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phthiocerol biosynthesis on 28-Sep-2015,
β-D-mannosyl phosphomycoketide biosynthesis on 24-Sep-2015,
polyacyltrehalose biosynthesis on 17-Sep-2015,
thiocoraline biosynthesis on 16-Sep-2015,
echinomycin and triostin A biosynthesis on 14-Sep-2015,
quinoxaline-2-carboxylate biosynthesis on 11-Sep-2015,
3-hydroxyquinaldate biosynthesis on 11-Sep-2015,
superpathway of photosynthetic hydrogen production on 02-Sep-2015,
5,6-dimethylbenzimidazole biosynthesis II (anaerobic) on 25-Aug-2015,
(4Z,7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z)-docosa-4,7,10,13,16-pentaenoate biosynthesis II (4-desaturase) on 18-Aug-2015,
docosahexaenoate biosynthesis IV (4-desaturase, mammals) on 18-Aug-2015,
(4Z,7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z)-docosa-4,7,10,13,16-pentaenoate biosynthesis (6-desaturase) on 18-Aug-2015,
arachidonate biosynthesis V (8-detaturase, mammals) on 18-Aug-2015,
icosapentaenoate biosynthesis III (8-desaturase, mammals) on 18-Aug-2015,
bacterial bioluminescence on 14-Aug-2015,
sulfoquinovose degradation II on 12-Aug-2015,
CMP-diacetamido-8-epilegionaminic acid biosynthesis on 07-Aug-2015,
actinomycin D biosynthesis on 05-Aug-2015,
3-hydroxy-4-methyl-anthranilate biosynthesis on 04-Aug-2015,
FeMo cofactor biosynthesis on 29-Jul-2015,
(3R)-linalool biosynthesis on 28-Jul-2015,
lyngbyatoxin biosynthesis on 22-Jul-2015,
dapdiamides biosynthesis on 20-Jul-2015,
2,4-xylenol degradation to protocatechuate on 15-Jul-2015,
4-methylphenol degradation to protocatechuate on 02-Jul-2015,
2,5-xylenol and 3,5-xylenol degradation on 02-Jul-2015,
zwittermicin A biosynthesis on 25-Jun-2015,
guadinomine B biosynthesis on 23-Jun-2015,
10,13-epoxy-11-methyl-octadecadienoate biosynthesis on 19-Jun-2015,
holomycin biosynthesis on 18-Jun-2015,
dTDP-D-ravidosamine and dTDP-4-acetyl-D-ravidosamine biosynthesis on 16-Jun-2015,
stipitatate biosynthesis on 15-Jun-2015,
L-malate degradation II on 12-Jun-2015,
L-malate degradation I on 12-Jun-2015,
α-diglucosyldiacylglycerol biosynthesis on 11-Jun-2015,
nitrite reduction (hemoglobin) on 10-Jun-2015,
1-chloro-2-nitrobenzene degradation on 08-Jun-2015,
carnosate bioynthesis on 08-Jun-2015,
rosamicin biosynthesis on 27-May-2015,
Kdo8N transfer to lipid IVA on 26-May-2015,
Kdo transfer to lipid IVA II on 26-May-2015,
CMP-8-amino-3,8-dideoxy-D-manno-octulosonate biosynthesis on 26-May-2015,
saframycin A biosynthesis on 20-May-2015,
galactolipid biosynthesis II on 04-May-2015,
oleate biosynthesis IV (anaerobic) on 30-Apr-2015,
gondoate biosynthesis (anaerobic) on 29-Apr-2015,
glycogen degradation III (via anhydrofructose) on 23-Apr-2015,
protein N-glycosylation (Haloferax volcanii) on 20-Apr-2015,
protein N-glycosylation (Methanococcus voltae) on 02-Apr-2015,
dTDP-β-L-digitoxose biosynthesis on 31-Mar-2015,
Spodoptera littoralis pheromone biosynthesis on 31-Mar-2015,
(8E,10E)-dodeca-8,10-dienol biosynthesis on 30-Mar-2015,
heparan sulfate degradation on 20-Mar-2015,
ulvan degradation on 18-Mar-2015,
dermatan sulfate degradation I (bacterial) on 17-Mar-2015,
hyaluronan degradation on 16-Mar-2015,
heparin degradation on 16-Mar-2015,
5-hexynoate biosynthesis on 06-Mar-2015,
bis(guanylyl molybdenum cofactor) biosynthesis on 27-Feb-2015,
vernolate biosynthesis II on 10-Feb-2015,
2,4-dinitroanisole degradation on 22-Jan-2015,
2,4,6-trinitrophenol and 2,4-dinitrophenol degradation on 20-Jan-2015,
bacilysin biosynthesis on 15-Jan-2015,
phosphatidylinositol biosynthesis II (eukaryotes) on 09-Jan-2015,
nystatin biosynthesis on 07-Jan-2015,
astaxanthin dirhamnoside biosynthesis on 07-Jan-2015,
autoinducer CAI-1 biosynthesis on 06-Jan-2015,
naphthalene degradation (anaerobic) on 05-Jan-2015,
juniperonate biosynthesis on 22-Dec-2014,
ricinoleate biosynthesis on 19-Dec-2014,
methiin metabolism on 09-Dec-2014,
docosahexaenoate biosynthesis III (6-desaturase, mammals) on 25-Nov-2014,
icosapentaenoate biosynthesis V (8-desaturase, lower eukaryotes) on 19-Nov-2014,
arachidonate biosynthesis IV (8-detaturase, lower eukaryotes) on 19-Nov-2014,
α-linolenate biosynthesis II (cyanobacteria) on 14-Nov-2014,
superpathway of stearidonate biosynthesis (cyanobacteria) on 13-Nov-2014,
stearidonate biosynthesis (cyanobacteria) on 13-Nov-2014,
γ-linolenate biosynthesis III (cyanobacteria) on 13-Nov-2014,
linoleate biosynthesis III (cyanobacteria) on 13-Nov-2014,
arachidonate biosynthesis III (6-desaturase, mammals) on 13-Nov-2014,
(7Z,10Z,13Z)-hexadecatrienoate biosynthesis on 11-Nov-2014,
palmitoleate biosynthesis III (cyanobacteria) on 06-Nov-2014,
oleate biosynthesis III (cyanobacteria) on 05-Nov-2014,
docosahexaenoate biosynthesis II (bacteria) on 04-Nov-2014,
arachidonate biosynthesis II (bacteria) on 04-Nov-2014,
phycoerythrobilin biosynthesis II on 28-Oct-2014,
phycourobilin biosynthesis on 24-Oct-2014,
phycoviolobilin biosynthesis on 23-Oct-2014,
nitrogen fixation II (flavodoxin) on 20-Oct-2014,
superpathway of candicidin biosynthesis on 15-Oct-2014,
GDP-mycosamine biosynthesis on 14-Oct-2014,
blasticidin S biosynthesis on 06-Oct-2014,
arginomycin biosynthesis on 03-Oct-2014,
L-gulonate degradation on 02-Oct-2014,
3,6-anhydro-α-L-galactopyranose degradation on 25-Sep-2014,
methylerythritol phosphate pathway II on 15-Sep-2014,
dehydrodiconiferyl alcohol degradation on 26-Aug-2014,
heme d1 biosynthesis on 22-Aug-2014,
heme biosynthesis III (from siroheme) on 22-Aug-2014,
ergothioneine biosynthesis II (fungi) on 19-Aug-2014,
prodigiosin biosynthesis on 14-Aug-2014,
diphthamide biosynthesis (eukaryotes) on 14-Aug-2014,
1,2-propanediol biosynthesis from lactate (engineered) on 07-Aug-2014,
6-hydroxymethyl-dihydropterin diphosphate biosynthesis III (Chlamydia) on 05-Aug-2014,
lovastatin biosynthesis on 31-Jul-2014,
β-D-galactosaminyl-(1→3)-N-acetyl-α-D-galactosamine biosynthesis on 03-Jul-2014,
L-methionine salvage cycle I (bacteria and plants) on 30-Jun-2014,
L-methionine salvage cycle III on 30-Jun-2014,
L-tyrosine degradation IV (to 4-methylphenol) on 09-Jun-2014,
protein ubiquitylation on 05-Jun-2014,
tetracenomycin C biosynthesis on 28-Mar-2014,
elloramycin biosynthesis on 27-Mar-2014,
cyclooctatin biosynthesis on 27-Mar-2014,
D-carnitine degradation II on 19-Mar-2014,
D-carnitine degradation I on 19-Mar-2014,
gentisate degradation II on 17-Mar-2014,
acetone degradation III (to propane-1,2-diol) on 13-Mar-2014,
3,3'-thiodipropanoate degradation on 12-Mar-2014,
3,3'-dithiodipropanoate degradation on 07-Mar-2014,
kojibiose degradation on 03-Mar-2014,
sulfite oxidation V (SoeABC) on 25-Feb-2014,
2-aminoethylphosphonate degradation III on 31-Jan-2014,
sulfoquinovose degradation I on 28-Jan-2014,
dTDP-β-L-4-epi-vancosamine biosynthesis on 06-Jan-2014,
dTDP-β-L-evernitrose biosynthesis on 06-Jan-2014,
superpathway of dTDP-glucose-derived antibiotic building blocks biosynthesis on 06-Jan-2014,
protein O-[N-acetyl]-glucosylation on 20-Dec-2013,
mucin core 3 and core 4 O-glycosylation on 12-Dec-2013,
terminal O-glycans residues modification on 12-Dec-2013,
mucin core 1 and core 2 O-glycosylation on 11-Dec-2013,
indole degradation to anthranil and anthranilate on 09-Dec-2013,
arsenite oxidation II (respiratory) on 09-Dec-2013,
mannosyl-glycoprotein N-acetylglucosaminyltransferases on 04-Dec-2013,
methymycin, neomethymycin and novamethymycin biosynthesis on 21-Nov-2013,
narbomycin, pikromycin and novapikromycin biosynthesis on 21-Nov-2013,
tylosin biosynthesis on 14-Nov-2013,
dTDP-α-D-mycaminose biosynthesis on 14-Nov-2013,
dTDP-6-deoxy-α-D-allose biosynthesis on 11-Nov-2013,
mycinamicin biosynthesis on 11-Nov-2013,
aurachin A, B, C and D biosynthesis on 06-Nov-2013,
aurachin RE biosynthesis on 05-Nov-2013,
tetramethylpyrazine degradation on 04-Nov-2013,
benzoate fermentation (to acetate and cyclohexane carboxylate) on 02-Nov-2013,
crotonate fermentation (to acetate and cyclohexane carboxylate) on 02-Nov-2013,
L-arginine biosynthesis IV (archaebacteria) on 31-Oct-2013,
methylphosphonate degradation II on 29-Oct-2013,
coumarins biosynthesis (engineered) on 21-Oct-2013,
naringenin biosynthesis (engineered) on 18-Oct-2013,
butanol and isobutanol biosynthesis (engineered) on 17-Oct-2013,
D-galactosamine and N-acetyl-D-galactosamine degradation on 16-Oct-2013,
urate degradation to allantoin II on 15-Oct-2013,
β-carotene biosynthesis (engineered) on 09-Oct-2013,
taxadiene biosynthesis (engineered) on 09-Oct-2013,
isoprene biosynthesis II (engineered) on 08-Oct-2013,
hypotaurine degradation on 03-Oct-2013,
1,3-propanediol biosynthesis (engineered) on 02-Oct-2013,
biotin biosynthesis from 8-amino-7-oxononanoate II on 26-Sep-2013,
mRNA capping II on 26-Sep-2013,
aminopropanol phosphate biosynthesis II on 24-Sep-2013,
cob(II)yrinate a,c-diamide biosynthesis I (early cobalt insertion) on 24-Sep-2013,
cob(II)yrinate a,c-diamide biosynthesis II (late cobalt incorporation) on 24-Sep-2013,
mRNA capping I on 24-Sep-2013,
1,4-dihydroxy-6-naphthoate biosynthesis I on 18-Sep-2013,
superpathway of demethylmenaquinol-6 biosynthesis II on 17-Sep-2013,
demethylmenaquinol-6 biosynthesis II on 17-Sep-2013,
1,4-dihydroxy-6-naphthoate biosynthesis II on 17-Sep-2013,
doxorubicin biosynthesis on 22-Aug-2013,
aclacinomycin biosynthesis on 22-Aug-2013,
daunorubicin biosynthesis on 21-Aug-2013,
sucrose biosynthesis III on 19-Aug-2013,
UDP-α-D-glucuronate biosynthesis (from UDP-glucose) on 18-Aug-2013,
superpathway of anaerobic sucrose degradation on 16-Aug-2013,
UDP-D-galactose biosynthesis on 15-Aug-2013,
UDP-glucose biosynthesis on 15-Aug-2013,
superpathway of hexitol degradation (bacteria) on 14-Aug-2013,
UDP-N-acetyl-α-D-galactosaminuronate biosynthesis on 09-Aug-2013,
UDP-N-acetyl-α-D-mannosaminouronate biosynthesis on 09-Aug-2013,
UDP-N-acetyl-α-D-quinovosamine biosynthesis on 09-Aug-2013,
UDP-N-acetyl-α-D-fucosamine biosynthesis on 09-Aug-2013,
superpathway of UDP-N-acetylglucosamine-derived O-antigen building blocks biosynthesis on 08-Aug-2013,
UDP-N-acetyl-β-L-quinovosamine biosynthesis on 08-Aug-2013,
UDP-N-acetyl-β-L-fucosamine biosynthesis on 08-Aug-2013,
superpathway of UDP-glucose-derived O-antigen building blocks biosynthesis on 07-Aug-2013,
superpathway of GDP-mannose-derived O-antigen building blocks biosynthesis on 06-Aug-2013,
dTDP-3-acetamido-3,6-dideoxy-α-D-glucose biosynthesis on 05-Aug-2013,
