MetaCyc Compound Class: 2'-(5''-phosphoribosyl)-3'-dephospho-CoA

Synonyms: 2-5-phosphoribosyl-3-dephospho-CoA

Superclasses: a cofactora cofactor that is synthesized in situ
an estera thioestera coenzyme A-activated compound

2'-(5''-phosphoribosyl)-3'-dephospho-CoA is a cofactor of the enzymes citrate lyase and malonate decarboxylase complex. The cofactor is attached via phosphodiester linkage to a serine residue of an acyl-carrier protein subunit of the enzyme complex.

For biosynthesis of this cofactor, see citrate lyase activation and malonate decarboxylase activation.

2'-(5''-phosphoribosyl)-3'-dephospho-CoA compound structure

SMILES: CC(C)(COP([O-])(=O)OP([O-])(=O)OCC2(C(O)C(OC1(C(O)C(O)C(COP(=O)([O-])OCC(N[a protein])C(=O)[a protein])O1))C(O2)N4(C=NC3(C(N)=NC=NC=34))))C(O)C(=O)NCCC(=O)NCCS

Unification Links: PubChem:90657754

This compound has been characterized as a cofactor or prosthetic group of the following enzymes: citrate lyase, citrate lyase, malonate decarboxylase

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