MetaCyc Taxon: Sphaceloma

Rank: genus

Taxonomic lineage: cellular organisms, Eukaryota, Opisthokonta, Fungi, Dikarya, Ascomycota, saccharomyceta, Pezizomycotina, leotiomyceta, dothideomyceta, Dothideomycetes, Dothideomycetidae, Myriangiales, Elsinoaceae, mitosporic Elsinoaceae

Direct sub-taxa of Sphaceloma: Sphaceloma arachidis, Sphaceloma araliae, Sphaceloma asclepiadis, Sphaceloma bidentis, Sphaceloma erythrinae, Sphaceloma freyliniae, Sphaceloma krugii, Sphaceloma manihoticola, Sphaceloma meliae, Sphaceloma perseae, Sphaceloma protearum, Sphaceloma sesseae, Sphaceloma sp. HGUP1651, Sphaceloma tectificae, Sphaceloma terminaliae

Unification Links: NCBI-Taxonomy:49222

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