superpathway of dTDP-glucose-derived O-antigen building blocks biosynthesis on 05-Aug-2013,
dTDP-N-acetylviosamine biosynthesis on 05-Aug-2013,
dTDP-N-acetylthomosamine biosynthesis on 05-Aug-2013,
dTDP-D-β-fucofuranose biosynthesis on 02-Aug-2013,
D-glucosaminate degradation on 02-Aug-2013,
acrylonitrile degradation II on 02-Aug-2013,
acrylonitrile degradation I on 02-Aug-2013,
estradiol biosynthesis II on 22-Jul-2013,
superpathway of steroid hormone biosynthesis on 22-Jul-2013,
3-amino-4,7-dihydroxy-coumarin biosynthesis on 18-Jul-2013,
3-dimethylallyl-4-hydroxybenzoate biosynthesis on 18-Jul-2013,
dTDP-4-O-demethyl-β-L-noviose biosynthesis on 18-Jul-2013,
progesterone biosynthesis on 14-Jul-2013,
Escherichia coli serotype O86 O-antigen biosynthesis on 11-Jun-2013,
L-cysteine biosynthesis V on 10-Jun-2013,
novobiocin biosynthesis on 07-Jun-2013,
7-(3-amino-3-carboxypropyl)-wyosine biosynthesis on 05-Jun-2013,
methylwyosine biosynthesis on 04-Jun-2013,
wybutosine biosynthesis on 30-May-2013,
sphingolipid biosynthesis (mammals) on 30-Apr-2013,
L-homophenylalanine biosynthesis on 26-Apr-2013,
D-cycloserine biosynthesis on 24-Apr-2013,
ergothioneine biosynthesis I (bacteria) on 28-Mar-2013,
TCA cycle VII (acetate-producers) on 28-Mar-2013,
[2Fe-2S] iron-sulfur cluster biosynthesis on 19-Mar-2013,
pectin degradation III on 14-Mar-2013,
β-D-glucuronide and D-glucuronate degradation on 14-Mar-2013,
pectin degradation II on 14-Mar-2013,
pectin degradation I on 14-Mar-2013,
D-fructuronate degradation on 13-Mar-2013,
myo-inositol degradation II on 12-Mar-2013,
myo-, chiro- and scillo-inositol degradation on 06-Mar-2013,
mycocyclosin biosynthesis on 01-Mar-2013,
inosine-5'-phosphate biosynthesis III on 26-Feb-2013,
superpathway of adenosine nucleotides de novo biosynthesis I on 18-Feb-2013,
superpathway of guanosine nucleotides de novo biosynthesis I on 15-Feb-2013,
adenosine deoxyribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis on 15-Feb-2013,
guanosine deoxyribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis I on 13-Feb-2013,
purine deoxyribonucleosides salvage on 13-Feb-2013,
guanosine deoxyribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis II on 13-Feb-2013,
guanosine ribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis on 13-Feb-2013,
adenosine deoxyribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis II on 13-Feb-2013,
adenosine ribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis on 13-Feb-2013,
superpathway of pyrimidine deoxyribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis on 31-Jan-2013,
pyrimidine deoxyribonucleotides biosynthesis from CTP on 31-Jan-2013,
superpathway of pyrimidine ribonucleosides degradation on 31-Jan-2013,
superpathway of pyrimidine nucleobases salvage on 31-Jan-2013,
pyrimidine deoxyribonucleotides dephosphorylation on 30-Jan-2013,
CMP phosphorylation on 30-Jan-2013,
superpathway of pyrimidine deoxyribonucleoside salvage on 29-Jan-2013,
pyrimidine deoxyribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis IV on 28-Jan-2013,
pyrimidine deoxyribonucleotide phosphorylation on 28-Jan-2013,
superpathway of pyrimidine ribonucleosides salvage on 25-Jan-2013,
pyrimidine ribonucleosides salvage III on 25-Jan-2013,
pyrimidine nucleobases salvage II on 24-Jan-2013,
pyrimidine ribonucleosides salvage I on 24-Jan-2013,
pyrimidine deoxyribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis II on 18-Jan-2013,
UTP and CTP dephosphorylation I on 17-Jan-2013,
pyrimidine deoxyribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis I on 16-Jan-2013,
pyrimidine nucleobases salvage I on 15-Jan-2013,
pyrimidine deoxyribonucleosides degradation on 08-Jan-2013,
2'-deoxy-α-D-ribose 1-phosphate degradation on 08-Jan-2013,
purine deoxyribonucleosides degradation II on 08-Jan-2013,
purine deoxyribonucleosides degradation I on 08-Jan-2013,
UTP and CTP dephosphorylation II on 03-Jan-2013,
UTP and CTP de novo biosynthesis on 03-Jan-2013,
nostoxanthin biosynthesis on 29-Dec-2012,
S-methyl-5-thio-α-D-ribose 1-phosphate degradation II on 13-Dec-2012,
choline degradation III on 25-Nov-2012,
L-ascorbate biosynthesis VI (engineered pathway) on 15-Nov-2012,
8-amino-7-oxononanoate biosynthesis II on 19-Oct-2012,
cyanide detoxification II on 16-Oct-2012,
CMP-legionaminate biosynthesis II on 09-Oct-2012,
L-glucose degradation on 08-Oct-2012,
sphingolipid recycling and degradation (yeast) on 26-Sep-2012,
4-hydroxy-2-nonenal detoxification on 31-Aug-2012,
pyruvate fermentation to isobutanol (engineered) on 29-Aug-2012,
superpathway of megalomicin A biosynthesis on 29-Aug-2012,
megalomicin A biosynthesis on 28-Aug-2012,
erythromycin A biosynthesis on 28-Aug-2012,
erythromycin D biosynthesis on 28-Aug-2012,
dTDP-L-megosamine biosynthesis on 27-Aug-2012,
5-deoxystrigol biosynthesis on 20-Aug-2012,
vanillin and vanillate degradation II on 17-Aug-2012,
vanillin and vanillate degradation I on 17-Aug-2012,
triclosan resistance on 17-Aug-2012,
fatty acid salvage on 15-Aug-2012,
UDP-2,3-diacetamido-2,3-dideoxy-α-D-mannuronate biosynthesis on 08-Aug-2012,
nitrifier denitrification on 31-Jul-2012,
ammonia oxidation IV (autotrophic ammonia oxidizers) on 27-Jul-2012,
fumigaclavine biosynthesis on 01-Jun-2012,
cyanophycin metabolism on 22-May-2012,
icosapentaenoate biosynthesis IV (bacteria) on 18-May-2012,
icosapentaenoate biosynthesis II (6-desaturase, mammals) on 17-May-2012,
mithramycin biosynthesis on 01-May-2012,
5-nitroanthranilate degradation on 30-Apr-2012,
11-cis-3-hydroxyretinal biosynthesis on 27-Apr-2012,
the visual cycle (insects) on 25-Apr-2012,
the visual cycle II (molluscs) on 25-Apr-2012,
very long chain fatty acid biosynthesis II on 05-Apr-2012,
(Z)-9-tricosene biosynthesis on 03-Apr-2012,
alkane biosynthesis II on 02-Apr-2012,
alkane biosynthesis I on 30-Mar-2012,
terminal olefins biosynthesis II on 30-Mar-2012,
hentriaconta-3,6,9,12,15,19,22,25,28-nonaene biosynthesis on 29-Mar-2012,
terminal olefins biosynthesis I on 28-Mar-2012,
gentamicin biosynthesis on 27-Mar-2012,
superpathway of the 3-hydroxypropanoate cycle on 27-Mar-2012,
paromamine biosynthesis II on 23-Mar-2012,
superpathway of neomycin biosynthesis on 22-Mar-2012,
superpathway of butirocin biosynthesis on 21-Mar-2012,
butirosin biosynthesis on 20-Mar-2012,
paromomycin biosynthesis on 20-Mar-2012,
neomycin biosynthesis on 19-Mar-2012,
ribostamycin biosynthesis on 16-Mar-2012,
paromamine biosynthesis I on 16-Mar-2012,
kanamycin biosynthesis on 23-Feb-2012,
daidzin and daidzein degradation on 16-Feb-2012,
nicotine degradation II (pyrrolidine pathway) on 14-Feb-2012,
(-)-camphor biosynthesis on 02-Feb-2012,
(+)-camphor biosynthesis on 02-Feb-2012,
(-)-camphor degradation on 01-Feb-2012,
lipoate biosynthesis and incorporation III (Bacillus) on 01-Feb-2012,
lipoate salvage II on 31-Jan-2012,
tetrahydrobiopterin biosynthesis III on 30-Jan-2012,
umbelliferone biosynthesis on 27-Jan-2012,
plastoquinol-9 biosynthesis II on 11-Jan-2012,
superpathway of erythromycin biosynthesis on 10-Jan-2012,
dTDP-L-mycarose biosynthesis on 06-Jan-2012,
superpathway of erythromycin biosynthesis (without sugar biosynthesis) on 05-Jan-2012,
dTDP-L-olivose biosynthesis on 25-Dec-2011,
dTDP-D-olivose, dTDP-D-oliose and dTDP-D-mycarose biosynthesis on 22-Dec-2011,
oleandomycin activation/inactivation on 22-Dec-2011,
oleandomycin biosynthesis on 20-Dec-2011,
acetyl-CoA biosynthesis II (NADP-dependent pyruvate dehydrogenase) on 20-Dec-2011,
TCA cycle V (2-oxoglutarate:ferredoxin oxidoreductase) on 19-Dec-2011,
trimethylamine degradation on 13-Dec-2011,
methylamine degradation I on 13-Dec-2011,
methanol oxidation to formaldehyde I on 13-Dec-2011,
methylamine degradation II on 13-Dec-2011,
ammonia assimilation cycle II on 08-Dec-2011,
ammonia assimilation cycle I on 08-Dec-2011,
superpathway of trimethylamine degradation on 08-Dec-2011,
L-ascorbate degradation II (bacterial, aerobic) on 02-Dec-2011,
L-ascorbate degradation III on 30-Nov-2011,
L-ascorbate degradation V on 29-Nov-2011,
icosapentaenoate biosynthesis I (lower eukaryotes) on 22-Nov-2011,
mandelate degradation to acetyl-CoA on 21-Nov-2011,
naphthalene degradation to acetyl-CoA on 21-Nov-2011,
lincomycin biosynthesis on 17-Nov-2011,
superpathway of aromatic compound degradation via 2-oxopent-4-enoate on 15-Nov-2011,
dTDP-3-acetamido-α-D-fucos biosynthesis on 10-Nov-2011,
glycerophosphodiester degradation on 09-Nov-2011,
DIMBOA-glucoside biosynthesis on 28-Oct-2011,
DIBOA-glucoside biosynthesis on 28-Oct-2011,
sitosterol degradation to androstenedione on 26-Oct-2011,
superpathway of cholesterol degradation II (cholesterol dehydrogenase) on 25-Oct-2011,
cholesterol degradation to androstenedione II (cholesterol dehydrogenase) on 25-Oct-2011,
cholesterol degradation to androstenedione I (cholesterol oxidase) on 25-Oct-2011,
androstenedione degradation on 25-Oct-2011,
testosterone and androsterone degradation to androstendione on 25-Oct-2011,
dTDP-D-desosamine biosynthesis on 21-Oct-2011,
styrene degradation on 21-Oct-2011,
NADH repair on 19-Oct-2011,
superpathway of testosterone and androsterone degradation on 13-Oct-2011,
superpathway of cholesterol degradation I (cholesterol oxidase) on 03-Oct-2011,
neopentalenoketolactone and pentalenate biosynthesis on 28-Sep-2011,
pentalenolactone biosynthesis on 26-Sep-2011,
hydroxymethylpyrimidine salvage on 23-Sep-2011,
thiazole biosynthesis III (eukaryotes) on 23-Sep-2011,
thiamine diphosphate biosynthesis IV (eukaryotes) on 23-Sep-2011,
thiamine diphosphate biosynthesis III (Staphylococcus) on 22-Sep-2011,
base-degraded thiamine salvage on 14-Sep-2011,
thiamine salvage III on 14-Sep-2011,
thiamine salvage II on 14-Sep-2011,
thiamine salvage I on 14-Sep-2011,
superpathway of thiamine diphosphate biosynthesis II on 14-Sep-2011,
thiamine diphosphate biosynthesis I (E. coli) on 14-Sep-2011,
thiamine diphosphate biosynthesis II (Bacillus) on 14-Sep-2011,
thiazole biosynthesis I (facultative anaerobic bacteria) on 14-Sep-2011,
thiazole biosynthesis II (aerobic bacteria) on 14-Sep-2011,
4-amino-2-methyl-5-diphosphomethylpyrimidine biosynthesis on 14-Sep-2011,
retinoate biosynthesis II on 26-Aug-2011,
retinoate biosynthesis I on 19-Aug-2011,
pyruvate fermentation to hexanol on 16-Aug-2011,
