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Synonyms: dimorphecolic acid biosynthesis

Superclasses: Biosynthesis Fatty Acid and Lipid Biosynthesis Fatty Acid Biosynthesis Unusual Fatty Acid Biosynthesis Conjugated Fatty Acid Biosynthesis

Some taxa known to possess this pathway include ? : Dimorphotheca sinuata

Expected Taxonomic Range: Magnoliophyta

Dimorphecolate (9-OH-18:2Δ10trans,12trans) is the major fatty acid found in seeds of Dimorphotheca species. It is a conjugated fatty acid that has three unusual structural features:

1) a C-9 hydroxyl group

2) conjugated Δ10,Δ12 double bonds, and

3) two trans double bonds, rather than the much more common cis bonds.

This special fatty acid has potential values in industrial applications such as the manufacture of paints, inks, lubricants, plastics, and nylon.

Dimorphecolate is derived from oleate by the concerted activity of two desaturase enzymes, encoded by the FAD2-1 and FAD2-2 genes [Cahoon04].

cDNAs of both enzymes have been cloned. Ectopic expression in yeast and soybean somatic embryo cells demonstrated that FAD2-1 encodes a oleate 12(E)-desaturase, able to convert oleate (18:1Δ9cis) to (9Z,12E)-octadecadienoate (18:2Δ9cis,12trans). The ectopic expression experiments also demonstrated that FAD2-2 encodes a Δ9 fatty acid conjugase-like enzyme that is able to introduce a hydroxyl group at C9 while simultaneously converting the cis Δ9 double bond to a trans Δ10 double bond [Cahoon04].

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