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UDP-galactofuranose biosynthesis on 06-Jan-2015,
methanol oxidation to carbon dioxide on 15-Dec-2014,
GDP-6-deoxy-D-manno-heptose biosynthesis on 08-Dec-2014,
GDP-6-deoxy-D-altro-heptose biosynthesis on 01-Dec-2014,
anditomin biosynthesis on 14-Nov-2014,
okenone biosynthesis on 12-Nov-2014,
ursodeoxycholate biosynthesis (bacteria) on 06-Nov-2014,
β-1,4-D-mannosyl-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine degradation on 05-Nov-2014,
mercaptosuccinate degradation on 03-Nov-2014,
N-acetylneuraminate and N-acetylmannosamine degradation II on 29-Oct-2014,
propanoyl-CoA degradation II on 15-Oct-2014,
L-galactose degradation on 03-Oct-2014,
bacimethrin and bacimethrin pyrophosphate biosynthesis on 29-Sep-2014,
methylthiolincosamide biosynthesis on 15-Aug-2014,
aflatrem biosynthesis on 06-Aug-2014,
2-amino-3-hydroxycyclopent-2-enone biosynthesis on 01-Aug-2014,
mannojirimycin biosynthesis on 15-Jul-2014,
CMP-N-acetyl-7-O-acetylneuraminate biosynthesis on 02-Jul-2014,
mevalonate pathway III (archaea) on 27-Jun-2014,
L-arginine degradation XII on 27-Jun-2014,
3-(4-sulfophenyl)butanoate degradation on 25-Jun-2014,
L-lyxonate degradation on 11-Jun-2014,
trans-3-hydroxy-L-proline degradation on 09-Jun-2014,
3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridinol degradation on 06-Jun-2014,
cardiolipin and phosphatidylethanolamine biosynthesis (Xanthomonas) on 02-Jun-2014,
linuron degradation on 09-May-2014,
choline degradation IV on 30-Apr-2014,
paxilline and diprenylpaxilline biosynthesis on 24-Apr-2014,
paspaline biosynthesis on 24-Apr-2014,
patulin biosynthesis on 14-Apr-2014,
2,3-dihydroxybenzoate degradation on 26-Mar-2014,
phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis VII on 18-Mar-2014,
bactoprenyl-diphospho-acetamido-4-amino-6-deoxygalactopyranose biosynthesis on 13-Mar-2014,
mannan degradation on 20-Feb-2014,
drosopterin and aurodrosopterin biosynthesis on 15-Jan-2014,
polymyxin A biosynthesis on 08-Jan-2014,
aromatic biogenic amine degradation (bacteria) on 10-Dec-2013,
2-chloroacrylate degradation II on 05-Dec-2013,
2-chloroacrylate degradation I on 04-Dec-2013,
bombykol biosynthesis on 27-Nov-2013,
FR-900098 and FR-33289 antibiotics biosynthesis on 20-Nov-2013,
ipsdienol biosynthesis on 08-Nov-2013,
ceramide phosphoethanolamine biosynthesis on 04-Nov-2013,
superpathway of anaerobic energy metabolism (invertebrates) on 08-Oct-2013,
anaerobic energy metabolism (invertebrates, mitochondrial) on 02-Oct-2013,
anaerobic energy metabolism (invertebrates, cytosol) on 02-Oct-2013,
pyruvate fermentation to opines on 20-Aug-2013,
ecdysteroid metabolism (arthropods) on 06-Aug-2013,
ecdysone and 20-hydroxyecdysone biosynthesis on 16-Jul-2013,
octopamine biosynthesis on 03-Jul-2013,
L-arabinose degradation IV on 25-Jun-2013,
xylose degradation IV on 25-Jun-2013,
fatty acid β-oxidation VI (peroxisome) on 27-Nov-2012,
phytol degradation on 07-Nov-2012,
grixazone biosynthesis on 26-Oct-2012,
nicotine degradation III (VPP pathway) on 05-Oct-2012,
CDP-D-mannitol biosynthesis on 03-Oct-2012,
fatty acid α-oxidation III on 06-Sep-2012,
fatty acid α-oxidation II on 27-Aug-2012,
spinosyn A biosynthesis on 17-Aug-2012,