the visual cycle I (vertebrates) on 09-Aug-2011,
retinol biosynthesis on 09-Aug-2011,
ethylene biosynthesis III (microbes) on 08-Aug-2011,
ethylene biosynthesis II (microbes) on 05-Aug-2011,
superpathway of methanogenesis on 29-Jun-2011,
tRNA methylation (yeast) on 29-Jun-2011,
linezolid resistance on 28-Jun-2011,
gellan degradation on 23-Jun-2011,
molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis on 20-Jun-2011,
ι-carrageenan degradation on 14-Jun-2011,
κ-carrageenan degradation on 14-Jun-2011,
λ-carrageenan degradation on 14-Jun-2011,
agarose degradation on 13-Jun-2011,
porphyran degradation on 13-Jun-2011,
glucuronoarabinoxylan degradation on 02-Jun-2011,
xyloglucan degradation III (cellobiohydrolase) on 31-May-2011,
xyloglucan degradation II (exoglucanase) on 13-May-2011,
cellulose degradation I (cellulosome) on 10-May-2011,
6-hydroxymethyl-dihydropterin diphosphate biosynthesis II (archaea) on 26-Apr-2011,
demethylmenaquinol-8 biosynthesis III on 19-Apr-2011,
xyloglucan degradation I (endoglucanase) on 15-Apr-2011,
L-arabinan degradation on 13-Apr-2011,
(1,4)-β-xylan degradation on 13-Apr-2011,
(1,3)-β-D-xylan degradation on 12-Apr-2011,
cellulose degradation II (fungi) on 07-Apr-2011,
cellulose and hemicellulose degradation (cellulolosome) on 04-Apr-2011,
rhamnogalacturonan type I degradation II (bacteria) on 23-Mar-2011,
rhamnogalacturonan type I degradation I (fungi) on 23-Mar-2011,
4,4'-diapolycopenedioate biosynthesis on 21-Mar-2011,
S-methyl-5'-thioadenosine degradation II on 17-Mar-2011,
S-methyl-5-thio-α-D-ribose 1-phosphate degradation on 16-Mar-2011,
S-methyl-5'-thioadenosine degradation I on 16-Mar-2011,
S-methyl-5'-thioadenosine degradation III on 16-Mar-2011,
nitrate reduction VII (denitrification) on 10-Mar-2011,
hydrogen production I on 04-Mar-2011,
methane oxidation to methanol II on 03-Mar-2011,
methylaspartate cycle on 17-Feb-2011,
sangivamycin biosynthesis on 10-Feb-2011,
toyocamycin biosynthesis on 10-Feb-2011,
sulfoacetaldehyde degradation III on 09-Feb-2011,
archaeosine biosynthesis on 08-Feb-2011,
ubiquinol-8 biosynthesis (prokaryotic) on 08-Feb-2011,
gallate biosynthesis on 07-Feb-2011,
preQ0 biosynthesis on 26-Jan-2011,
queuosine biosynthesis on 24-Jan-2011,
oxalate biosynthesis on 23-Jan-2011,
oxalate degradation V on 20-Jan-2011,
oxalate degradation IV on 20-Jan-2011,
oxalate degradation III on 20-Jan-2011,
oxalate degradation II on 20-Jan-2011,
oxalate degradation I on 20-Jan-2011,
Fe(II) oxidation on 18-Jan-2011,
cinnamate and 3-hydroxycinnamate degradation to 2-oxopent-4-enoate on 17-Jan-2011,
tRNA splicing on 14-Jan-2011,
mannosylglucosylglycerate biosynthesis II on 12-Jan-2011,
mannosylglucosylglycerate biosynthesis I on 11-Jan-2011,
glucosylglycerate biosynthesis II on 11-Jan-2011,
sulfate reduction III (assimilatory) on 27-Dec-2010,
dehydrophos biosynthesis on 22-Dec-2010,
jadomycin biosynthesis on 16-Dec-2010,
thiosulfate oxidation IV (multienzyme complex) on 14-Dec-2010,
superpathway of sulfide oxidation (phototrophic sulfur bacteria) on 10-Dec-2010,
sulfur oxidation IV (intracellular sulfur) on 10-Dec-2010,
di-myo-inositol phosphate biosynthesis on 29-Nov-2010,
acetan biosynthesis on 01-Nov-2010,
xanthan biosynthesis on 28-Oct-2010,
phosphopantothenate biosynthesis III on 21-Oct-2010,
juvenile hormone III biosynthesis II on 18-Oct-2010,
glycolate and glyoxylate degradation III on 14-Oct-2010,
fluoroacetate degradation on 12-Oct-2010,
fluoroacetate and fluorothreonine biosynthesis on 06-Oct-2010,
coenzyme M biosynthesis II on 06-Oct-2010,
(R)-cysteate degradation on 05-Oct-2010,
superpathway of sulfolactate degradation on 05-Oct-2010,
sulfolactate degradation III on 05-Oct-2010,
sulfolactate degradation II on 05-Oct-2010,
2,3-dihydroxypropane-1-sulfonate degradation on 01-Oct-2010,
superpathway of L-tyrosine biosynthesis on 30-Sep-2010,
superpathway of L-tryptophan biosynthesis on 30-Sep-2010,
superpathway of L-phenylalanine biosynthesis on 30-Sep-2010,
salinosporamide A biosynthesis on 28-Sep-2010,
heptadecane biosynthesis on 28-Sep-2010,
adenine and adenosine salvage VI on 27-Sep-2010,
guanine and guanosine salvage III on 27-Sep-2010,
adenosine nucleotides degradation III on 27-Sep-2010,
tetrahydrofolate biosynthesis on 22-Sep-2010,
tetrahydrofolate salvage from 5,10-methenyltetrahydrofolate on 22-Sep-2010,
superpathway of tetrahydrofolate biosynthesis on 22-Sep-2010,
adenine and adenosine salvage V on 21-Sep-2010,
adenine salvage on 21-Sep-2010,
adenine and adenosine salvage III on 21-Sep-2010,
guanosine nucleotides degradation III on 20-Sep-2010,
guanosine nucleotides degradation I on 20-Sep-2010,
guanosine nucleotides degradation II on 20-Sep-2010,
adenine and adenosine salvage II on 20-Sep-2010,
superpathway of Clostridium acetobutylicum acidogenic and solventogenic fermentation on 20-Sep-2010,
guanine and guanosine salvage II on 16-Sep-2010,
adenosine nucleotides degradation I on 16-Sep-2010,
superpathway of guanosine nucleotides degradation (plants) on 16-Sep-2010,
superpathway of Clostridium acetobutylicum solventogenic fermentation on 16-Sep-2010,
manganese oxidation II on 15-Sep-2010,
manganese oxidation I on 15-Sep-2010,
superpathway of Clostridium acetobutylicum acidogenic fermentation on 13-Sep-2010,
pyruvate fermentation to acetone on 13-Sep-2010,
pyruvate fermentation to ethanol III on 13-Sep-2010,
pyruvate fermentation to butanol I on 13-Sep-2010,
phosphatidylinositol biosynthesis I (bacteria) on 31-Aug-2010,
superpathway of guanine and guanosine salvage on 20-Aug-2010,
guanine and guanosine salvage on 20-Aug-2010,
8-amino-7-oxononanoate biosynthesis III on 18-Aug-2010,
biotin biosynthesis I on 18-Aug-2010,
8-amino-7-oxononanoate biosynthesis I on 17-Aug-2010,
dermatan sulfate degradation (metazoa) on 16-Aug-2010,
chondroitin sulfate degradation I (bacterial) on 10-Aug-2010,
chondroitin sulfate degradation (metazoa) on 10-Aug-2010,
dermatan sulfate biosynthesis on 06-Aug-2010,
chondroitin sulfate biosynthesis on 06-Aug-2010,
dermatan sulfate biosynthesis (late stages) on 06-Aug-2010,
chondroitin sulfate biosynthesis (late stages) on 06-Aug-2010,
chondroitin biosynthesis on 05-Aug-2010,
heparan sulfate biosynthesis on 04-Aug-2010,
heparan sulfate biosynthesis (late stages) on 04-Aug-2010,
glycoaminoglycan-protein linkage region biosynthesis on 04-Aug-2010,
superpathway of 1D-myo-inositol hexakisphosphate biosynthesis (plants) on 22-Jul-2010,
1D-myo-inositol hexakisphosphate biosynthesis V (from Ins(1,3,4)P3) on 22-Jul-2010,
carbazole degradation on 19-Jul-2010,
4-aminobutanoate degradation III on 23-Jun-2010,
4-aminobutanoate degradation I on 22-Jun-2010,
phenylethylamine degradation II on 21-Jun-2010,
aniline degradation on 18-Jun-2010,
diphenylamine degradation on 18-Jun-2010,
perchlorate reduction on 14-Jun-2010,
chlorate reduction on 14-Jun-2010,
limonene degradation III (to perillate) on 09-Jun-2010,
nitrite-dependent anaerobic methane oxidation on 08-Jun-2010,
nonaprenyl diphosphate biosynthesis II on 07-Jun-2010,
N-acetylglucosamine degradation II on 01-Jun-2010,
hydrogen oxidation III (anaerobic, NADP) on 07-May-2010,
3-methylarginine biosynthesis on 03-May-2010,
methanol oxidation to formaldehyde II on 03-May-2010,
methanol oxidation to formaldehyde III on 03-May-2010,
L-tryptophan degradation XII (Geobacillus) on 30-Apr-2010,
anthranilate degradation IV (aerobic) on 29-Apr-2010,
eumelanin biosynthesis on 23-Apr-2010,
diphthamide biosynthesis (archaea) on 08-Apr-2010,
L-dopachrome biosynthesis on 07-Apr-2010,
GDP-D-glycero-α-D-manno-heptose biosynthesis on 05-Apr-2010,
cytidylyl molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis on 05-Apr-2010,
trans-lycopene biosynthesis I (bacteria) on 30-Mar-2010,
peptidoglycan biosynthesis IV (Enterococcus faecium) on 24-Mar-2010,
peptidoglycan biosynthesis V (β-lactam resistance) on 23-Mar-2010,
Kdo transfer to lipid IVA III (Chlamydia) on 16-Mar-2010,
pyridoxal 5'-phosphate biosynthesis II on 15-Mar-2010,
polyvinyl alcohol degradation on 12-Mar-2010,
peptidoglycan cross-bridge biosynthesis IV (Weissella viridescens) on 11-Mar-2010,
peptidoglycan cross-bridge biosynthesis III (Enterococcus faecalis) on 11-Mar-2010,
peptidoglycan cross-bridge biosynthesis II (E. faecium) on 11-Mar-2010,
peptidoglycan cross-bridge biosynthesis I (S. aureus) on 11-Mar-2010,
vancomycin resistance II on 09-Mar-2010,
vancomycin resistance I on 09-Mar-2010,
thymine degradation on 10-Feb-2010,
uracil degradation II (oxidative) on 09-Feb-2010,
hemoglobin degradation on 02-Feb-2010,
D-arginine degradation on 28-Jan-2010,
arsenate detoxification III (mycothiol) on 22-Jan-2010,
pyrroloquinoline quinone biosynthesis on 20-Jan-2010,
shikimate degradation II on 15-Jan-2010,
quinate degradation II on 07-Jan-2010,
pyoverdine I biosynthesis on 29-Dec-2009,
pyochelin biosynthesis on 22-Dec-2009,
yersiniabactin biosynthesis on 18-Dec-2009,
salicylate biosynthesis I on 18-Dec-2009,
Rapoport-Luebering glycolytic shunt on 17-Dec-2009,
superpathway of mycolyl-arabinogalactan-peptidoglycan complex biosynthesis on 11-Dec-2009,
mycolyl-arabinogalactan-peptidoglycan complex biosynthesis on 07-Dec-2009,
superpathway of 2,3-butanediol biosynthesis on 03-Dec-2009,
meso-butanediol biosynthesis II on 24-Nov-2009,
meso-butanediol biosynthesis I on 23-Nov-2009,
(S,S)-butanediol biosynthesis on 23-Nov-2009,
(S)-acetoin biosynthesis on 23-Nov-2009,
(S,S)-butanediol degradation on 23-Nov-2009,
UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-pentapeptide biosynthesis I (meso-diaminopimelate containing) on 20-Nov-2009,
UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-pentapeptide biosynthesis II (lysine-containing) on 20-Nov-2009,
peptidoglycan biosynthesis III (mycobacteria) on 19-Nov-2009,
mono-trans, poly-cis decaprenyl phosphate biosynthesis on 18-Nov-2009,
bisucaberin biosynthesis on 13-Nov-2009,
alcaligin biosynthesis on 13-Nov-2009,
putrebactin biosynthesis on 12-Nov-2009,
desferrioxamine B biosynthesis on 12-Nov-2009,
desferrioxamine E biosynthesis on 10-Nov-2009,
vibriobactin biosynthesis on 06-Nov-2009,
acrylate degradation on 04-Nov-2009,
1D-myo-inositol hexakisphosphate biosynthesis IV (Dictyostelium) on 04-Nov-2009,
superpathway of inositol phosphate compounds on 02-Nov-2009,
inositol pyrophosphates biosynthesis on 28-Oct-2009,
