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Some taxa known to possess this pathway include ? : Arabidopsis thaliana col , Solanum tuberosum

Expected Taxonomic Range: Tracheophyta

Suberin is a polymeric plant cell wall constituent mainly found in the epidermal tissues of underground plant parts. Suberin consists of two domains, a polyaromatic and a polyaliphatic domain. The polyaromatics are predominately located within the primary cell wall, and the polyaliphatics are located between the primary cell wall and the plasmalemma. The two domains are supposed to be cross-linked. The exact qualitative and quantitative composition of suberin monomers varies in different species. The major monomers found in the potato tuber polyaliphatics are ω-hydroxyacids (mainly 18-hydroxyoleate) and α,ω-diacids (mainly α,ω-9Z-octadecenedioate). The monomers of the polyaromatics are hydroxycinnamic acids and derivatives. N-feruloyltyramine is a major aromatic monomer found in suberized potato tubers. In addition to the aromatics and aliphatics components, glycerol has been reported a major suberin component in potato. The role of glycerol is proposed to interlink aliphatic monomers, and possibly also to link polyaliphatics to polyaromatics, during suberin polymer assembly. The polymerization step of aromatic monomers has been shown to involve a peroxidase reaction.

Note that the biosynthesis of suberin aliphatic monomers shares the same upstream reactions with cutin biosynthesis, and the biosynthesis of aromatics shares the same upstream reactions with lignin biosynthesis. Although both suberin and cutin contain aliphatic monomers, suberin differs from cutin by the chain length of aliphatic monomers, which can range from C16 to C32.

The pathway depicted here represents the biosynthesis of the major suberin monomers, namely 18-hydroxyoleate, α,ω-9Z-octadecenedioate, and N-feruloyltyramine, characterized in potato, as well as very long chain aliphatic monomers found in many plants. It also shows the production of 16-hydroxypalmitate, a precursor of an important component of aromatic suberin in Arabidopsis [Molina09, Gou09].

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