2-methylisoborneol biosynthesis on 07-Aug-2012,
triethylamine degradation on 31-Jul-2012,
4-aminophenol degradation on 25-Jul-2012,
N-acetyl-D-galactosamine degradation on 16-Jul-2012,
hopanoid biosynthesis (bacteria) on 05-Jul-2012,
N-acetylglutaminylglutamine amide biosynthesis on 24-May-2012,
4-coumarate degradation (anaerobic) on 02-May-2012,
violacein biosynthesis on 24-Apr-2012,
protein O-glycosylation (bacterial) on 12-Apr-2012,
protein N-glycosylation (bacterial) on 30-Mar-2012,
UDP-N,N'-diacetylbacillosamine biosynthesis on 29-Mar-2012,
L-1,2-propanediol degradation on 15-Mar-2012,
2-isopropylphenol degradation on 07-Mar-2012,
2-propylphenol degradation on 07-Mar-2012,
2,2'-dihydroxybiphenyl degradation on 07-Mar-2012,
2-hydroxybiphenyl degradation on 07-Mar-2012,
4-amino-3-hydroxybenzoate degradation on 01-Mar-2012,
4-hydroxyacetophenone degradation on 24-Feb-2012,
theophylline degradation on 22-Feb-2012,
CDP-D-arabitol biosynthesis on 21-Feb-2012,
L-pyrrolysine biosynthesis on 15-Feb-2012,
chitin biosynthesis on 23-Jan-2012,
chitin derivatives degradation on 22-Sep-2011,
chitin degradation II on 20-Sep-2011,
chitin degradation I (archaea) on 08-Aug-2011,
rutin degradation on 28-Jul-2011,
2-aminoethylphosphonate biosynthesis on 22-Jul-2011,
spermidine biosynthesis III on 13-Jul-2011,
2-aminoethylphosphonate degradation II on 08-Jul-2011,
pyrrolnitrin biosynthesis on 01-Jul-2011,
phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis VI on 21-Jun-2011,
phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis V on 21-Jun-2011,
ornithine lipid biosynthesis on 14-Jun-2011,
dTDP-D-forosamine biosynthesis on 23-May-2011,
curcumin degradation on 15-Apr-2011,
xylose degradation III on 17-Mar-2011,
CMP-legionaminate biosynthesis I on 11-Mar-2011,
starch degradation V on 25-Feb-2011,
starch degradation IV on 24-Feb-2011,
starch degradation III on 18-Feb-2011,
L-rhamnose degradation III on 08-Feb-2011,
L-rhamnose degradation II on 08-Feb-2011,
D-galactose degradation IV on 19-Jan-2011,
thyronamine and iodothyronamine metabolism on 14-Jan-2011,
geraniol and nerol degradation on 15-Dec-2010,
cis-genanyl-CoA degradation on 08-Dec-2010,
citronellol degradation on 08-Dec-2010,
pyocyanin biosynthesis on 02-Dec-2010,
superpathway of quinolone and alkylquinolone biosynthesis on 18-Nov-2010,
4-hydroxy-2(1H)-quinolone biosynthesis on 17-Nov-2010,
2-heptyl-3-hydroxy-4(1H)-quinolone biosynthesis on 17-Nov-2010,
polyhydroxydecanoate biosynthesis on 29-Oct-2010,
rhamnolipid biosynthesis on 12-Oct-2010,
salicylate degradation IV on 05-Oct-2010,
salicylate degradation III on 04-Oct-2010,
caffeine degradation V (bacteria, via trimethylurate) on 01-Oct-2010,
caffeine degradation IV (bacteria, via demethylation and oxidation) on 01-Oct-2010,
CDP-2-glycerol biosynthesis on 28-Sep-2010,
sulfolactate degradation I on 22-Sep-2010,
sulfoacetate degradation on 15-Sep-2010,
spirilloxanthin and 2,2'-diketo-spirilloxanthin biosynthesis on 03-Sep-2010,
achromobactin biosynthesis on 12-Aug-2010,
superpathway of polyamine biosynthesis III on 04-Aug-2010,
norspermidine biosynthesis on 04-Aug-2010,
spermidine biosynthesis II on 04-Aug-2010,
