MetaCyc Pathways Class: Proteinogenic Amino Acids Biosynthesis

This class contains pathways of biosynthesis of each of the 22 amino acids found in proteins. Many of these amino acids are also present in other macromolecules.

Parent Classes:
Amino Acids Biosynthesis

Child Classes:
Glycine Biosynthesis (4),
L-alanine Biosynthesis (4),
L-arginine Biosynthesis (5),
L-asparagine Biosynthesis (5),
L-aspartate Biosynthesis (2),
L-cysteine Biosynthesis (7),
L-glutamate Biosynthesis (7),
L-glutamine Biosynthesis (3),
L-histidine Biosynthesis (2),
L-isoleucine Biosynthesis (6),
L-leucine Biosynthesis (1),
L-lysine Biosynthesis (6),
L-methionine Biosynthesis (15),
L-phenylalanine Biosynthesis (4),
L-proline Biosynthesis (6),
L-pyrrolysine Biosynthesis (1),
L-selenocysteine Biosynthesis (2),
L-serine Biosynthesis (1),
L-threonine Biosynthesis (2),
L-typtophan Biosynthesis (2),
L-tyrosine Biosynthesis (5),
L-valine Biosynthesis (1)

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