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MetaCyc Reaction:

Superclasses: Reactions Classified By Conversion TypeSimple ReactionsChemical Reactions
Reactions Classified By SubstrateSmall-Molecule Reactions

EC Number:

Enzymes and Genes:

Arabidopsis thaliana col: naringenin chalcone synthaseInferred from experiment: CHS
Cannabis sativa: chalcone synthase: PKS
Equisetum arvense: chalcone synthaseInferred from experiment
Humulus lupulus: naringenin chalcone synthaseInferred from experiment: CHS
Petunia x hybrida: naringenin-chalcone synthaseInferred from experiment: CHS-A
Rubus idaeus: aromatic polyketide synthaseInferred from experiment: PKS1
aromatic polyketide synthaseInferred from experiment: PKS3

In Pathway: xanthohumol biosynthesis, aromatic polyketides biosynthesis, flavonoid biosynthesis (in equisetum), naringenin biosynthesis (engineered), flavonoid biosynthesis

The direction shown, i.e. which substrates are on the left and right sides, is in accordance with the Enzyme Commission system.

Most BioCyc compounds have been protonated to a reference pH value of 7.3. Please see the PGDB Concepts Guide for more information.

Mass balance status: Balanced.

Enzyme Commission Primary Name: naringenin-chalcone synthase

Enzyme Commission Synonyms: chalcone synthase, flavanone synthase, 6'-deoxychalcone synthase, chalcone synthetase, DOCS, CHS

Standard Gibbs Free Energy (ΔrG in kcal/mol): 11.131836Inferred by computational analysis [Latendresse13]

Enzyme Commission Summary:
In the presence of NADH and a reductase, 6'-deoxychalcone is produced.

Citations: [Ayabe88, Heller80]

Gene-Reaction Schematic

Gene-Reaction Schematic

Unification Links: KEGG:R01613, Rhea:11128

Relationship Links: BRENDA:EC:, ENZYME:EC:, IUBMB-ExplorEnz:EC:, UniProt:RELATED-TO:O04934, UniProt:RELATED-TO:O04966, UniProt:RELATED-TO:O04967, UniProt:RELATED-TO:O04968, UniProt:RELATED-TO:O04969, UniProt:RELATED-TO:O04970, UniProt:RELATED-TO:O04971, UniProt:RELATED-TO:O22047, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P06515, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P08894, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P13114, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P13416, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P13417, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P16107, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P17818, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P17957, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P19168, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P22924, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P22925, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P22926, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P22927, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P22928, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P23419, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P23569, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P24824, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P24825, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P24826, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P26018, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P30073, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P30074, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P30075, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P30076, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P30077, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P30078, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P30079, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P30080, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P30081, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P48389, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P48390, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P48397, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P48398, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P48399, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P48405, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P48406, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P51075, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P51077, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P51078, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P51079, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P51080, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P51081, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P51082, UniProt:RELATED-TO:P51089, UniProt:RELATED-TO:Q9S9B9, UniProt:RELATED-TO:Q9S9C0, UniProt:RELATED-TO:Q01286, UniProt:RELATED-TO:Q01287, UniProt:RELATED-TO:Q01288, UniProt:RELATED-TO:Q40005, UniProt:RELATED-TO:Q41292, UniProt:RELATED-TO:Q43188, UniProt:RELATED-TO:Q96562, UniProt:RELATED-TO:Q96568

Last-Curated 12-Apr-2011 by Caspi R, SRI International


Ayabe88: Ayabe S, Udagawa A, Furuya T (1988). "NAD(P)H-dependent 6'-deoxychalcone synthase activity in Glycyrrhiza echinata cells induced by yeast extract." Arch Biochem Biophys 261(2);458-62. PMID: 3355160

Heller80: Heller W, Hahlbrock K (1980). "Highly purified "flavanone synthase" from parsley catalyzes the formation of naringenin chalcone." Arch Biochem Biophys 200(2);617-9. PMID: 7436427

Latendresse13: Latendresse M. (2013). "Computing Gibbs Free Energy of Compounds and Reactions in MetaCyc."

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