pyrimidine deoxyribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis III on 15-Jul-2010,
caffeine degradation III (bacteria, via demethylation) on 28-Jun-2010,
mannitol cycle on 17-Jun-2010,
glycocholate metabolism (bacteria) on 02-Jun-2010,
superpathway of microbial D-galacturonate and D-glucuronate degradation on 27-May-2010,
4-deoxy-L-threo-hex-4-enopyranuronate degradation on 30-Apr-2010,
D-glucuronate degradation II on 23-Apr-2010,
D-glucarate degradation II on 23-Apr-2010,
D-galactarate degradation II on 23-Apr-2010,
D-galacturonate degradation III on 13-Apr-2010,
D-galacturonate degradation II on 12-Apr-2010,
L-ascorbate biosynthesis V on 07-Jan-2010,
superpathway of melatonin degradation on 08-Dec-2009,
melatonin degradation III on 07-Dec-2009,
melatonin degradation II on 07-Dec-2009,
melatonin degradation I on 07-Dec-2009,
α-tocopherol degradation on 12-Nov-2009,
ascorbate recycling (cytosolic) on 30-Oct-2009,
purine nucleotides degradation II (aerobic) on 09-Oct-2009,
noradrenaline and adrenaline degradation on 30-Sep-2009,
L-dopa degradation on 18-Sep-2009,
L-phenylalanine degradation IV (mammalian, via side chain) on 20-Aug-2009,
serotonin degradation on 07-Aug-2009,
L-tryptophan degradation XI (mammalian, via kynurenine) on 30-Jul-2009,
L-tryptophan degradation X (mammalian, via tryptamine) on 27-Jul-2009,
L-selenocysteine biosynthesis II (archaea and eukaryotes) on 24-Jun-2009,
thyroid hormone metabolism II (via conjugation and/or degradation) on 27-May-2009,
thyroid hormone metabolism I (via deiodination) on 27-May-2009,
thyroid hormone biosynthesis on 12-May-2009,
histamine degradation on 25-Mar-2009,
histamine biosynthesis on 20-Mar-2009,
creatine-phosphate biosynthesis on 12-Mar-2009,
superpathway of CMP-sialic acids biosynthesis on 02-Mar-2009,
CMP-N-glycoloylneuraminate biosynthesis on 02-Mar-2009,
CMP-2-keto-3-deoxy-D-glycero-D-galacto-nononate biosynthesis on 19-Feb-2009,
CMP-N-acetylneuraminate biosynthesis II (bacteria) on 19-Feb-2009,
CMP-N-acetylneuraminate biosynthesis I (eukaryotes) on 19-Feb-2009,
dolichol and dolichyl phosphate biosynthesis on 23-Jan-2009,
spermine and spermidine degradation I on 15-Dec-2008,
mitochondrial L-carnitine shuttle on 24-Nov-2008,
L-carnitine biosynthesis on 17-Nov-2008,
vitamin D3 biosynthesis on 30-Oct-2008,
bile acid biosynthesis, neutral pathway on 03-Oct-2008,
nitrilotriacetate degradation on 27-Aug-2008,
gramicidin S biosynthesis on 07-Aug-2008,
superpathway of rifamycin B biosynthesis on 01-Aug-2008,
rifamycin B biosynthesis on 29-Jul-2008,
3-amino-5-hydroxybenzoate biosynthesis on 23-Jul-2008,
kanosamine biosynthesis I on 23-Jul-2008,
superpathway of aflatoxin biosynthesis on 18-Jun-2008,
aflatoxins B2 and G2 biosynthesis on 18-Jun-2008,
aflatoxins B1 and G1 biosynthesis on 18-Jun-2008,
sterigmatocystin biosynthesis on 13-Jun-2008,
versicolorin B biosynthesis on 13-Jun-2008,
(1'S,5'S)-averufin biosynthesis on 12-Jun-2008,
streptomycin biosynthesis on 22-May-2008,
puromycin biosynthesis on 14-May-2008,
glutaminyl-tRNAgln biosynthesis via transamidation on 07-May-2008,
albaflavenone biosynthesis on 23-Apr-2008,
staphyloxanthin biosynthesis on 01-Apr-2008,
validamycin A biosynthesis on 26-Feb-2008,
2-hydroxyphenazine biosynthesis on 17-Jan-2008,
