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Pathway diagram: beta-cubebene biosynthesis

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Superclasses: BiosynthesisSecondary Metabolites BiosynthesisTerpenoids BiosynthesisSesquiterpenoids Biosynthesis

Some taxa known to possess this pathway include : Magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora

Expected Taxonomic Range: Viridiplantae

Cubebenes are sesquiterpenes which have been isolated from a large number of flowering plants and they are commercially important as flavor ingredients in cosmetics and food products. During the history of the isolation and chemical synthesis of cubebenes there has been a confusing nomenclature, until it was finally resolved to be the same compound, namely Ylangene, copaene and cubebenes were classified as cubebenes [Veldhuis67]. The terpene synthase catalyzing betacubebene has been isolated from Magnolia, shown in the above pathway. Magnolia is an ancient evergreen tree and is cultivated for horticultural purposes as well as for the large number of natural products it produces [Lee08a]. Studies have also shown that the structural diversity of terpenes in Magnolia may be due to the diversity of terpene synthase (TPS) genes, which in turn diverged either due to loss of introns from an ancestor TPS gene or by gain of introns of progenate TPS genes [Lee08a]

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