MetaCyc Compound Class: a carotenoid

Superclasses: a lipid an isoprenoid a terpenoid a tetraterpenoid
a secondary metabolite a terpenoid a tetraterpenoid

Carotenoids are isoprenoid pigments occurring naturally in plants and some microorganisms. They function as provitamins, antioxidants, and colorants.

Child Classes: a carotene (52) , a ketocarotenoid (22) , a xanthophyll (30) , an apocarotenoid (25)

β-cryptoxanthin glucoside ,
3,4-didehydrorhodopin ,
4,4'-diapolycopenedioate glycosyl diester ,
anhydrorhodovibrin ,
apo-4'-lycopenal ,
hydroxyspirilloxanthin ,
isozeaxanthin ,
rhodopin ,
rhodovibrin ,
spirilloxanthin ,
torulene ,
zeaxanthin bis(β-D-glucoside) ,

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