phenazine-1-carboxylate biosynthesis on 14-Jan-2008,
fosfomycin biosynthesis on 04-Jan-2008,
(5R)-carbapenem carboxylate biosynthesis on 29-Nov-2007,
clavulanate biosynthesis on 18-Oct-2007,
superpathway of penicillin, cephalosporin and cephamycin biosynthesis on 21-Aug-2007,
cephamycin C biosynthesis on 21-Aug-2007,
cephalosporin C biosynthesis on 21-Aug-2007,
deacetylcephalosporin C biosynthesis on 21-Aug-2007,
penicillin K biosynthesis on 20-Aug-2007,
isopenicillin N biosynthesis on 20-Aug-2007,
sorbitol biosynthesis II on 16-Jul-2007,
D-glucuronate degradation I on 25-Jun-2007,
L-ascorbate biosynthesis III on 13-Jun-2007,
D-arabinose degradation III on 01-Jun-2007,
L-arabinose degradation III on 24-May-2007,
xylose degradation II on 18-May-2007,
L-arabinose degradation II on 18-May-2007,
UDP-N-acetyl-D-galactosamine biosynthesis II on 14-May-2007,
UDP-N-acetyl-D-galactosamine biosynthesis I on 02-May-2007,
L-glutamate and L-glutamine biosynthesis on 11-Apr-2007,
sucrose degradation IV (sucrose phosphorylase) on 18-Oct-2006,
nitroethane degradation on 29-Sep-2006,
superpathway of L-lysine degradation on 12-Sep-2006,
L-lysine degradation IX on 11-Sep-2006,
L-lysine degradation VIII on 07-Sep-2006,
L-lysine degradation VII on 06-Sep-2006,
L-lysine degradation VI on 28-Aug-2006,
L-lysine degradation V on 16-Aug-2006,
L-lysine degradation IV on 16-Aug-2006,
superpathway of pentose and pentitol degradation on 12-Jun-2006,
trans-4-hydroxy-L-proline degradation II on 26-Apr-2006,
L-tyrosine degradation II on 03-Apr-2006,
pyruvate fermentation to acetate and lactate II on 03-Feb-2006,
pyruvate fermentation to acetate and alanine on 01-Feb-2006,
superpathway of nicotinate degradation on 06-Dec-2005,
nicotinate degradation III on 01-Dec-2005,
nicotinate degradation II on 18-Nov-2005

L-proline betaine degradation on 08-Oct-2014,
alkane oxidation on 25-Jul-2014,
sophorolipid biosynthesis on 24-Jul-2014,
D-galactose degradation IV on 21-May-2014,
caffeine degradation V (bacteria, via trimethylurate) on 07-Apr-2014,
cholate degradation (bacteria, anaerobic) on 07-Mar-2014,
2-methylbutanoate biosynthesis on 06-Nov-2013,
D-serine degradation on 30-Sep-2013,
cis-vaccenate biosynthesis on 13-May-2013,
trans-4-hydroxy-L-proline degradation I on 01-May-2013,
trans-4-hydroxy-L-proline degradation II on 01-May-2013,
(1'S,5'S)-averufin biosynthesis on 28-Jan-2013,
fatty acid β-oxidation II (peroxisome) on 19-Nov-2012,
fatty acid α-oxidation III on 09-Nov-2012,
fatty acid α-oxidation II on 08-Nov-2012,
sophorosyloxydocosanoate deacetylation on 31-Oct-2012,
L-lysine degradation V on 10-Oct-2012,
dTDP-L-rhamnose biosynthesis I on 02-Aug-2012,
staphyloxanthin biosynthesis on 31-May-2012,
spermidine biosynthesis II on 19-Apr-2012,
caffeine degradation IV (bacteria, via demethylation and oxidation) on 22-Feb-2012,
caffeine degradation III (bacteria, via demethylation) on 22-Feb-2012,
trehalose degradation II (trehalase) on 23-Jan-2012,
trehalose biosynthesis I on 23-Jan-2012,
phosphonoacetate degradation on 11-Jul-2011,
phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis I on 21-Jun-2011,
L-glutamate degradation II on 12-May-2011,
