MetaCyc Compound: MgADP

Superclasses: a salt an organic salt

Chemical Formula: Mg(C10P2N5H12O10)

Molecular Weight: 448.48 Daltons

Salt Constituents: ADP , Mg2+

Unification Links: PubChem:44123524

Enzymes inhibited by MgADP, sorted by the type of inhibition, are:

Inhibitor (Competitive) of: adenylylsulfate kinase [Satishchandran89]

Inhibitor (Allosteric) of: ribose-phosphate diphosphokinase [HoveJensen86, Willemoes97]

Inhibitor (Mechanism unknown) of: adenylylsulfate kinase [Satishchandran89]


HoveJensen86: Hove-Jensen B, Harlow KW, King CJ, Switzer RL (1986). "Phosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthetase of Escherichia coli. Properties of the purified enzyme and primary structure of the prs gene." J Biol Chem 1986;261(15);6765-71. PMID: 3009477

Satishchandran89: Satishchandran C, Markham GD (1989). "Adenosine-5'-phosphosulfate kinase from Escherichia coli K12. Purification, characterization, and identification of a phosphorylated enzyme intermediate." J Biol Chem 264(25);15012-21. PMID: 2549047

Willemoes97: Willemoes M, Hove-Jensen B (1997). "Binding of divalent magnesium by Escherichia coli phosphoribosyl diphosphate synthetase." Biochemistry 36(16);5078-83. PMID: 9125530

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