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coumestrol biosynthesis on 16-Sep-2009,
echinatin biosynthesis on 02-Sep-2009,
dihydroconiferyl alcohol biosynthesis on 10-Jul-2009,
superpathway of flavones and derivatives biosynthesis on 03-Jun-2009,
luteolin glycosides biosynthesis on 28-Apr-2009,
chrysoeriol biosynthesis on 24-Apr-2009,
quercetin sulfate biosynthesis on 02-Apr-2009,
methylquercetin biosynthesis on 10-Oct-2008,
2,4,6-trinitrotoluene degradation on 24-Sep-2008,
2,3-cis-flavanols biosynthesis on 12-Sep-2008,
2,3-trans-flavanols biosynthesis on 05-Sep-2008,
isovitexin glycosides biosynthesis on 03-Sep-2008,
vitexin and derivatives biosynthesis on 25-Aug-2008,
apigenin glycosides biosynthesis on 13-Aug-2008,
xylogalacturonan biosynthesis on 24-Jul-2008,
xyloglucan biosynthesis on 15-May-2008,
trichloroethylene degradation on 27-Feb-2008,
rubber biosynthesis on 20-Feb-2008,
xylan biosynthesis on 13-Feb-2008,
maysin biosynthesis on 11-Feb-2008

proanthocyanidin biosynthesis from flavanols on 05-Sep-2008

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