3-phosphoinositide degradation on 26-Oct-2009,
D-myo-inositol-5-phosphate metabolism on 26-Oct-2009,
D-myo-inositol (1,4,5,6)-tetrakisphosphate biosynthesis on 22-Oct-2009,
D-myo-inositol (3,4,5,6)-tetrakisphosphate biosynthesis on 22-Oct-2009,
D-myo-inositol (1,3,4)-trisphosphate biosynthesis on 21-Oct-2009,
D-myo-inositol (1,4,5)-trisphosphate degradation on 21-Oct-2009,
1D-myo-inositol hexakisphosphate biosynthesis II (mammalian) on 21-Oct-2009,
1D-myo-inositol hexakisphosphate biosynthesis I (from Ins(1,4,5)P3) on 21-Oct-2009,
superpathway of D-myo-inositol (1,4,5)-trisphosphate metabolism on 19-Oct-2009,
3-phosphoinositide biosynthesis on 09-Oct-2009,
D-myo-inositol (1,4,5)-trisphosphate biosynthesis on 09-Oct-2009,
archaetidylinositol biosynthesis on 08-Oct-2009,
CDP-archaeol biosynthesis on 08-Oct-2009,
staurosporine biosynthesis on 06-Oct-2009,
K-252 biosynthesis on 02-Oct-2009,
L-ornithine degradation II (Stickland reaction) on 01-Oct-2009,
ferulate degradation on 01-Oct-2009,
guaiacylglycerol-β-guaiacyl ether degradation on 29-Sep-2009,
5,5'-dehydrodivanillate degradation on 28-Sep-2009,
syringate degradation on 24-Sep-2009,
superpathway of vanillin and vanillate degradation on 24-Sep-2009,
protocatechuate degradation III (para-cleavage pathway) on 22-Sep-2009,
L-lysine degradation X on 08-Sep-2009,
tetrathionate oxidation on 04-Sep-2009,
rebeccamycin biosynthesis on 31-Aug-2009,
phosphinothricin tripeptide biosynthesis on 24-Aug-2009,
homotaurine degradation on 24-Aug-2009,
L-cysteine biosynthesis II (tRNA-dependent) on 29-Jul-2009,
L-cysteine biosynthesis IV (fungi) on 01-Jul-2009,
superpathway of L-cysteine biosynthesis (mammalian) on 01-Jul-2009,
petrobactin biosynthesis on 29-Jun-2009,
zeaxanthin-β-D-diglucoside biosynthesis on 26-Jun-2009,
neurosporene biosynthesis on 26-Jun-2009,
spheroidene and spheroidenone biosynthesis on 25-Jun-2009,
superpathway of fatty acids biosynthesis (E. coli) on 25-Jun-2009,
superpathway of unsaturated fatty acids biosynthesis (E. coli) on 25-Jun-2009,
palmitoleate biosynthesis I (from (5Z)-dodec-5-enoate) on 24-Jun-2009,
synechoxanthin biosynthesis on 23-Jun-2009,
myxol-2' fucoside biosynthesis on 23-Jun-2009,
superpathway of 5-aminoimidazole ribonucleotide biosynthesis on 18-Jun-2009,
phosphatidylethanolamine biosynthesis III on 10-Jun-2009,
adenosylcobalamin salvage from cobinamide II on 05-Jun-2009,
adenosylcobalamin salvage from cobalamin on 05-Jun-2009,
superpathway of menaquinol-8 biosynthesis II on 29-May-2009,
demethylmenaquinol-8 biosynthesis II on 29-May-2009,
3-chlorobenzoate degradation III (via gentisate) on 23-Apr-2009,
salicylate degradation II on 22-Apr-2009,
gentisate degradation I on 22-Apr-2009,
2-chlorobenzoate degradation on 20-Apr-2009,
3,4-dichlorobenzoate degradation on 10-Apr-2009,
3-chlorobenzoate degradation II (via protocatechuate) on 10-Apr-2009,
4-chlorobenzoate degradation on 09-Apr-2009,
3-chlorocatechol degradation III (meta pathway) on 09-Apr-2009,
2-aminophenol degradation on 07-Apr-2009,
2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetate degradation on 02-Apr-2009,
chlorinated phenols degradation on 01-Apr-2009,
3-chlorocatechol degradation II (ortho) on 31-Mar-2009,
3,4-dichlorotoluene degradation on 30-Mar-2009,
2,5-dichlorotoluene degradation on 30-Mar-2009,
2,4-dichlorotoluene degradation on 30-Mar-2009,
glycolysis II (from fructose 6-phosphate) on 30-Mar-2009,
4-methylcatechol degradation (ortho cleavage) on 27-Mar-2009,
methylsalicylate degradation on 26-Mar-2009,
salicylate degradation I on 26-Mar-2009,
superpathway of salicylate degradation on 26-Mar-2009,
2,4,6-trichlorophenol degradation on 24-Mar-2009,
mevalonate pathway II (archaea) on 20-Mar-2009,
flavin biosynthesis III (fungi) on 17-Mar-2009,
flavin biosynthesis II (archaea) on 17-Mar-2009,
chorismate biosynthesis II (archaea) on 17-Mar-2009,
3-dehydroquinate biosynthesis I on 17-Mar-2009,
chorismate biosynthesis from 3-dehydroquinate on 17-Mar-2009,
3-dehydroquinate biosynthesis II (archaea) on 13-Mar-2009,
autoinducer AI-1 biosynthesis on 11-Mar-2009,
autoinducer AI-2 biosynthesis II (Vibrio) on 09-Mar-2009,
autoinducer AI-2 biosynthesis I on 09-Mar-2009,
S-adenosyl-L-methionine cycle I on 09-Mar-2009,
tetrahydromethanopterin biosynthesis on 05-Mar-2009,
6-hydroxymethyl-dihydropterin diphosphate biosynthesis I on 05-Mar-2009,
Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum biosynthetic metabolism on 05-Mar-2009,
CMP-pseudaminate biosynthesis on 25-Feb-2009,
gluconeogenesis II (Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum) on 24-Feb-2009,
archaetidylserine and archaetidylethanolamine biosynthesis on 23-Feb-2009,
L-tyrosine biosynthesis IV on 02-Feb-2009,
(S)-reticuline biosynthesis II on 02-Feb-2009,
lanosterol biosynthesis on 29-Jan-2009,
glycerol degradation II on 25-Jan-2009,
glycerol degradation III on 25-Jan-2009,
superpathway of adenosine nucleotides de novo biosynthesis II on 13-Jan-2009,
superpathway of guanosine nucleotides de novo biosynthesis II on 13-Jan-2009,
inosine-5'-phosphate biosynthesis II on 13-Jan-2009,
inosine-5'-phosphate biosynthesis I on 13-Jan-2009,
5-aminoimidazole ribonucleotide biosynthesis II on 13-Jan-2009,
5-aminoimidazole ribonucleotide biosynthesis I on 13-Jan-2009,
L-tyrosine biosynthesis III on 09-Jan-2009,
glycerol-3-phosphate shuttle on 22-Dec-2008,
mannosylfructose biosynthesis on 12-Dec-2008,
chlorosalicylate degradation on 21-Nov-2008,
3-chlorotoluene degradation II on 18-Nov-2008,
3-chlorotoluene degradation I on 18-Nov-2008,
5-chloro-3-methyl-catechol degradation on 18-Nov-2008,
1,2,4,5-tetrachlorobenzene degradation on 17-Nov-2008,
3,4,6-trichlorocatechol degradation on 13-Nov-2008,
4,5-dichlorocatechol degradation on 13-Nov-2008,
1,2,4-trichlorobenzene degradation on 12-Nov-2008,
1,2-dichlorobenzene degradation on 12-Nov-2008,
3-chlorocatechol degradation I (ortho) on 11-Nov-2008,
3-chlorobenzoate degradation I (via chlorocatechol) on 11-Nov-2008,
4-chlorocatechol degradation on 11-Nov-2008,
4-chloro-2-methylphenoxyacetate degradation on 07-Nov-2008,
2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetate degradation on 07-Nov-2008,
3,5-dichlorocatechol degradation on 07-Nov-2008,
chlorobenzene degradation on 07-Nov-2008,
1,3-dichlorobenzene degradation on 06-Nov-2008,
4-ethylphenol degradation (anaerobic) on 06-Nov-2008,
anthranilate degradation I (aerobic) on 03-Nov-2008,
anthranilate degradation II (aerobic) on 31-Oct-2008,
ergosterol biosynthesis I on 29-Oct-2008,
zymosterol biosynthesis on 29-Oct-2008,
superpathway of dimethylsulfone degradation on 27-Oct-2008,
superpathway of phenylethylamine degradation on 23-Oct-2008,
indigo biosynthesis on 13-Oct-2008,
indican biosynthesis on 13-Oct-2008,
malonate degradation II (biotin-dependent) on 30-Sep-2008,
dimethyl sulfide degradation II (oxidation) on 29-Sep-2008,
dimethyl sulfone degradation on 29-Sep-2008,
dimethyl sulfide degradation III (oxidation) on 29-Sep-2008,
dimethylsulfoniopropanoate degradation II (cleavage) on 26-Sep-2008,
dimethylsulfoniopropanoate biosynthesis II (Spartina) on 24-Sep-2008,
dimethylsulfoniopropanoate biosynthesis I (Wollastonia) on 24-Sep-2008,
dimethylsulfoniopropanoate biosynthesis III (algae) on 24-Sep-2008,
dimethylsulfoniopropanoate degradation III (demethylation) on 24-Sep-2008,
dimethyl sulfoxide degradation on 22-Sep-2008,
superpathway of dimethylsulfoniopropanoate degradation on 22-Sep-2008,
methylthiopropanoate degradation I (cleavage) on 19-Sep-2008,
dimethyl sulfide degradation I on 19-Sep-2008,
dimethylsulfoniopropanoate degradation I (cleavage) on 18-Sep-2008,
methylthiopropanonate degradation II (demethylation) on 18-Sep-2008,
methanesulfonate degradation on 17-Sep-2008,
ethanedisulfonate degradation on 17-Sep-2008,
4-sulfocatechol degradation on 16-Sep-2008,
citrate degradation on 12-Sep-2008,
acetoin degradation on 04-Sep-2008,
pseudouridine degradation on 27-Aug-2008,
acyl carrier protein activation on 13-Aug-2008,
acyl carrier protein metabolism on 13-Aug-2008,
glycine betaine biosynthesis V (from glycine) on 07-Aug-2008,
linoleate biosynthesis II (animals) on 07-Aug-2008,
γ-linolenate biosynthesis II (animals) on 06-Aug-2008,
γ-linolenate biosynthesis I (plants) on 05-Aug-2008,
α-linolenate biosynthesis I (plants and red algae) on 05-Aug-2008,
oleate biosynthesis II (animals and fungi) on 05-Aug-2008,
linoleate biosynthesis I (plants) on 05-Aug-2008,
palmitate biosynthesis I (animals and fungi) on 01-Aug-2008,
stearate biosynthesis II (bacteria and plants) on 31-Jul-2008,
trehalose biosynthesis VII on 29-Jul-2008,
trehalose biosynthesis VI on 29-Jul-2008,
sulfoacetaldehyde degradation II on 29-Jul-2008,
CDP-diacylglycerol biosynthesis III on 29-Jul-2008,
cis-vaccenate biosynthesis on 11-Jul-2008,
stearate biosynthesis I (animals and fungi) on 10-Jul-2008,
palmitate biosynthesis II (bacteria and plants) on 10-Jul-2008,
fatty acids biosynthesis (yeast) on 09-Jul-2008,
fatty acid biosynthesis initiation II on 07-Jul-2008,
fatty acid biosynthesis initiation III on 07-Jul-2008,
L-asparagine biosynthesis III (tRNA-dependent) on 02-Jul-2008,
nitrate reduction VI (assimilatory) on 20-Jun-2008,
guanylyl molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis on 20-Jun-2008,
thio-molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis on 20-Jun-2008,
(R,R)-butanediol biosynthesis on 12-Jun-2008,
geosmin biosynthesis on 09-Jun-2008,
lutein biosynthesis on 29-May-2008,
δ-carotene biosynthesis on 29-May-2008,
zeaxanthin, antheraxanthin and violaxanthin interconversion on 29-May-2008,
zeaxanthin biosynthesis on 29-May-2008,
β-carotene biosynthesis on 29-May-2008,
trans-lycopene biosynthesis II (plants) on 29-May-2008,
glycogen degradation II on 28-May-2008,
(R)-acetoin biosynthesis II on 21-May-2008,
(R)-acetoin biosynthesis I on 21-May-2008,
tuberculosinol biosynthesis on 15-May-2008,
terpentecin biosynthesis on 14-May-2008,
(4R)-carvone biosynthesis on 13-May-2008,
(4S)-carveol and (4S)-dihydrocarveol degradation on 12-May-2008,
limonene degradation II (L-limonene) on 09-May-2008,
limonene degradation I (D-limonene) on 09-May-2008,
(4R)-carveol and (4R)-dihydrocarveol degradation on 09-May-2008,
superpathway of heme biosynthesis from glycine on 07-May-2008,
superpathay of heme biosynthesis from glutamate on 07-May-2008,
