzer94].

In addition to a lack of specificity for polyprenyl substrates, the enzyme can also accept a wide variety of benzoic acid derivatives and related compounds as substrates [Wessjohann96].

Cofactors or Prosthetic Groups: Mg2+ [Comment 2, Melzer94, Young72]

Activators (Unknown Mechanism): CHAPS [Melzer94]

Inhibitors (Unknown Mechanism): deoxycholate [Melzer94] , Tween 80 [Melzer94] , Triton X-100 [Melzer94]

pH(opt): 7.8 [Melzer94]

Sequence Features

Protein sequence of 4-hydroxybenzoate octaprenyltransferase with features indicated

Feature Class Location Citations Comment
Transmembrane-Region 23 -> 43
UniProt: Helical;; Non-Experimental Qualifier: potential;
Transmembrane-Region 46 -> 66
UniProt: Helical;; Non-Experimental Qualifier: potential;
Transmembrane-Region 100 -> 120
UniProt: Helical;; Non-Experimental Qualifier: potential;
Transmembrane-Region 141 -> 161
UniProt: Helical;; Non-Experimental Qualifier: potential;
Transmembrane-Region 163 -> 183
UniProt: Helical;; Non-Experimental Qualifier: potential;
Transmembrane-Region 213 -> 233
UniProt: Helical;; Non-Experimental Qualifier: potential;
Transmembrane-Region 234 -> 254
UniProt: Helical;; Non-Experimental Qualifier: potential;
Transmembrane-Region 268 -> 288
UniProt: Helical;; Non-Experimental Qualifier: potential;

Gene Local Context (not to scale): ?

Gene local context diagram

Transcription Unit:

Transcription-unit diagram


10/20/97 Gene b4040 from Blattner lab Genbank (v. M52) entry merged into EcoCyc gene EG11370; confirmed by SwissProt match.


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Other References Related to Gene Regulation

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