superpathway of pentose and pentitol degradation on 17-Mar-2011,
xylose degradation II on 19-Jan-2011,
L-arabinose degradation II on 18-Jan-2011,
thyroid hormone metabolism II (via conjugation and/or degradation) on 12-Jan-2011,
thyroid hormone metabolism I (via deiodination) on 12-Jan-2011,
L-leucine degradation I on 15-Dec-2010,
phenazine-1-carboxylate biosynthesis on 03-Dec-2010,
polyhydroxybutanoate biosynthesis on 04-Nov-2010,
nitroethane degradation on 16-Dec-2009,
alkylnitronates degradation on 16-Dec-2009,
streptomycin biosynthesis on 15-Dec-2009,
creatine biosynthesis on 12-Mar-2009,
protein N-glycosylation (eukaryotic, high mannose) on 23-Jan-2009,
L-ascorbate biosynthesis IV on 24-Sep-2008,
nicotinate degradation III on 09-Jan-2008,
superpathway of purine nucleotides de novo biosynthesis I on 29-Oct-2007,
xylitol degradation on 18-May-2007,
UDP-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine biosynthesis II on 01-May-2007,
L-glutamine biosynthesis I on 11-Apr-2007,
L-glutamine degradation II on 13-Mar-2007,
L-glutamine degradation I on 08-Mar-2007,
L-glutamate biosynthesis II on 07-Mar-2007,
L-asparagine biosynthesis I on 06-Mar-2007,
L-aspartate biosynthesis on 05-Mar-2007,
L-asparagine degradation III (mammalian) on 05-Mar-2007,
L-asparagine degradation I on 05-Mar-2007,
L-aspartate degradation II on 01-Mar-2007,
L-aspartate degradation I on 01-Mar-2007,
glycine biosynthesis II on 02-Feb-2007,
glycine cleavage on 31-Jan-2007,
D-galactonate degradation on 20-Jan-2007,
D-galactose degradation II on 17-Jan-2007,
GDP-D-rhamnose biosynthesis on 10-Jan-2007,
L-alanine degradation IV on 18-Dec-2006,
L-alanine degradation II (to D-lactate) on 11-Dec-2006,
L-alanine degradation III on 11-Dec-2006,
L-alanine fermentation to propanoate and acetate on 06-Dec-2006,
glucose degradation (oxidative) on 06-Dec-2006,
Entner-Doudoroff pathway III (semi-phosphorylative) on 20-Nov-2006,
sucrose degradation I (sucrose phosphotransferase) on 19-Oct-2006,
arginine, ornithine and proline interconversion on 25-Sep-2006,
L-tyrosine degradation I on 08-May-2006,
heme biosynthesis I (aerobic) on 04-Nov-2005,
toluene degradation to 2-oxopent-4-enoate (via toluene-cis-diol) on 21-Sep-2005,
toluene degradation to 2-oxopent-4-enoate (via 4-methylcatechol) on 21-Sep-2005,
toluene degradation to 2-oxopent-4-enoate I (via o-cresol) on 21-Sep-2005,
L-lysine degradation III on 29-Apr-2005

autoinducer AI-2 biosynthesis I on 04-May-2011,
L-methionine biosynthesis I on 22-Apr-2011,
spermidine biosynthesis I on 11-Apr-2011,
putrescine biosynthesis III on 04-Apr-2011,
L-arginine biosynthesis I (via L-ornithine) on 30-Mar-2011,
L-ornithine biosynthesis I on 30-Mar-2011,
thioredoxin pathway on 01-Apr-2010,
NAD phosphorylation and dephosphorylation on 22-Mar-2010,
glucose and glucose-1-phosphate degradation on 17-Mar-2010,
ppGpp biosynthesis on 08-Mar-2010,
L-tryptophan biosynthesis on 12-Feb-2010,
L-tyrosine biosynthesis I on 21-Jan-2010,
L-phenylalanine biosynthesis I on 21-Jan-2010,
superpathway of pyrimidine deoxyribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis (E. coli) on 24-Mar-2008,
L-phenylalanine degradation I (aerobic) on 08-May-2006

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