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MetaCyc Pathway: L-glutamate biosynthesis II
Inferred from experiment

Pathway diagram: L-glutamate biosynthesis II

This view shows enzymes only for those organisms listed below, in the list of taxa known to possess the pathway. If an enzyme name is shown in bold, there is experimental evidence for this enzymatic activity.

Superclasses: BiosynthesisAmino Acids BiosynthesisProteinogenic Amino Acids BiosynthesisL-glutamate Biosynthesis

Some taxa known to possess this pathway include : Homo sapiens

Expected Taxonomic Range: Archaea, Bacteria , Opisthokonta

Glutamate is biosynthesized in the mitochondrion from the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle intermediate α-ketoglutarate. As shown in this pathway, glutamate dehydrogenase NAD(P)+ produces glutamate by reductive amination of α-ketoglutarate with ammonia. Glutamate is a precursor of proline, ornithine, arginine and glutamine [Salway04a, Voet04].

Other reactions of glutamate biosynthesis are also found. In bacteria, glutamate dehydrogenase and glutamate synthase are both involved in ammonia assimilation. Glutamate synthase (NADPH) (see pathway L-glutamate biosynthesis I) is widespread in bacteria and is utilized at low concentrations of ammonia. Glutamate dehydrogenase (NADP+) (see pathway L-glutamate biosynthesis III) does not appear to operate when ammonia is scarce [Gottschalk86]. In fungi and plants, glutamate synthase (NADH) is also involved in ammonia assimilation (see pathway L-glutamate biosynthesis IV). Plants and cyanobacteria [Navarro00] can use a ferredoxin-dependent glutamate synthase (see pathway L-glutamate biosynthesis V).

Superpathways: L-glutamate and L-glutamine biosynthesis

Variants: L-arginine degradation I (arginase pathway), L-glutamate biosynthesis I, L-glutamate biosynthesis III, L-glutamate biosynthesis IV, L-glutamate biosynthesis V

Revised 07-Mar-2007 by Fulcher CA, SRI International


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Other References Related to Enzymes, Genes, Subpathways, and Substrates of this Pathway

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