phycocyanobilin biosynthesis on 07-May-2008,
phycoerythrobilin biosynthesis I on 07-May-2008,
partial TCA cycle (obligate autotrophs) on 05-May-2008,
superpathway of L-asparagine biosynthesis on 01-May-2008,
superpathway of geranylgeranyldiphosphate biosynthesis I (via mevalonate) on 01-May-2008,
bacillibactin biosynthesis on 25-Apr-2008,
2,3-dihydroxybenzoate biosynthesis on 25-Apr-2008,
superpathway of menaquinol-13 biosynthesis on 24-Apr-2008,
superpathway of menaquinol-12 biosynthesis on 24-Apr-2008,
superpathway of menaquinol-11 biosynthesis on 24-Apr-2008,
superpathway of menaquinol-10 biosynthesis on 24-Apr-2008,
menaquinol-13 biosynthesis on 24-Apr-2008,
tridecaprenyl diphosphate biosynthesis on 24-Apr-2008,
menaquinol-12 biosynthesis on 24-Apr-2008,
menaquinol-11 biosynthesis on 24-Apr-2008,
menaquinol-10 biosynthesis on 24-Apr-2008,
rhodoquinone-9 biosynthesis on 24-Apr-2008,
rhodoquinone-10 biosynthesis on 24-Apr-2008,
4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate biosynthesis on 23-Apr-2008,
heme degradation on 27-Mar-2008,
ubiquinol-7 biosynthesis (eukaryotic) on 27-Mar-2008,
ubiquinol-10 biosynthesis (eukaryotic) on 27-Mar-2008,
ubiquinol-9 biosynthesis (eukaryotic) on 27-Mar-2008,
ubiquinol-8 biosynthesis (eukaryotic) on 27-Mar-2008,
superpathway of plastoquinol biosynthesis on 18-Mar-2008,
superpathway of phylloquinol biosynthesis on 18-Mar-2008,
superpathway of demethylmenaquinol-9 biosynthesis on 18-Mar-2008,
superpathway of demethylmenaquinol-8 biosynthesis on 18-Mar-2008,
superpathway of demethylmenaquinol-6 biosynthesis I on 18-Mar-2008,
ubiquinol-10 biosynthesis (prokaryotic) on 17-Mar-2008,
ubiquinol-9 biosynthesis (prokaryotic) on 17-Mar-2008,
ubiquinol-7 biosynthesis (prokaryotic) on 17-Mar-2008,
demethylmenaquinol-6 biosynthesis I on 17-Mar-2008,
demethylmenaquinol-8 biosynthesis I on 17-Mar-2008,
demethylmenaquinol-9 biosynthesis on 17-Mar-2008,
superpathway of menaquinol-6 biosynthesis I on 17-Mar-2008,
menaquinol-6 biosynthesis on 17-Mar-2008,
superpathway of menaquinol-9 biosynthesis on 10-Mar-2008,
menaquinol-9 biosynthesis on 10-Mar-2008,
superpathway of menaquinol-7 biosynthesis on 05-Mar-2008,
menaquinol-7 biosynthesis on 05-Mar-2008,
1,4-dihydroxy-2-naphthoate biosynthesis on 05-Mar-2008,
CDP-tyvelose biosynthesis on 04-Mar-2008,
CDP-4-dehydro-3,6-dideoxy-D-glucose biosynthesis on 04-Mar-2008,
CDP-paratose biosynthesis on 04-Mar-2008,
CDP-abequose biosynthesis on 04-Mar-2008,
CDP-ascarylose biosynthesis on 04-Mar-2008,
superpathway of CDP-glucose-derived O-antigen building blocks biosynthesis on 28-Feb-2008,
dodecaprenyl diphosphate biosynthesis on 21-Feb-2008,
all trans undecaprenyl diphosphate biosynthesis on 21-Feb-2008,
heptaprenyl diphosphate biosynthesis on 13-Feb-2008,
all-trans-decaprenyl diphosphate biosynthesis on 13-Feb-2008,
nonaprenyl diphosphate biosynthesis I on 13-Feb-2008,
malonate decarboxylase activation on 12-Feb-2008,
malonate degradation I (biotin-independent) on 12-Feb-2008,
3-hydroxypropanoate/4-hydroxybutanate cycle on 07-Feb-2008,
di-trans,poly-cis-undecaprenyl phosphate biosynthesis on 06-Feb-2008,
octaprenyl diphosphate biosynthesis on 05-Feb-2008,
2-keto-L-gulonate biosynthesis on 04-Feb-2008,
pyruvate fermentation to acetate VIII on 11-Jan-2008,
L-glutamate degradation X on 09-Jan-2008,
β-alanine biosynthesis IV on 07-Jan-2008,
4-hydroxybenzoate biosynthesis II (microbes) on 04-Jan-2008,
4-hydroxybenzoate biosynthesis I (eukaryotes) on 04-Jan-2008,
itaconate biosynthesis on 13-Dec-2007,
itaconate degradation on 13-Dec-2007,
2-methylcitrate cycle II on 11-Dec-2007,
glyoxylate assimilation on 06-Dec-2007,
3-hydroxypropanoate cycle on 06-Dec-2007,
ethylmalonyl-CoA pathway on 04-Dec-2007,
GDP-L-colitose biosynthesis on 03-Dec-2007,
GDP-D-perosamine biosynthesis on 30-Nov-2007,
GDP-6-deoxy-D-talose biosynthesis on 29-Nov-2007,
isopropylamine degradation on 29-Nov-2007,
atrazine degradation III on 28-Nov-2007,
atrazine degradation II on 27-Nov-2007,
deethylsimazine degradation on 27-Nov-2007,
superpathway of atrazine degradation on 21-Nov-2007,
allantoin degradation to glyoxylate III on 12-Nov-2007,
urea degradation II on 08-Nov-2007,
urea degradation I on 08-Nov-2007,
allantoin degradation to ureidoglycolate II (ammonia producing) on 06-Nov-2007,
allantoin degradation to ureidoglycolate I (urea producing) on 06-Nov-2007,
urate biosynthesis/inosine 5'-phosphate degradation on 29-Oct-2007,
allantoin degradation to glyoxylate I on 29-Oct-2007,
allantoin degradation to glyoxylate II on 29-Oct-2007,
urate degradation to allantoin I on 29-Oct-2007,
TCA cycle III (animals) on 29-Oct-2007,
TCA cycle II (plants and fungi) on 29-Oct-2007,
CO2 fixation into oxaloacetate (anaplerotic) on 24-Oct-2007,
UMP biosynthesis on 24-Oct-2007,
sulfoquinovosyl diacylglycerol biosynthesis on 22-Oct-2007,
succinate fermentation to butanoate on 18-Oct-2007,
nitrate reduction V (assimilatory) on 17-Oct-2007,
nitrate reduction IV (dissimilatory) on 17-Oct-2007,
epoxysqualene biosynthesis on 11-Oct-2007,
phosphatidylethanolamine biosynthesis I on 10-Oct-2007,
cardiolipin biosynthesis I on 10-Oct-2007,
CDP-diacylglycerol biosynthesis I on 10-Oct-2007,
tetrahydrobiopterin biosynthesis II on 20-Sep-2007,
tetrahydrobiopterin biosynthesis I on 20-Sep-2007,
glucosylglycerate biosynthesis I on 19-Sep-2007,
GDP-glucose biosynthesis on 18-Sep-2007,
GDP-mannose biosynthesis on 13-Sep-2007,
mannosylglycerate biosynthesis II on 13-Sep-2007,
mannosylglycerate biosynthesis I on 11-Sep-2007,
L-tryptophan degradation IX on 07-Sep-2007,
2-amino-3-carboxymuconate semialdehyde degradation to 2-oxopentenoate on 07-Sep-2007,
NAD biosynthesis from 2-amino-3-carboxymuconate semialdehyde on 07-Sep-2007,
L-tryptophan degradation III (eukaryotic) on 07-Sep-2007,
L-tryptophan degradation to 2-amino-3-carboxymuconate semialdehyde on 07-Sep-2007,
2-nitrobenzoate degradation II on 04-Sep-2007,
2-nitrobenzoate degradation I on 04-Sep-2007,
4-chloronitrobenzene degradation on 29-Aug-2007,
4-nitrotoluene degradation II on 28-Aug-2007,
2,6-dinitrotoluene degradation on 28-Aug-2007,
2,4-dinitrotoluene degradation on 27-Aug-2007,
2-nitrotoluene degradation on 27-Aug-2007,
nitrobenzene degradation II on 27-Aug-2007,
nitrobenzene degradation I on 23-Aug-2007,
2-nitrophenol degradation on 23-Aug-2007,
pyruvate fermentation to acetate VII on 06-Aug-2007,
pyruvate fermentation to acetate VI on 02-Aug-2007,
pyruvate fermentation to acetate V on 01-Aug-2007,
acetate formation from acetyl-CoA III (succinate) on 31-Jul-2007,
acetate formation from acetyl-CoA II on 31-Jul-2007,
acetate conversion to acetyl-CoA on 31-Jul-2007,
acetate formation from acetyl-CoA I on 31-Jul-2007,
propylene degradation on 25-Jul-2007,
acetone degradation II (to acetoacetate) on 24-Jul-2007,
adenosine nucleotides degradation IV on 20-Jul-2007,
chlorophyllide a biosynthesis II (anaerobic) on 18-Jul-2007,
superpathway of bacteriochlorophyll a biosynthesis on 12-Jul-2007,
bacteriochlorophyll a biosynthesis on 09-Jul-2007,
5,6-dimethylbenzimidazole biosynthesis I (aerobic) on 21-Jun-2007,
adenosylcobalamin biosynthesis from cobyrinate a,c-diamide I on 23-Apr-2007,
adenosylcobalamin biosynthesis from cobyrinate a,c-diamide II on 20-Apr-2007,
adenosylcobalamin biosynthesis I (anaerobic) on 20-Apr-2007,
methanol oxidation to formaldehyde IV on 17-Apr-2007,
purine nucleobases degradation II (anaerobic) on 28-Mar-2007,
pyruvate fermentation to propanoate II (acrylate pathway) on 13-Mar-2007,
reductive monocarboxylic acid cycle on 07-Mar-2007,
diethylphosphate degradation on 28-Feb-2007,
paraoxon degradation on 28-Feb-2007,
methyl parathion degradation on 26-Feb-2007,
4-nitrophenol degradation II on 23-Feb-2007,
4-nitrophenol degradation I on 23-Feb-2007,
pyruvate fermentation to ethanol II on 21-Feb-2007,
pyruvate fermentation to acetate IV on 21-Feb-2007,
pyruvate fermentation to acetate III on 21-Feb-2007,
pyruvate fermentation to acetate II on 21-Feb-2007,
pyruvate fermentation to lactate on 21-Feb-2007,
pyruvate fermentation to ethanol I on 21-Feb-2007,
methylglyoxal degradation VIII on 19-Jan-2007,
methylglyoxal degradation VI on 18-Jan-2007,
methylglyoxal degradation IV on 18-Jan-2007,
methylglyoxal degradation V on 18-Jan-2007,
methylglyoxal degradation VII on 18-Jan-2007,
methylglyoxal degradation III on 16-Jan-2007,
acetone degradation I (to methylglyoxal) on 15-Jan-2007,
benzene degradation on 12-Jan-2007,
aminopropanol phosphate biosynthesis I on 08-Jan-2007,
L-threonine degradation I on 04-Jan-2007,
L-threonine degradation IV on 04-Jan-2007,
aromatic compounds degradation via β-ketoadipate on 13-Dec-2006,
meta cleavage pathway of aromatic compounds on 07-Dec-2006,
p-xylene degradation to p-toluate on 07-Dec-2006,
m-xylene degradation to m-toluate on 07-Dec-2006,
naphthalene degradation (aerobic) on 06-Dec-2006,
catechol degradation II (meta-cleavage pathway) on 04-Dec-2006,
catechol degradation to 2-oxopent-4-enoate II on 04-Dec-2006,
phenol degradation I (aerobic) on 04-Dec-2006,
catechol degradation III (ortho-cleavage pathway) on 04-Dec-2006,
catechol degradation I (meta-cleavage pathway) on 04-Dec-2006,
reductive TCA cycle II on 08-Nov-2006,
methylglyoxal degradation I on 24-Oct-2006,
hydrogen oxidation II (aerobic, NAD) on 16-Oct-2006,
carbon tetrachloride degradation II on 09-Oct-2006,
carbon tetrachloride degradation I on 06-Oct-2006,
sulfur reduction II (via polysulfide) on 04-Oct-2006,
superpathway of tetrathionate reduction (Salmonella typhimurium) on 02-Oct-2006,
tetrathionate reductiuon II (to trithionate) on 02-Oct-2006,
tetrathionate reduction I (to thiosulfate) on 02-Oct-2006,
thiosulfate disproportionation III (rhodanese) on 29-Sep-2006,
thiosulfate disproportionation II (non thiol-dependent) on 27-Sep-2006,
superpathway of L-methionine biosynthesis (transsulfuration) on 20-Sep-2006,
superpathway of L-methionine biosynthesis (by sulfhydrylation) on 20-Sep-2006,
L-homocysteine biosynthesis on 20-Sep-2006,
sulfate activation for sulfonation on 19-Sep-2006,
carbon disulfide oxidation II (aerobic) on 15-Sep-2006,
superpathway of sulfide oxidation (Starkeya novella) on 15-Sep-2006,
sulfur reduction I on 14-Sep-2006,
taurine biosynthesis on 13-Sep-2006,
L-cysteine degradation III on 13-Sep-2006,
