MetaCyc Gene-Ontology-Terms Class: GO:0016311 - dephosphorylation

Definition: The process of removing one or more phosphoric (ester or anhydride) residues from a molecule.

Parent Classes:
GO:0006796 - phosphate-containing compound metabolic process

Child Classes:
GO:0006470 - protein dephosphorylation (5),
GO:0046838 - phosphorylated carbohydrate dephosphorylation (2),
GO:0046839 - phospholipid dephosphorylation (1)

Term Members:
predicted adenosylcobalamin phosphatase/α-ribazole phosphatase (cobC),
phosphoserine phosphatase (serB),
phosphatidylglycerophosphatase C (pgpC),
fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase monomer (fbp),
fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase II (glpX),
fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase (yggF),
trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase (otsB),
D,D-heptose 1,7-bisphosphate phosphatase (gmhB),
α-D-glucose-1-phosphatase (yihX),
fused tRNA nucleotidyltransferase / 2',3'-cyclic phosphodiesterase / 2' nucleotidase and phosphatase (cca),
undecaprenyl pyrophosphate phosphatase (bacA),
phosphatidylglycerophosphatase [multifunctional] (pgpB),
pyridoxal phosphatase / fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase (ybhA),
sugar phosphatase (ybiV),
sugar phosphatase (yidA),
phosphosugar phosphatase (yigL),
fructose-1-phosphatase (yqaB),
pyrimidine nucleotidase (yjjG),
UMP phosphatase (umpH),
2-deoxyglucose-6-phosphatase (yniC),
CPS-53 (KpLE1) prophage; deoxyribonucleoside 5'-monophosphate phosphatase (yfdR),
UDP-sugar hydrolase / 5'-ribonucleotidase / 5'-deoxyribonucleotidase (ushA),
sugar phosphatase (yfbT),
6-phosphogluconate phosphatase (yieH),
purine nucleotidase (yrfG),
phosphoglycolate phosphatase (gph),
dCMP phosphohydrolase (yfbR),
adenosine-3'(2'),5'-bisphosphate nucleotidase (cysQ),
glucose-1-phosphatase (agp),
pyridoxal phosphatase / HMP-PP hydrolase (cof),
RNA/ssDNA exonuclease 5' → 3' specific (yciV),
AphA monomer,
broad specificity 5'(3')-nucleotidase and polyphosphatase (umpG),
2'3' cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase/3' nucleotidase (cpdB),
5-amino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribitylamino)uracil phosphatase (yigB),
5-amino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribitylamino)uracil phosphatase (ybjI),
AppA monomer,
5-amino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribitylamino)uracil phosphatase (ycsE),
2-hydroxy-3-keto-5-methylthiopentenyl-1-phosphate phosphatase (mtnX)

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