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MetaCyc Enzyme: phosphoglycerol geranylgeranyltransferase

Gene: MTH_552 Accession Number: G-11078 (MetaCyc)

Species: Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus Delta H

Subunit composition of phosphoglycerol geranylgeranyltransferase = [MTH_552]5
         phosphoglycerol geranylgeranyltransferase = MTH_552

phosphoglycerol geranylgeranyltransferase is a cytosolic enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of a geranylgeranyl unit from geranylgeranyl diphosphate to the C3 hydroxyl of sn-glycerol 1-phosphate, forming 3-(O-geranylgeranyl)-sn-glycerol 1-phosphate.

Enzymatic activity has been documented in cell-free extract of Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus [Zhang90a]. The enzyme has been subsequently isolated and purified to homogeneity [Chen93]. It requires Mg2+ for optimal activity, although activity was also observed in buffers containing Mn2+ or Zn2+.

The gene encoding the enzyme was cloned and expressed in Escherichia coli and the recombinant enzyme was purified to homogeneity [Soderberg01]. The enzyme was found to be active as a homopentamer, with optimal activity at 55 degrees C and pH 8.0 [Soderberg01].

Locations: cytosol

Molecular Weight of Polypeptide: 26.119 kD (from nucleotide sequence), 29.0 kD (experimental) [Chen93 ]

Molecular Weight of Multimer: 137.0 kD (experimental) [Soderberg01]

Unification Links: Entrez-gene:1470513 , Protein Model Portal:O26652 , String:187420.MTH552 , UniProt:O26652

Relationship Links: InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR008205 , InterPro:IN-FAMILY:IPR010946 , Pfam:IN-FAMILY:PF01884

Gene-Reaction Schematic: ?

Gene-Reaction Schematic

GO Terms:

Cellular Component: GO:0005829 - cytosol [Zhang90a]

Created 23-Feb-2009 by Caspi R , SRI International

Enzymatic reaction of: phosphoglycerol geranylgeranyltransferase

EC Number:

sn-glycerol 1-phosphate + geranylgeranyl diphosphate <=> 3-(O-geranylgeranyl)-sn-glycerol 1-phosphate + diphosphate

The reaction direction shown, that is, A + B ↔ C + D versus C + D ↔ A + B, is in accordance with the Enzyme Commission system.

The reaction is favored in the direction shown.

In Pathways: archaetidylinositol biosynthesis , archaetidylserine and archaetidylethanolamine biosynthesis , Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum biosynthetic metabolism , CDP-archaeol biosynthesis

Activators (Allosteric): Mg2+ [Chen93] , Mn2+ [Chen93] , Zn2+ [Chen93]

Primary Physiological Regulators of Enzyme Activity: Mg2+

Kinetic Parameters:

Km (μM)
geranylgeranyl diphosphate
sn-glycerol 1-phosphate

T(opt): 55 °C [Soderberg01]

pH(opt): 6-7.5 [Chen93]


Chen93: Chen A, Zhang D, Poulter CD (1993). "(S)-geranylgeranylglyceryl phosphate synthase. Purification and characterization of the first pathway-specific enzyme in archaebacterial membrane lipid biosynthesis." J Biol Chem 268(29);21701-5. PMID: 8408023

Soderberg01: Soderberg T, Chen A, Poulter CD (2001). "Geranylgeranylglyceryl phosphate synthase. Characterization of the recombinant enzyme from Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum." Biochemistry 40(49);14847-54. PMID: 11732904

Zhang90a: Zhang, D. L., Daniels, L., Poulter, C.D. (1990). "Biosynthesis of archaebacterial membranes. Formation of isoprene ethers by a prenyl transfer reaction." J. Am. Chem. Soc. 112: 1264-1265.

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