superpathway of L-methionine salvage and degradation on 12-Sep-2006,
sulfite oxidation IV on 12-Sep-2006,
superpathway of sulfur metabolism (Desulfocapsa sulfoexigens) on 30-Aug-2006,
superpathway of thiosulfate metabolism (Desulfovibrio sulfodismutans) on 30-Aug-2006,
superpathway of sulfur oxidation (Acidianus ambivalens) on 29-Aug-2006,
thiosulfate oxidation II (via tetrathionate) on 29-Aug-2006,
sulfur disproportionation II (aerobic) on 29-Aug-2006,
siroheme amide biosynthesis on 28-Aug-2006,
thiosulfate oxidation III (multienzyme complex) on 25-Aug-2006,
superpathway of sulfide oxidation (Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans) on 24-Aug-2006,
sulfide oxidation III (persulfide dioxygenase) on 18-Aug-2006,
sulfite oxidation II on 09-Aug-2006,
sulfite oxidation III on 09-Aug-2006,
thiosulfate disproportionation I (thiol-dependent) on 09-Aug-2006,
sulfite oxidation I (sulfite oxidoreductase) on 04-Aug-2006,
sulfide oxidation II (sulfide dehydrogenase) on 03-Aug-2006,
p-cumate degradation on 03-Aug-2006,
p-cymene degradation on 10-Jul-2006,
3-phenylpropanoate and 3-(3-hydroxyphenyl)propanoate degradation on 10-Jul-2006,
peptidoglycan biosynthesis II (staphylococci) on 29-Jun-2006,
methanogenesis from tetramethylammonium on 20-Jun-2006,
methanogenesis from methylthiopropanoate on 16-Jun-2006,
methanogenesis from methanethiol on 16-Jun-2006,
methanogenesis from dimethylsulfide on 16-Jun-2006,
methanofuran biosynthesis on 01-Jun-2006,
methanogenesis from trimethylamine on 24-May-2006,
methanogenesis from dimethylamine on 24-May-2006,
methanogenesis from methylamine on 24-May-2006,
methyl-coenzyme M oxidation to CO2 on 23-May-2006,
coenzyme B/coenzyme M regeneration on 22-May-2006,
factor 420 polyglutamylation on 22-May-2006,
factor 420 biosynthesis on 19-May-2006,
lactate biosynthesis (archaea) on 19-May-2006,
factor 430 biosynthesis on 16-May-2006,
siroheme biosynthesis on 15-May-2006,
tetrapyrrole biosynthesis II (from glycine) on 15-May-2006,
tetrapyrrole biosynthesis I (from glutamate) on 15-May-2006,
toluene degradation VI (anaerobic) on 12-May-2006,
superpathway of aerobic toluene degradation on 12-May-2006,
toluene degradation II (aerobic) (via 4-methylcatechol) on 12-May-2006,
toluene degradation III (aerobic) (via p-cresol) on 12-May-2006,
toluene degradation I (aerobic) (via o-cresol) on 12-May-2006,
toluene degradation V (aerobic) (via toluene-cis-diol) on 12-May-2006,
toluene degradation IV (aerobic) (via catechol) on 12-May-2006,
glutaryl-CoA degradation on 11-May-2006,
lipoate biosynthesis and incorporation II on 08-May-2006,
N-cyclopropylmelamine degradation on 05-May-2006,
melamine degradation on 05-May-2006,
cyanurate degradation on 05-May-2006,
4-toluenesulfonate degradation II on 04-May-2006,
p-cumate degradation to 2-oxopent-4-enoate on 04-May-2006,
2-oxopentenoate degradation on 04-May-2006,
β-alanine biosynthesis III on 14-Apr-2006,
L-arginine biosynthesis III (via N-acetyl-L-citrulline) on 13-Apr-2006,
2-oxobutanoate degradation I on 02-Mar-2006,
CMP-3-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonate biosynthesis on 15-Feb-2006,
2-methylbutanoate biosynthesis on 14-Feb-2006,
L-isoleucine biosynthesis V on 10-Feb-2006,
L-isoleucine biosynthesis IV on 08-Feb-2006,
L-isoleucine biosynthesis III on 08-Feb-2006,
L-isoleucine biosynthesis II on 06-Feb-2006,
biotin-carboxyl carrier protein assembly on 01-Feb-2006,
L-glutamate degradation VIII (to propanoate) on 18-Jan-2006,
L-glutamate degradation VI (to pyruvate) on 18-Jan-2006,
2-oxoglutarate decarboxylation to succinyl-CoA on 16-Jan-2006,
L-methionine degradation III on 11-Jan-2006,
L-tryptophan degradation VIII (to tryptophol) on 10-Jan-2006,
L-phenylalanine degradation III on 10-Jan-2006,
L-leucine degradation III on 09-Jan-2006,
L-isoleucine degradation II on 09-Jan-2006,
mevalonate degradation on 06-Jan-2006,
L-leucine degradation II on 06-Jan-2006,
glycogen biosynthesis II (from UDP-D-Glucose) on 12-Dec-2005,
L-valine degradation II on 06-Dec-2005,
2-oxoisovalerate decarboxylation to isobutanoyl-CoA on 28-Nov-2005,
imidazole-lactate degradation on 11-Nov-2005,
L-histidine degradation V on 08-Nov-2005,
L-histidine degradation III on 07-Nov-2005,
L-histidine degradation II on 07-Nov-2005,
indole-3-acetate biosynthesis V (bacteria and fungi) on 02-Nov-2005,
indole-3-acetate biosynthesis IV (bacteria) on 02-Nov-2005,
L-arginine degradation XI on 27-Oct-2005,
L-arginine degradation IX (arginine:pyruvate transaminase pathway) on 26-Oct-2005,
4-aminobutanoate degradation V on 17-Oct-2005,
putrescine degradation V on 13-Oct-2005,
putrescine degradation IV on 13-Oct-2005,
putrescine degradation III on 12-Oct-2005,
putrescine biosynthesis III on 10-Oct-2005,
putrescine biosynthesis II on 10-Oct-2005,
putrescine biosynthesis I on 10-Oct-2005,
L-citrulline biosynthesis on 29-Sep-2005,
biotin biosynthesis II on 29-Sep-2005,
superpathway of L-citrulline metabolism on 29-Sep-2005,
urea cycle on 28-Sep-2005,
L-proline biosynthesis II (from arginine) on 28-Sep-2005,
L-citrulline-nitric oxide cycle on 28-Sep-2005,
protein citrullination on 21-Sep-2005,
creatinine degradation III on 08-Sep-2005,
creatinine degradation II on 08-Sep-2005,
arsenate detoxification II (glutaredoxin) on 06-Sep-2005,
arsenate reduction (respiratory) on 02-Sep-2005,
arsenite oxidation I (respiratory) on 31-Aug-2005,
arsenate detoxification I (glutaredoxin) on 09-Aug-2005,
glutathione amide metabolism on 08-Aug-2005,
glutathionylspermidine biosynthesis on 02-Aug-2005,
glutathione-peroxide redox reactions on 14-Jul-2005,
glutathione-mediated detoxification I on 12-Jul-2005,
γ-glutamyl cycle on 11-Jul-2005,
choline degradation II on 19-May-2005,
glycine betaine biosynthesis II (Gram-positive bacteria) on 19-May-2005,
glycine betaine degradation II (mammalian) on 17-May-2005,
glycine betaine degradation I on 17-May-2005,
L-carnitine degradation III on 13-May-2005,
γ-butyrobetaine degradation on 12-May-2005,
L-carnitine degradation II on 11-May-2005,
L-tryptophan degradation VI (via tryptamine) on 24-Mar-2005,
L-tryptophan degradation V (side chain pathway) on 23-Mar-2005,
indole-3-acetate biosynthesis III (bacteria) on 23-Mar-2005,
L-lysine biosynthesis V on 10-Mar-2005,
superpathway of L-isoleucine biosynthesis I on 03-Mar-2005,
L-lysine biosynthesis III on 17-Feb-2005,
L-lysine biosynthesis II on 17-Feb-2005,
trehalose degradation V on 01-Feb-2005,
trehalose degradation IV on 01-Feb-2005,
trehalose degradation III on 01-Feb-2005,
trehalose degradation II (trehalase) on 31-Jan-2005,
trehalose biosynthesis V on 27-Jan-2005,
isethionate degradation on 26-Jan-2005,
trehalose biosynthesis IV on 26-Jan-2005,
benzoate degradation I (aerobic) on 19-Jan-2005,
superpathway of aromatic compound degradation via 3-oxoadipate on 19-Jan-2005,
indole-3-acetate degradation VIII (bacterial) on 12-Jan-2005,
4-nitrobenzoate degradation on 03-Dec-2004,
3-oxoadipate degradation on 30-Nov-2004,
myo-inositol biosynthesis on 17-Nov-2004,
ammonia oxidation III on 15-Nov-2004,
Entner-Doudoroff pathway III (semi-phosphorylative) on 09-Nov-2004,
folate transformations I on 05-Nov-2004,
glutamate removal from folates on 03-Nov-2004,
folate polyglutamylation on 02-Nov-2004,
superpathway of C1 compounds oxidation to CO2 on 09-Sep-2004,
formate oxidation to CO2 on 08-Sep-2004,
formaldehyde assimilation II (RuMP Cycle) on 07-Sep-2004,
formaldehyde oxidation II (glutathione-dependent) on 31-Aug-2004,
formaldehyde oxidation V (H4MPT pathway) on 23-Aug-2004,
formate assimilation into 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate on 23-Aug-2004,
methanol and methylamine oxidation to formaldehyde on 19-Aug-2004,
methane oxidation to methanol I on 17-Aug-2004,
formaldehyde assimilation I (serine pathway) on 03-Aug-2004,
superpathway of taurine degradation on 30-Jun-2004,
mandelate degradation I on 02-Jun-2004

phosphinothricin tripeptide biosynthesis on 21-Sep-2015,
glycogen biosynthesis I (from ADP-D-Glucose) on 02-Sep-2015,
hopanoid biosynthesis (bacteria) on 01-Sep-2015,
formate assimilation into 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate on 17-Aug-2015,
superpathway of linalool biosynthesis on 28-Jul-2015,
chitin biosynthesis on 21-Jul-2015,
di-trans,poly-cis-undecaprenyl phosphate biosynthesis on 14-Jul-2015,
3,6-anhydro-α-L-galactopyranose degradation on 13-Jul-2015,
CMP-3-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonate biosynthesis on 09-Jun-2015,
esculetin biosynthesis on 29-May-2015,
L-glutamate degradation V (via hydroxyglutarate) on 18-May-2015,
galactolipid biosynthesis I on 02-May-2015,
(5Z)-dodec-5-enoate biosynthesis on 01-May-2015,
cholesterol degradation to androstenedione II (cholesterol dehydrogenase) on 30-Apr-2015,
glycogen degradation II on 28-Apr-2015,
1,5-anhydrofructose degradation on 28-Apr-2015,
protein N-glycosylation (eukaryotic, high mannose) on 03-Apr-2015,
nicotine degradation III (VPP pathway) on 27-Mar-2015,
nicotine degradation II (pyrrolidine pathway) on 26-Mar-2015,
mannitol cycle on 19-Mar-2015,
4-deoxy-L-threo-hex-4-enopyranuronate degradation on 16-Mar-2015,
alginate degradation on 13-Mar-2015,
alginate biosynthesis I (algal) on 05-Mar-2015,
alginate biosynthesis II (bacterial) on 03-Mar-2015,
sulfur oxidation IV (intracellular sulfur) on 25-Feb-2015,
thiosulfate oxidation II (via tetrathionate) on 24-Feb-2015,
cutin biosynthesis on 23-Feb-2015,
sporopollenin precursors biosynthesis on 18-Feb-2015,
ethylmalonyl-CoA pathway on 17-Feb-2015,
sterculate biosynthesis on 11-Feb-2015,
vernolate biosynthesis I on 10-Feb-2015,
crepenynate biosynthesis on 10-Feb-2015,
vernolate biosynthesis III on 10-Feb-2015,
UDP-N-acetyl-α-D-galactosaminuronate biosynthesis on 08-Jan-2015,
punicate biosynthesis on 23-Dec-2014,
calendate biosynthesis on 22-Dec-2014,
pinolenate and coniferonate biosynthesis on 22-Dec-2014,
superpathway of Allium flavor precursors on 10-Dec-2014,
ethiin metabolism on 09-Dec-2014,
alliin metabolism on 08-Dec-2014,
(Z)-butanethial-S-oxide biosynthesis on 08-Dec-2014,
propanethial S-oxide biosynthesis on 05-Dec-2014,
(Z)-phenylmethanethial S-oxide biosynthesis on 04-Dec-2014,
α-eleostearate biosynthesis on 01-Dec-2014,
hydroxylated fatty acid biosynthesis (plants) on 01-Dec-2014,
dimorphecolate biosynthesis on 01-Dec-2014,
