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MetaCyc Pathway: linoleate biosynthesis I (plants)
Inferred from experiment

Enzyme View:

Pathway diagram: linoleate biosynthesis I (plants)

This view shows enzymes only for those organisms listed below, in the list of taxa known to possess the pathway. If an enzyme name is shown in bold, there is experimental evidence for this enzymatic activity.

Superclasses: BiosynthesisFatty Acid and Lipid BiosynthesisFatty Acid BiosynthesisUnsaturated Fatty Acid BiosynthesisLinoleate Biosynthesis

Some taxa known to possess this pathway include : Arabidopsis thaliana col, Brassica juncea, Carthamus tinctorius, Glycine max, Linum usitatissimum, Oryza sativa, Sesamum indicum, Spinacia oleracea, Thunbergia alata

Expected Taxonomic Range: Viridiplantae

General Background

linoleate is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is abundant in many vegetable oils, especially safflower and sunflower oils. It is an essential dietary requirement for all mammals, that lack the Δ12 desaturase that produces it. A few animals are able to synthesize linoleate, as described in linoleate biosynthesis II (animals).

Linoleate is an ω-6 fatty acid, referring to the position of the first double bond from the methyl end of the fatty acid.

In all plant tissues, the major glycerolipids are first synthesized using only palmitoyl (16:0) and oleoyl (18:1) acyl groups, the products of plastidic saturated fatty acid synthesis (see palmitate biosynthesis II (bacteria and plants), stearate biosynthesis II (bacteria and plants) and oleate biosynthesis I (plants)). Subsequent desaturation of the fatty acids to the highly unsaturated forms typical of the membranes of plant cells is carried while they are already attached to lipids.

About This Pathway

Most of the oleoyl-[acp] is released from the [acp]-moiety and exported from the plastid to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), and is converted to oleoyl-CoA in the process by the plastidic long-chain acyl-CoA synthetase 9. The oleoyl-CoA is incorporated into lipids, forming phosphatidylglycerols, diglycerides, and phosphatidylcholines. Further desaturation of the oleoyl groups to linoleoyl groups in the ER occurrs while incorporated into lipids, and is catalyzed by EC, acyl-lipid ω-6 desaturase (cytochrome b5)|, encoded by the FAD2 gene.

A smaller portion of the oleoyl-[acp] molecules can be incorporated into phosphatidylglycerols and diglycerides within the chloroplast. In this case, the desaturation to a [glycerolipid]-linoleate occurs by a plastidic desaturase ( EC, acyl-lipid (n+3)-(Z)-desaturase (ferredoxin)), which is encoded by the FAD6 gene. Envelope membranes isolated from chloroplasts of spinach ( Spinacia oleracea) could desaturate oleoyl groups in monogalactosyl diacylglycerol to linoleoyl groups. The desaturation required NADPH in combination with ferredoxin, and was also observed with other biosynthetic intermediates such as phosphatidates [Schmidt90].

Variants: linoleate biosynthesis II (animals), linoleate biosynthesis III (cyanobacteria)

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