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MetaCyc Pathway: dTDP-L-rhamnose biosynthesis II
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Pathway diagram: dTDP-L-rhamnose biosynthesis II

This view shows enzymes only for those organisms listed below, in the list of taxa known to possess the pathway. If an enzyme name is shown in bold, there is experimental evidence for this enzymatic activity.

Superclasses: BiosynthesisCarbohydrates BiosynthesisSugars BiosynthesisSugar Nucleotides BiosynthesisdTDP-sugar BiosynthesisdTDP-L-Rhamnose-Biosynthesis

Some taxa known to possess this pathway include : Arabidopsis thaliana col

Expected Taxonomic Range: Magnoliophyta

General Background

L-Rhamnose is a component of the plant cell wall pectic polysaccharides rhamnogalacturonan I and rhamnogalacturonan II and is also present in diverse secondary metabolites including anthocyanins, flavonoids and triterpenoids. Rhamnosyl transferases have been shown to utilize UDP-β-L-rhamnose as the donor substrate [BarPeled91, Watt04], although in mung bean (Vigna radiata), both dTDP-β-L-Rhamnose and UDP-β-L-rhamnose were reported to act as sugar donors for the rhamnosylation of flavonoids [Barber61]. In general UDP-D-glucose is used in plants rather than dTDP-D-glucose as a precursor in the de novo synthesis of nucleotide-L-rhamnose (NDP-L-rhamnose) (see pathway UDP-L-rhamnose biosynthesis)..

Pathway Characteristics:

Compared to the bacterial biosynthesis pathway for dTDP-L-rhamnose (see dTDP-L-rhamnose biosynthesis I), its plant homologue is shorter. The last two enzymatic activities (epimerase and reductase) are performed in plants by one unique enzyme, NRS/ER [Watt04]. To date the existence of a dTDP-D-glucose-4,6-dehydratase has not been experimentally proven in plants.

Citations: [Reiter01]

Variants: dTDP-L-rhamnose biosynthesis I

Unification Links: AraCyc:PWY-3221


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