aspirin triggered resolvin D biosynthesis on 25-Nov-2014,
resolvin D biosynthesis on 25-Nov-2014,
stigma estolide biosynthesis on 21-Nov-2014,
sciadonate biosynthesis on 19-Nov-2014,
(5Z)-icosenoate biosynthesis on 12-Nov-2014,
dicranin biosynthesis on 07-Nov-2014,
linoleate biosynthesis I (plants) on 07-Nov-2014,
docosahexaenoate biosynthesis I (lower eukaryotes) on 05-Nov-2014,
phycoerythrobilin biosynthesis I on 28-Oct-2014,
phycocyanobilin biosynthesis on 24-Oct-2014,
4-aminobenzoate biosynthesis on 15-Oct-2014,
candicidin biosynthesis on 14-Oct-2014,
methanofuran biosynthesis on 09-Oct-2014,
ricinoleate biosynthesis on 01-Oct-2014,
starch degradation I on 26-Sep-2014,
D-glucuronate degradation II on 26-Sep-2014,
D-galacturonate degradation II on 26-Sep-2014,
enterobactin biosynthesis on 25-Sep-2014,
5-hydroxymethylfurfural degradation on 08-Sep-2014,
C4 photosynthetic carbon assimilation cycle, PEPCK type on 05-Sep-2014,
C4 photosynthetic carbon assimilation cycle, NAD-ME type on 05-Sep-2014,
C4 photosynthetic carbon assimilation cycle, NADP-ME type on 05-Sep-2014,
nitrate reduction I (denitrification) on 04-Sep-2014,
Fe(II) oxidation on 03-Sep-2014,
noscapine biosynthesis on 21-Aug-2014,
siroheme biosynthesis on 21-Aug-2014,
reductive acetyl coenzyme A pathway on 12-Aug-2014,
tetrahydromethanopterin biosynthesis on 06-Aug-2014,
ornithine lipid biosynthesis on 04-Aug-2014,
L-methionine salvage cycle II (plants) on 01-Jul-2014,
S-methyl-5-thio-α-D-ribose 1-phosphate degradation on 01-Jul-2014,
D-serine degradation on 06-Jun-2014,
L-tryptophan degradation II (via pyruvate) on 06-Jun-2014,
L-carnitine degradation II on 19-Mar-2014,
gentisate degradation I on 18-Mar-2014,
pulcherrimin biosynthesis on 11-Mar-2014,
L-rhamnose degradation I on 28-Feb-2014,
trimethylamine degradation on 27-Feb-2014,
sulfate reduction II (assimilatory) on 26-Feb-2014,
sulfite oxidation I (sulfite oxidoreductase) on 25-Feb-2014,
thiosulfate oxidation IV (multienzyme complex) on 25-Feb-2014,
thiosulfate oxidation III (multienzyme complex) on 25-Feb-2014,
tetrathionate reduction I (to thiosulfate) on 24-Feb-2014,
mycolate biosynthesis on 20-Feb-2014,
sapienate biosynthesis on 30-Jan-2014,
plastoquinol-9 biosynthesis II on 30-Jan-2014,
1,4-dihydroxy-6-naphthoate biosynthesis I on 17-Jan-2014,
1,4-dihydroxy-6-naphthoate biosynthesis II on 17-Jan-2014,
nitroglycerin degradation on 14-Jan-2014,
aniline degradation on 13-Jan-2014,
secologanin and strictosidine biosynthesis on 07-Jan-2014,
stellariose and mediose biosynthesis on 03-Jan-2014,
lychnose and isolychnose biosynthesis on 03-Jan-2014,
GDP-L-colitose biosynthesis on 29-Dec-2013,
L-methionine degradation II on 03-Dec-2013,
L-threonine degradation I on 03-Dec-2013,
L-serine degradation on 03-Dec-2013,
5,6-dimethylbenzimidazole biosynthesis I (aerobic) on 26-Nov-2013,
L-lysine biosynthesis V on 31-Oct-2013,
methylphosphonate degradation I on 30-Oct-2013,
superpathway of gibberellin biosynthesis on 21-Oct-2013,
hypusine biosynthesis on 21-Oct-2013,
anhydromuropeptides recycling on 15-Oct-2013,
ginsenosides biosynthesis on 14-Oct-2013,
malonate degradation II (biotin-dependent) on 01-Oct-2013,
malonate decarboxylase activation on 01-Oct-2013,
malonate degradation I (biotin-independent) on 01-Oct-2013,
citrate degradation on 01-Oct-2013,
citrate lyase activation on 01-Oct-2013,
adenosylcobalamin biosynthesis II (aerobic) on 25-Sep-2013,
adenosylcobalamin biosynthesis I (anaerobic) on 25-Sep-2013,
aminopropanol phosphate biosynthesis I on 25-Sep-2013,
L-pyrrolysine biosynthesis on 06-Sep-2013,
2-heptyl-3-hydroxy-4(1H)-quinolone biosynthesis on 20-Aug-2013,
sucrose biosynthesis I (from photosynthesis) on 19-Aug-2013,
sucrose degradation III (sucrose invertase) on 16-Aug-2013,
sucrose degradation II (sucrose synthase) on 16-Aug-2013,
sucrose degradation I (sucrose phosphotransferase) on 16-Aug-2013,
D-arabinose degradation II on 15-Aug-2013,
D-galactose degradation III on 15-Aug-2013,
UDP-sugars interconversion on 15-Aug-2013,
colanic acid building blocks biosynthesis on 15-Aug-2013,
D-sorbitol degradation I on 14-Aug-2013,
dTDP-L-rhamnose biosynthesis I on 06-Aug-2013,
ginsenoside degradation I on 01-Aug-2013,
ginsenoside degradation II on 01-Aug-2013,
carbon disulfide oxidation I (anaerobic) on 31-Jul-2013,
indole-3-acetate degradation VIII (bacterial) on 30-Jul-2013,
chlorophyllide a biosynthesis III (aerobic, light independent) on 18-Jul-2013,
sakuranetin biosynthesis on 26-Apr-2013,
L-proline degradation on 17-Apr-2013,
Entner-Doudoroff pathway II (non-phosphorylative) on 27-Mar-2013,
Entner-Doudoroff pathway III (semi-phosphorylative) on 27-Mar-2013,
archaetidylserine and archaetidylethanolamine biosynthesis on 26-Mar-2013,
CDP-archaeol biosynthesis on 26-Mar-2013,
archaetidylinositol biosynthesis on 26-Mar-2013,
kanamycin biosynthesis on 26-Mar-2013,
ketogluconate metabolism on 15-Mar-2013,
nylon-6 oligomer degradation on 14-Mar-2013,
superpathway of β-D-glucuronide and D-glucuronate degradation on 14-Mar-2013,
myo-inositol degradation I on 07-Mar-2013,
superpathway of purine nucleotides de novo biosynthesis I on 15-Feb-2013,
pyrimidine deoxyribonucleosides salvage on 29-Jan-2013,
pyrimidine deoxyribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis III on 21-Jan-2013,
superpathway of pyrimidine ribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis on 04-Jan-2013,
UMP biosynthesis on 04-Jan-2013,
adenosine 5'-phosphoramidate biosynthesis on 04-Jan-2013,
diphthamide biosynthesis (archaea) on 27-Nov-2012,
8-amino-7-oxononanoate biosynthesis III on 22-Oct-2012,
sphingolipid biosynthesis (yeast) on 26-Sep-2012,
4-hydroxycoumarin and dicoumarol biosynthesis on 22-Aug-2012,
superpathway of indole-3-acetate conjugate biosynthesis on 17-Aug-2012,
indole-3-acetate biosynthesis II on 17-Aug-2012,
fatty acid elongation -- saturated on 15-Aug-2012,
aurone biosynthesis on 26-Jul-2012,
superpathway of ergotamine biosynthesis on 01-Jun-2012,
ergotamine biosynthesis on 01-Jun-2012,
chanoclavine I aldehyde biosynthesis on 31-May-2012,
pyrethrin I biosynthesis on 31-May-2012,
abscisic acid biosynthesis on 15-May-2012,
long chain fatty acid ester synthesis for microdiesel production on 04-Apr-2012,
3-hydroxypropanoate cycle on 27-Mar-2012,
glyoxylate assimilation on 27-Mar-2012,
fatty acid β-oxidation I on 12-Mar-2012,
nicotine degradation I (pyridine pathway) on 10-Feb-2012,
nicotine biosynthesis on 07-Feb-2012,
methanogenesis from acetate on 21-Dec-2011,
TCA cycle I (prokaryotic) on 19-Dec-2011,
TCA cycle IV (2-oxoglutarate decarboxylase) on 15-Dec-2011,
UDP-N-acetyl-D-galactosamine biosynthesis II on 14-Dec-2011,
superpathway of ammonia assimilation (plants) on 08-Dec-2011,
L-ascorbate degradation IV on 02-Dec-2011,
L-ascorbate degradation I (bacterial, anaerobic) on 02-Dec-2011,
arachidonate biosynthesis I (6-desaturase, lower eukaryotes) on 22-Nov-2011,
glycerol degradation I on 09-Nov-2011,
pyruvate decarboxylation to acetyl CoA on 04-Nov-2011,
superpathway of benzoxazinoid glucosides biosynthesis on 28-Oct-2011,
molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis on 23-Sep-2011,
superpathway of thiamine diphosphate biosynthesis III (eukaryotes) on 23-Sep-2011,
superpathway of thiamine diphosphate biosynthesis I on 14-Sep-2011,
methylthiopropanoate degradation I (cleavage) on 17-Aug-2011,
xyloglucan biosynthesis on 31-May-2011,
bergamotene biosynthesis II on 27-May-2011,
bergamotene biosynthesis I on 27-May-2011,
trans-lycopene biosynthesis II (plants) on 21-Mar-2011,
trans-lycopene biosynthesis I (bacteria) on 21-Mar-2011,
methane oxidation to methanol I on 03-Mar-2011,
photosynthesis light reactions on 13-Jan-2011,
glucosylglycerate biosynthesis I on 13-Jan-2011,
phenazine-1-carboxylate biosynthesis on 05-Jan-2011,
4-nitrophenol degradation I on 15-Dec-2010,
sulfate reduction IV (dissimilatory) on 10-Dec-2010,
gallate degradation I on 29-Nov-2010,
gallate degradation II on 22-Nov-2010,
traumatin and (Z)-3-hexen-1-yl acetate biosynthesis on 18-Nov-2010,
juvenile hormone III biosynthesis I on 21-Oct-2010,
2-aminoethylphosphonate degradation I on 21-Oct-2010,
phenylacetate degradation I (aerobic) on 15-Oct-2010,
very long chain fatty acid biosynthesis I on 11-Oct-2010,
superpathway of tetrahydrofolate biosynthesis and salvage on 22-Sep-2010,
glutamate removal from folates on 22-Sep-2010,
xanthine and xanthosine salvage on 21-Sep-2010,
adenine and adenosine salvage I on 16-Sep-2010,
superpathway of 4-aminobutanoate degradation on 23-Jun-2010,
4-aminobutanoate degradation IV on 23-Jun-2010,
lactose degradation II on 17-Jun-2010,
trans-zeatin biosynthesis on 05-May-2010,
phosphate acquisition on 26-Apr-2010,
aldoxime degradation on 02-Apr-2010,
morphine biosynthesis on 26-Mar-2010,
nicotinate degradation I on 25-Mar-2010,
rhizobactin 1021 biosynthesis on 25-Mar-2010,
nitrogen fixation I (ferredoxin) on 18-Mar-2010,
peptidoglycan biosynthesis III (mycobacteria) on 08-Mar-2010,
peptidoglycan biosynthesis II (staphylococci) on 08-Mar-2010,
peptidoglycan biosynthesis I (meso-diaminopimelate containing) on 08-Mar-2010,
benzoyl-CoA degradation I (aerobic) on 17-Feb-2010,
uracil degradation I (reductive) on 11-Feb-2010,
glucosinolate breakdown on 21-Jan-2010,
ammonia oxidation II (anaerobic) on 19-Jan-2010,
quinate degradation I on 06-Jan-2010,
shikimate degradation I on 06-Jan-2010,
rubber biosynthesis on 15-Dec-2009,
(R,R)-butanediol degradation on 04-Dec-2009,
mycothiol biosynthesis on 17-Nov-2009,
arginine, ornithine and proline interconversion on 01-Oct-2009,
methylgallate degradation on 24-Sep-2009,
protocatechuate degradation I (meta-cleavage pathway) on 24-Sep-2009,
L-lysine degradation VI on 08-Sep-2009,
superpathway of sulfide oxidation (Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans) on 08-Sep-2009,
xylogalacturonan biosynthesis on 31-Aug-2009,
ternatin C5 biosynthesis on 06-Aug-2009,
chorismate biosynthesis I on 04-Aug-2009,
fluorene degradation I on 29-Jul-2009,
L-cysteine biosynthesis I on 01-Jul-2009,
astaxanthin biosynthesis (bacteria, fungi, algae) on 29-Jun-2009,
D-galactose degradation I (Leloir pathway) on 12-Jun-2009,
superpathway of heme biosynthesis from uroporphyrinogen-III on 12-Jun-2009,
abietic acid biosynthesis on 04-Jun-2009,
phytyl diphosphate biosynthesis on 03-Jun-2009,
