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MetaCyc Pathway: acyl carrier protein metabolism
Inferred from experiment

Pathway diagram: acyl carrier protein metabolism

This view shows enzymes only for those organisms listed below, in the list of taxa known to possess the pathway. If an enzyme name is shown in bold, there is experimental evidence for this enzymatic activity.

Synonyms: [acp] metabolism, ACP metabolism

Superclasses: Activation/Inactivation/InterconversionInterconversions
BiosynthesisCofactors, Prosthetic Groups, Electron Carriers Biosynthesis

Some taxa known to possess this pathway include : Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655

Expected Taxonomic Range: Bacteria

All polyketide synthases, fatty-acid synthases and non-ribosomal peptide synthases require post-translational modification of their constituent acyl-carrier-protein (ACP) domains to become catalytically active. The inactive apo-proteins are converted into their active holo-forms by transfer of the 4'-phosphopantetheine moiety of coenzyme A to the side chain hydroxy group of a conserved serine residue in each ACP domain. The activation is catalyzed by EC, holo-[acyl-carrier-protein] synthase

Found only in some bacteria, a dedicated enzyme, EC, [acyl-carrier-protein] phosphodiesterase, catalyzes the removal of the 4-phosphopantetheinyl moiety from holo-ACP. The enzyme from Escherichia coli has been characterized, and found not to be essential for growth. Its physiological role is still unknown [Thomas05].

Unification Links: EcoCyc:PWY-6012

Created 13-Aug-2008 by Caspi R, SRI International


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Other References Related to Enzymes, Genes, Subpathways, and Substrates of this Pathway

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