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Some taxa known to possess this pathway include : Sorghum bicolor

Expected Taxonomic Range: Sorghum

Allelochemicals are chemicals produced by one plant species that inhibit the growth of another. The allelopathy of Sorghum bicolor (sorghum) was first observed from reduced growth of other crop species when grown in rotation with sorghum. One of the allelochemicals synthesized by Sorghum bicolor is sorgoleone, which is produced by root hairs.

Labeling studies suggested the involvement of a polyketide synthase in forming the quinone head of sorgoleone and attaching the fatty acid tail [Dayan03]. The enzyme catalyzing this condensation reaction, 5-pentadecatrienylresorcinol synthase, has been characterized [Cook10]. The sorgoleone fatty acid tail has an unusual terminal double bond introduced by a dedicated desaturase [Pan07a]. The reduced form of sorgoleone, dihydrosogoleone, is rapidly oxidized to the highly phytotoxic sorgoleone upon exudation into the soil.

Citations: [Baerson08]

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