MetaCyc All-Genes Class: electron acceptors

Parent Classes:
energy production/transport

appB (cytochrome bd-II terminal oxidase subunit II),
appC (cytochrome bd-II terminal oxidase subunit I),
arrA (respiratory arsenate reductase large subunit),
arrA (respiratory arsenate reductase large subunit),
arrA (respiratory arsenate reductase large subunit),
arrB (respiratory arsenate reductase small subunit),
arrB (respiratory arsenate reductase small subunit),
cydA (cytochrome bd-I terminal oxidase subunit I),
cydB (cytochrome bd-I terminal oxidase subunit II),
cyoA (cytochrome bo terminal oxidase subunit II),
cyoB (cytochrome bo terminal oxidase subunit I),
cyoC (cytochrome bo terminal oxidase subunit III),
cyoD (cytochrome bo terminal oxidase subunit IV),
dmsA (dimethyl sulfoxide reductase, chain A),
dmsB (dimethyl sulfoxide reductase, chain B),
dmsC (dimethyl sulfoxide reductase, chain C),
frdA (fumarate reductase flavoprotein),
frdB (fumarate reductase iron-sulfur protein),
frdC (fumarate reductase membrane protein),
frdD (fumarate reductase membrane protein),
napA (large subunit of periplasmic nitrate reductase, molybdoprotein),
napB (subunit of periplasmic nitrate reductase, cytochrome c550 protein),
napC (periplasmic nitrate reductase, cytochrome c protein),
narG (nitrate reductase A, α subunit),
narH (nitrate reductase A, β subunit),
narI (nitrate reductase A, γ subunit),
narV (nitrate reductase Z, γ subunit),
narY (nitrate reductase Z, β subunit),
narZ (nitrate reductase Z, α subunit),
nrfA (formate dependent nitrite reductase - NrfA subunit),
nrfB (formate-dependent nitrite reductase - penta-heme cytochrome c),
nrfC (formate-dependent nitrite reductase, 4Fe-4S subunit),
torA (trimethylamine N-oxide reductase, catalytic subunit),
torC (trimethylamine N-oxide reductase, cytochrome c-type subunit)

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