MetaCyc Protein Class: a PqqA peptide

Superclasses: a modified protein
a polypeptide

PqqA is a small peptide that is used as the precursor for the biosynthesis of the cofactor pyrroloquinoline quinone. The protein contains the sequence motif -E-X-X-X-Y-, that is, an L-glutamate and an L-tyrosine separated by three amino acid residues. The L-glutamate and L-tyrosine residues form a C-C bond at C9-C9a (catalyzed by the enzyme encoded by pqqE), and are then cleaved from the PqqA peptide.

a PqqA peptide compound structure

pyrroloquinoline quinone biosynthesis protein A (Klebsiella pneumoniae)

SMILES: C([R2])(C(=O)NC([R3])C(=O)NC(CC1(=CC=C(O)C=C1))C(=O)[a PqqA peptide])NC(=O)C(NC(=O)C(CCC([O-])=O)N[a PqqA peptide])[R1]

Reactions known to consume the compound:

pyrroloquinoline quinone biosynthesis :
a PqqA peptide + an oxidized unknown electron acceptor → a PqqA peptide with linked Glu-Tyr residues + an reduced unknown electron acceptor

Gene-Reaction Schematic: ?

Gene-Reaction Schematic

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