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Pathway diagram: poly-hydroxy fatty acids biosynthesis

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Synonyms: free fatty acid epoxidation via a P450

Superclasses: Biosynthesis Fatty Acid and Lipid Biosynthesis Fatty Acid Biosynthesis Unusual Fatty Acid Biosynthesis

Some taxa known to possess this pathway include ? : Arabidopsis thaliana col

Expected Taxonomic Range: Viridiplantae

An Arabidopsis cytochrome P450, CYP77A4, was shown to catalyze expoxidation of free fatty acids, the first one of its kind characterized in plants [Sauveplane09]. The epoxides can be further metabolized by epoxide hydrolases and fatty acid hydroxylases to diols and poly-hydroxy fatty acids. Some of the derived metabolites are cutin monomers, i.e. 18-hydroxy-9,10-epoxystearate (see cutin biosynthesis), some others have antifungal properties possibly involved in plant defense, i.e. 12,13,17-trihydroxyoctadeca-9-enoate [Hou00].

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