pentachlorophenol degradation on 02-Apr-2009,
γ-hexachlorocyclohexane degradation on 25-Mar-2009,
S-adenosyl-L-methionine cycle II on 09-Mar-2009,
coenzyme B biosynthesis on 25-Feb-2009,
reactive oxygen species degradation on 20-Feb-2009,
superoxide radicals degradation on 20-Feb-2009,
L-glutamate biosynthesis V on 19-Feb-2009,
L-tyrosine biosynthesis II on 09-Jan-2009,
1,4-dichlorobenzene degradation on 07-Nov-2008,
ethylbenzene degradation (anaerobic) on 05-Nov-2008,
superpathway of ergosterol biosynthesis I on 30-Oct-2008,
L-histidine biosynthesis on 10-Oct-2008,
superpathway of fatty acid biosynthesis II (plant) on 04-Aug-2008,
oleate biosynthesis I (plants) on 31-Jul-2008,
CDP-diacylglycerol biosynthesis I on 29-Jul-2008,
CDP-diacylglycerol biosynthesis II on 29-Jul-2008,
palmitoleate biosynthesis II (plants and bacteria) on 11-Jul-2008,
petroselinate biosynthesis on 10-Jul-2008,
fatty acid biosynthesis initiation I on 07-Jul-2008,
superpathway of geranylgeranyl diphosphate biosynthesis II (via MEP) on 01-May-2008,
geranylgeranyl diphosphate biosynthesis on 01-May-2008,
plastoquinol-9 biosynthesis I on 23-Apr-2008,
superpathway of menaquinol-8 biosynthesis I on 05-Mar-2008,
hexaprenyl diphosphate biosynthesis on 16-Jan-2008,
polyisoprenoid biosynthesis (E. coli) on 15-Jan-2008,
L-tyrosine degradation III on 09-Jan-2008,
4-aminobutanoate degradation II on 08-Jan-2008,
glycine biosynthesis I on 07-Jan-2008,
glycine biosynthesis IV on 07-Jan-2008,
superpathway of 4-hydroxybenzoate biosynthesis (yeast) on 04-Jan-2008,
ubiquinol-6 biosynthesis from 4-hydroxybenzoate (eukaryotic) on 04-Jan-2008,
NAD salvage pathway III on 03-Jan-2008,
L-leucine biosynthesis on 20-Dec-2007,
2-methylcitrate cycle I on 11-Dec-2007,
glyoxylate cycle on 04-Dec-2007,
L-arginine degradation IX (arginine:pyruvate transaminase pathway) on 03-Dec-2007,
atrazine degradation I (aerobic) on 26-Nov-2007,
cyanurate degradation on 21-Nov-2007,
L-lysine fermentation to acetate and butanoate on 15-Nov-2007,
superpathway of allantoin degradation in yeast on 09-Nov-2007,
superpathway of allantoin degradation in plants on 09-Nov-2007,
superpathway of purines degradation in plants on 09-Nov-2007,
allantoin degradation IV (anaerobic) on 06-Nov-2007,
ureide biosynthesis on 06-Nov-2007,
chlorophyll cycle on 01-Nov-2007,
thiocyanate degradation II on 25-Oct-2007,
thiocyanate degradation I on 25-Oct-2007,
incomplete reductive TCA cycle on 25-Oct-2007,
octane oxidation on 24-Oct-2007,
acetyl-CoA fermentation to butanoate II on 17-Oct-2007,
cardiolipin biosynthesis II on 09-Oct-2007,
long-chain fatty acid activation on 09-Oct-2007,
unsaturated, even numbered fatty acid β-oxidation on 09-Oct-2007,
NAD/NADH phosphorylation and dephosphorylation on 08-Oct-2007,
4-nitrobenzoate degradation on 10-Sep-2007,
4-toluenesulfonate degradation I on 10-Sep-2007,
4-toluenecarboxylate degradation on 07-Sep-2007,
4-nitrotoluene degradation I on 31-Aug-2007,
superpathway of C1 compounds oxidation to CO2 on 21-Aug-2007,
taurine biosynthesis on 16-Aug-2007,
superpathway of sulfur amino acid biosynthesis (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) on 15-Aug-2007,
acetylene degradation on 31-Jul-2007,
chlorophyllide a biosynthesis I (aerobic, light-dependent) on 18-Jul-2007,
L-methionine biosynthesis I on 07-May-2007,
formaldehyde assimilation III (dihydroxyacetone cycle) on 16-Apr-2007,
vitamin B6 degradation on 03-Apr-2007,
pyruvate fermentation to acetate I on 29-Mar-2007,
purine nucleobases degradation I (anaerobic) on 28-Mar-2007,
superpathway of N-acetylneuraminate degradation on 22-Mar-2007,
hexitol fermentation to lactate, formate, ethanol and acetate on 15-Mar-2007,
polyhydroxybutanoate biosynthesis on 14-Mar-2007,
L-alanine fermentation to propanoate and acetate on 13-Mar-2007,
pyruvate fermentation to propanoate I on 12-Mar-2007,
Bifidobacterium shunt on 07-Mar-2007,
heterolactic fermentation on 05-Mar-2007,
homolactic fermentation on 01-Mar-2007,
parathion degradation on 23-Feb-2007,
cyclohexanol degradation on 31-Jan-2007,
superpathway of methylglyoxal degradation on 19-Jan-2007,
methylglyoxal degradation II on 19-Jan-2007,
phenylmercury acetate degradation on 12-Jan-2007,
glycine cleavage on 11-Jan-2007,
superpathway of L-threonine metabolism on 11-Jan-2007,
superpathway of acrylonitrile degradation on 10-Jan-2007,
L-threonine degradation II on 05-Jan-2007,
L-threonine degradation III (to methylglyoxal) on 05-Jan-2007,
toluene degradation to benzoate on 07-Dec-2006,
4-hydroxyphenylacetate degradation on 30-Nov-2006,
Calvin-Benson-Bassham cycle on 09-Nov-2006,
sulfoacetaldehyde degradation I on 26-Oct-2006,
L-phenylalanine degradation II (anaerobic) on 25-Oct-2006,
L-phenylalanine biosynthesis I on 25-Oct-2006,
benzenesulfonate degradation on 25-Oct-2006,
orthanilate degradation on 25-Oct-2006,
methanogenesis from H2 and CO2 on 23-Oct-2006,
hydrogen oxidation I (aerobic) on 19-Oct-2006,
sulfate reduction V (dissimilatory) on 25-Sep-2006,
sulfate reduction I (assimilatory) on 19-Sep-2006,
sulfur disproportionation I (anaerobic) on 14-Sep-2006,
thiosulfate oxidation I (to tetrathionate) on 13-Sep-2006,
L-methionine degradation I (to L-homocysteine) on 13-Sep-2006,
L-cysteine degradation I on 13-Sep-2006,
L-cysteine biosynthesis III (from L-homocysteine) on 12-Sep-2006,
sulfur oxidation I (aerobic) on 21-Aug-2006,
sulfur oxidation II (Fe+3-dependent) on 21-Aug-2006,
sulfide oxidation I (sulfide-quinone reductase) on 10-Jul-2006,
heme biosynthesis II (anaerobic) on 19-Jun-2006,
methyl-coenzyme M reduction to methane on 16-Jun-2006,
NAD biosynthesis III on 02-Jun-2006,
methanogenesis from methanol on 23-May-2006,
heme biosynthesis I (aerobic) on 15-May-2006,
benzoate degradation I (aerobic) on 12-May-2006,
benzoate degradation II (aerobic and anaerobic) on 12-May-2006,
toluene degradation to 2-oxopent-4-enoate (via toluene-cis-diol) on 12-May-2006,
toluene degradation to 2-oxopent-4-enoate (via 4-methylcatechol) on 12-May-2006,
toluene degradation to 2-oxopent-4-enoate I (via o-cresol) on 12-May-2006,
benzoyl-CoA degradation II (anaerobic) on 12-May-2006,
benzoyl-CoA degradation III (anaerobic) on 11-May-2006,
pyruvate fermentation to butanoate on 08-May-2006,
lipoate salvage I on 08-May-2006,
lipoate biosynthesis and incorporation I on 08-May-2006,
L-lysine biosynthesis I on 21-Apr-2006,
L-arginine biosynthesis I (via L-ornithine) on 14-Apr-2006,
L-ornithine biosynthesis I on 14-Apr-2006,
L-arginine biosynthesis II (acetyl cycle) on 14-Apr-2006,
L-lysine biosynthesis IV on 03-Apr-2006,
L-histidine degradation I on 09-Mar-2006,
2-oxobutanoate degradation II on 08-Mar-2006,
tetrachloroethene degradation on 07-Feb-2006,
superpathway of fatty acid biosynthesis initiation (E. coli) on 03-Feb-2006,
L-glutamate degradation VII (to butanoate) on 19-Jan-2006,
L-glutamate degradation II on 17-Jan-2006,
L-leucine degradation I on 06-Jan-2006,
L-isoleucine degradation I on 06-Jan-2006,
L-valine degradation I on 06-Dec-2005,
L-histidine degradation VI on 28-Nov-2005,
L-histidine degradation IV on 11-Nov-2005,
aerobactin biosynthesis on 03-Nov-2005,
spermidine biosynthesis I on 31-Oct-2005,
spermine biosynthesis on 31-Oct-2005,
L-arginine degradation X (arginine monooxygenase pathway) on 27-Oct-2005,
L-tryptophan degradation IV (via indole-3-lactate) on 26-Oct-2005,
L-arginine degradation VIII (arginine oxidase pathway) on 25-Oct-2005,
L-arginine degradation VII (arginase 3 pathway) on 24-Oct-2005,
L-arginine degradation VI (arginase 2 pathway) on 21-Oct-2005,
GABA shunt on 17-Oct-2005,
L-arginine degradation III (arginine decarboxylase/agmatinase pathway) on 14-Oct-2005,
putrescine degradation II on 13-Oct-2005,
putrescine degradation I on 11-Oct-2005,
L-arginine degradation II (AST pathway) on 10-Oct-2005,
L-arginine degradation IV (arginine decarboxylase/agmatine deiminase pathway) on 10-Oct-2005,
L-glutamate degradation I on 04-Oct-2005,
biotin biosynthesis from 8-amino-7-oxononanoate I on 29-Sep-2005,
L-arginine degradation I (arginase pathway) on 29-Sep-2005,
L-citrulline degradation on 22-Sep-2005,
L-arginine degradation V (arginine deiminase pathway) on 22-Sep-2005,
creatinine degradation I on 12-Sep-2005,
trypanothione biosynthesis on 08-Aug-2005,
glutathione-glutaredoxin redox reactions on 15-Jul-2005,
glycine betaine biosynthesis I (Gram-negative bacteria) on 12-Jul-2005,
mycothiol-mediated detoxification on 08-Jul-2005,
formaldehyde oxidation III (mycothiol-dependent) on 08-Jul-2005,
mycothiol oxidation on 07-Jul-2005,
trehalose biosynthesis II on 20-Jun-2005,
teichoic acid (poly-glycerol) biosynthesis on 31-May-2005,
superpathway of (R,R)-butanediol biosynthesis on 27-May-2005,
choline-O-sulfate degradation on 23-May-2005,
choline degradation I on 23-May-2005,
glycine betaine biosynthesis IV (from glycine) on 17-May-2005,
NAD biosynthesis I (from aspartate) on 09-May-2005,
NAD salvage pathway I on 09-May-2005,
NAD biosynthesis II (from tryptophan) on 09-May-2005,
NAD salvage pathway II on 09-May-2005,
L-tryptophan degradation VII (via indole-3-pyruvate) on 18-Apr-2005,
(+)-camphor degradation on 07-Apr-2005,
L-tryptophan degradation I (via anthranilate) on 21-Mar-2005,
ammonia oxidation I (aerobic) on 10-Mar-2005,
trehalose degradation I (low osmolarity) on 10-Mar-2005,
trehalose biosynthesis I on 09-Feb-2005,
adamantanone degradation on 02-Feb-2005,
trehalose biosynthesis III on 25-Jan-2005,
nitrite oxidation on 13-Jul-2004,
formaldehyde oxidation I on 11-Jul-2004,
formaldehyde oxidation IV (thiol-independent) on 11-Jul-2004,
taurine degradation II on 02-Jul-2004,
taurine degradation I on 02-Jul-2004,
taurine degradation III on 02-Jul-2004,
galena oxidation on 10-Jun-2004

indole-3-acetate biosynthesis I on 16-Aug-2012,
biphenyl degradation on 19-Dec-2008,
phthalate degradation on 19-Dec-2008,
superpathway of allantoin degradation in yeast on 03-Apr-2006,
superpathway of NAD biosynthesis in eukaryotes on 03-Apr-2006,
L-glutamate biosynthesis IV on 03-Apr-2006

biotin biosynthesis from 8-amino-7-oxononanoate I on 17-Aug-2010,
L-threonine degradation IV on 08-Jan-2007,
arsonoacetate degradation on 08-Jan-2007,
taurine degradation I on 25-Sep-2006,
2-methylbutanoate biosynthesis on 25-Apr-2006

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