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Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 RNA: OmrA small regulatory RNA

Gene: omrA Accession Numbers: G0-8868 (EcoCyc), b4444, ECK2833

Synonyms: psrA12, rygA, PAIR2a, t59, sraE

Superclasses: a regulatory RNA

Regulation Summary Diagram: ?

OmrA is a small RNA of approximately 88 nt in length [Argaman01, Wassarman01] that is involved in regulating the protein composition of the outer membrane [Guillier06]. OmrA was shown to negatively regulate the levels of ompT, cirA, fecA, fepA [Guillier06], ompR [Guillier08], csgD [Holmqvist10], and flhDC [De12] mRNAs. The effect of OmrA on ompT and cirA abundance is dependent on RNase E and involves direct base pairing at the 5' end of OmrA [Guillier08]. A set of targets for regulation by OmrA has been predicted, but only a small percentage of those possible targets was supported by microarray data [Tjaden06].

Interaction between OmrA RNA and Hfq protein has been detected [Wassarman01], and the effect of OmrA on ompT and cirA expression is dependent on Hfq [Guillier08].

OmrA and OmrB were first recognized as an intergenic duplication (PAIR2) containing sites that resemble Rho-independent terminators [Rudd99]. The 5' and 3' ends of OmrA and OmrB are nearly identical, but their central regions differ.

OmrA is highly abundant in stationary phase cells grown in LB medium [Argaman01, Wassarman01, Zhang03j]. The half life of OmrA in stationary phase is 16 minutes [Vogel03]. Transcription of omrA is regulated by OmpR [Guillier06].

The 5' end of OmrA is required for the regulatory function of the small RNA [Guillier08]. An omrAB deletion mutant shows a change in the protein composition of the outer membrane [Guillier06]. Overexpression of omrA inhibits the formation of curli by downregulating CsgD expression [Holmqvist10].

SraE: "small RNA", PsrA12: "predicted small RNA" [Argaman01]

Ryx: "RNA of unknown function at X position (10 minute) in the genome" [Wassarman01]

OmrA: "OmpR-regulated sRNA A" [Guillier06]

Reviews: [Vogel06, Papenfort09]

Citations: [Rivas01, Moon11]

Map Position: [2,974,124 <- 2,974,211] (64.1 centisomes)
Length: 88 bp

Genetic Regulation Schematic: ?

Unification Links: ASAP:ABE-0047264 , EchoBASE:EB4530 , EcoliWiki:b4444 , PortEco:omrA , RegulonDB:G0-8868

GO Terms:

Biological Process: GO:0040033 - negative regulation of translation, ncRNA-mediated Inferred from experiment [Holmqvist10]
Molecular Function: GO:0000499 - base pairing with mRNA Inferred from experiment [Guillier08]
GO:0005515 - protein binding Inferred from experiment [Wassarman01]

MultiFun Terms: information transfer RNA related antisense RNA
information transfer RNA related RNA degradation

Regulated Transcription Units (5 total): ?


Gene Local Context (not to scale): ?

Transcription Unit:


Last-Curated ? 11-Jul-2013 by Keseler I , SRI International


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